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    But, no, you don’t want to install them.
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      Installed, tried, closed.. and back to Winsows 8.1

      my personal journey with Windows 10 so far 🙂

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        I’ll wait until the next update with NEON interface… Skipping this one completely unless Game Mode turns out to do magic :).

        And when the next one hits CBB, it’ll be Christmas or so.

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      I have been running the builds on a virtual machine through the insiders program and installed build 15063 on my system yesterday and except for the start menu greyed out there have been no problems.  The start menu isn’t an issue since I use a third party start menu.

      But it is a stable, solid build (for me) and the start menu has been the worst of my problems with this or past updates.

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        Not sure what you mean by “Start menu grayed out.”

        Are you saying that when you click the Windows logo in the lower left corner, you see a Start menu, but all of the entries are grayed out, and none of them work?

        What third party Start menu do you use? Start10? Classic Shell?


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          He propably mean that left-click doesn’t work and Start Menu doesn’t open

          i get this a lot, specially in ver 1607

          this UWP stuff is very fragile and can be easily broken
          specially for tweakers 🙂

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          Clicking on the icon brings up the start menu but none of the tiles or menus are usable (grayed out),  the right click works.  Changing my theme setting seems to have fixed. it though.  I use Start Menu 8 from IOBit.

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      All I can get is a “403 forbidden” message at the moment when I try to download the ISO file from the link provided. This may be a case where they didn’t want the data to get out quite yet… Can’t say that I blame them.


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      The data gone out already since 20 houtrs or so

      but apparently they decided to take it down temporary, until the official availability

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      I thought the release date for 1703 might have been April first. 🙂

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      “I recommend that you do not install these ISOs. In fact, over the course of the week I will describe how to avoid the Creators Update, at least until it’s ready for prime time. No matter how you slice it, Creators Update isn’t ready for any PC that you rely on.” – Woody

      Noted, but dismissed out of hand for lack of clarifying justification for such a pointed, yet broad statements. I’m both a commercial customer and private consumer that sees your article as doing nothing more than showing a vain attempt to keep people reading what you write.

      The Windows Insider program sure beats the old beta program, but has a drawback in that I see more complaining over substance in a lot of the feedback. At least the Feedback Hub has gotten better at allowing me to filter what is important versus the mundane. Unfortunately the tech media over the years has gotten worse instead of better at providing information and guidance that’s worth anything.

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      The Neowin article saying that Win10 creators update files were available from Microsoft has been revised to say the following:

      Update: 18 hours after the ISOs appeared on Microsoft’s servers, it seems they’ve now been pulled, returning 404 errors when trying to download. It’s likely that they’ll return eventually as the ‘final’ RTM release – including the additional 15063.xxxx cumulative updates that will eventually roll out as the Creators Update. For now, it appears that build 15063 won’t be available for a little white so hang in there for now!

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