• XP % stabilising; is W7 stalled as W8 sees a bigger take up?

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    No, I don’t know the answers either 😉

    Just saying that the latest Operating System market share data for January 2012 is online at Netmaketshare.

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      Appears Mac is stable at next to nothing, XP is dropping while Win 7 is on the upswing, soon to pass XP. In less than a year, went from 25% to 36% while XP dropped approx. same amount. This is kind of about what I would expect to see. As more business users switch to Win 7, you might see the change more pronounced.

      Win 8 isn’t in the picture yet and will not be until year end. I suspect you will see it’s numbers rise as tablets get more popular, but not as a replacement for Win 7 on traditional PC’s.

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      Stable? Used in what context? Certainly not a building for horses. :rolleyes:

      Are you talking, Stable as it’s market share, or Stable as to running without problems?

      If you have XP and run it and are happy with it, as I am, market share is 100% redundant. Like who cares?

      Heck, I’d still be running DOS if I could get my email and browse the internet with it. Eh?

      AS for the other kind of stability, not getting BSOD’s, freezes and CRASHES, I can do that with any OS.
      XP is no different than any other, up to and including Win-8/DP.

      So what am I saying? Nothing! I just thought I’d come in and say, “Y’all have a great day now, Y’hear?”

      The Doctor 😎

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      Stable as in market share, not stability of use. From this graph it appears Mac is holding pretty stable in market share. I cannot comment on it’s stability as I have never used nor want to use Mac. I was just referring to market share as shown on the graph, not commenting on any use stability. In point of fact, for me Win 7 has been the most stable in useability. I much prefer Win 7 over my previous XP. That is my opinion only. I do know of many that are perfectly happy with XP. Good for them. You should stick with something that works for you.

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