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    ISSUE 20.07 • 2023-02-13 LEGAL BRIEF By Max Stul Oppenheimer, Esq. You may not realize that you have a valuable asset, one that companies are willing
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      ‘Disrespectful to the Craft:’ Actors Say They’re Being Asked to Sign Away Their Voice to AI

      Voice actors are increasingly being asked to sign rights to their voices away so clients can use artificial intelligence to generate synthetic versions that could eventually replace them, and sometimes without additional compensation, according to advocacy organizations and actors who spoke to Motherboard. Those contractual obligations are just one of the many concerns actors have about the rise of voice-generating artificial intelligence, which they say threaten to push entire segments of the industry out of work…


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      Let’s not forget the FTC lawsuit against  healthcare offerings in exchange for your personal data …Editorial: FTC GoodRx’s fine shows consumer data must be protected – Los Angeles Times

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      Wait until deep brain scans become available.  I will bet that the vast majority (if not all) artists & writers, in whatever medium, copied. borrowed or were influenced by works and artists that came before them.  Should they be prosecuted or do they get an exemption because they are human?

      AI’s need not be treated any different.

      Now, the copyright/registration introduces more legal ground to stand on but as with all things legal, patents being a prime example, the question will be: CAN YOU AFFORD TO PROSCECUTE?   And then will the costs to do so prove worth the potential awards, should you win?

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      I have for a long time believed that Google goes way over the line with their ubiquitous spying. All you need to do to confirm this is install NoScript in Firefox, then start surfing the web. At every website you visit, click the NoScript button to see what is running in the backgroud. At literally every website you visit, even your bank, Google scripts are running quietly in the background, gathering information. Every website, that is, except Microsoft’s websites. Microsoft runs only their own scripts on their websites.

      In my opinion, Google should be broken up and their assets divided among those most injured by their constant spying.

      I used to live on a private road. The Google Streetview spy car would stop at the corner and would not venture onto our privately-owned road. I then moved to a regular neighborhood. I checked – my current house is on Google Streetview. Yes, it’s a public street; but I just don’t like the Google papparazzi taking pictures of my house and putting them on the internet for all the world to see.

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      Thank you, Mr. Oppenheimer , for another very informative article.  I really enjoy reading your articles, I hope you will continue to post more.

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