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    I am using a new desktop with Windows 11.

    For many years I have used YouTube.  The display has always been such that several videos will be displayed when I call up You Tube.  I can scroll or otherwise find what I want.

    Today, my screen displays very large in YouTube.  Only one video displays, and seeing others requires me to scroll through them.

    I thought I had inadvertently changed display parameters, but everything other than YouTube displays normally.  I tried to alter settings in YouTube unsuccessfully.

    Does anybody know how I can get back to normal?

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      While playing a video, the t key toggles or clicking on the rectangle labeled theater mode / default view.  This leaves room on the right side or not.  If it is not that press ctrl-zero to make sure browser is at default zoom.

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        Thank you for responding.  However, the problem persists.

        The t toggle only changes back and forth into full-screen.  My problem is that when the video is not in full-screen mode, only one video is displayed.

        Any time I hit Control-t, whether watching a video or screening for videos to watch, that key combination simply kicks me out of YouTube back to whatever I was doing before calling up YouTube.

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