• Yahoo.com freezes Firefox


    For the last week Yahoo.com has been making Firefox freeze.

    I use Yahoo email, and there’s no problem with the login page at https://login.yahoo.com. The problem arises when I log out of email, and am automatically taken to Yahoo.com. That page doesn’t freeze if I don’t scroll down or click any links to news headlines. But it immediately freezes if I do try scrolling. In order to exit FF, I then have to right click the icon in the taskbar to close the entire program, which of course loses all web pages I happen to have open at the time, and not just the FF window.

    For some reason the problem didn’t arise when I tested it just before posting this message. But until just now, it seemed like it was happening every single time.

    I don’t spend a lot of time surfing the web, so I don’t have a lot of examples, but no other web page that I do go to causes this problem. The Yahoo.com page works fine in Edge, the only other browser I have (but prefer not to use, unless I have to).

    Has anyone experienced this problem with Yahoo, or, better, have an explanation and solution for it?


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      No hang here when accessing yahoo.com.  Tested with FF 98.0.2 & 100.0.1.  I don’t have an account so can’t test the behavior following a log out.

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      Yahoo mail – Yahoo.com working fine here. FF ver 100.1.

      I also have a yahoo email acct. I noticed you are logging into yahoo.com first, then accessing your email. If you’d like to skip the trip into the yahoo home page try the like below. It takes you straight to your email in one step.


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        Thanks for your checking and for your suggestion. However, I don’t see the difference between how your link works and mine does. I tried both just now, a split second apart, and they both took me to the same page [albeit with advertising that looked slightly different, since Yahoo rotates what it shows you; see attachment 1 (my link) and attachment 2 (yours)]. In either case there’s a place to enter my username. Once that’s done, another page asks for my password. That done, I immediately get to my email.

        It used to be the case that I could enter my user name and password on the same page, but Yahoo changed that a while back, presumably for security reasons (though why that’s more secure is beyond me).


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          Maybe bots don’t know to go to the next page (?) 🙂

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          I don’t see the difference between how your link works and mine does.

          While the links are clearly different the results appear to be the same, but your screenshots do not show the full resulting URL.  Example:


          Comparing the two might shed some light.  Two other things could be in play as well.

          1.  I’m a yahoo “plus” user which eliminates ads and expands features, and
          2.  I use an ad blocking and tracking extension, uBlock Origin.

          My main browser is Brave, but I get the same results in Firefox.


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