• Yes, Virginia you can still activate Windows XP

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    Moved computers around and moved a vmware of a XP image I have to a different computer. In the process of moving it to a new VMware host it needed reactivating.

    Had to call in, it would not reactivate over the Internet.

    But it did fully reactivate.

    Mind you it took FOREVER to speak those numbers over the phone but they did offer to text the activation code.

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Which begs the question, why? Made me smile though.

      On a more serious note, I may have to do this in the near future to resurrect some 32 bit hardware. After a Win update in late December, MS conveniently removed the drivers I had hacked for one of my scanners and now won’t let me reinstall them due to CRC enforcement according to the error. I didn’t discover this until April 14 when I tried to use the scanner for tax purposes and found that the drivers had disappeared (Win 10 Pro – secure boot, UEFI no CSM). Had to brute force install drivers for a sealed box, HP Scanjet 8300 that I had hanging around.

      For my Windows 95 entertainment, I do this:
      Github: Windows 95 javascript app

      Works good and also on MAC/Linux. I’ll bet a few of you know the interface by rote memory.

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        Take a photo with your phone and copy it to your computer instead. (I gave up my scanner last year.)

        cheers, Paul

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        Client has an older version of accounting software and I keep a VM of XP so he can send me the database and I can print out general ledger info as needed.  ALWAYS the accounting software is the last thing to get upgraded.

        I was virtualizing various workstations and this is a vmware version of my ancient Windows XP. I had to move it over to a new host, ergo the reactivation.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I had to do a P2V of a Server 2003 system a couple of years ago (internet access blocked on the firewall of course). The client had a very old version of Great Plains that they wanted to keep using. I was able to reactivate it using the self-service URL on my phone, which was a surprise.

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      Good to know that the WinXP activation servers are still up!

      I have an old copy of WinXP running in a VirtualBox host on my Windows 10 desktop. I had originally installed it on a VirtualBox host in a Linux PC.

      I managed to move the WinXP VirtualBox image over to my Windows PC. I can’t recall all of the details of how I moved it because it’s been at least 5 years, but I do not recall being asked to reactivate WinXP after the move. I just copied the complete folder with the existing VirtualBox files in it. Maybe the drive ID and/or the virtual hardware remained the same?

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      this XP activation forum topic from MSFN.org might help other XP users out there:

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