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    Information about the closure of the project
    March 19, 2023
    Hey Folks,

    We’ve decided that we’re shutting down the project at the end of the month. Please make backups of your important files, you have about two weeks to do so. Until then, the site will run without any changes.

    There are several reasons for the closure:

    – Since 2006 we have been on the market in an unchanged form, that is, as ad financed/free file hosting. However, you have been visiting in less and less over the years, as the arguably very simple formula of the services we offer is slowly running out of steam. I guess all the competing file storage service companies on the market look better, offer better performance and more features. No one needs a dinosaur like us anymore.

    – All sorts of adblockers, whether built into the browser, as add-ons, or in the form of DNS services. Sure, we all use them, but they take away any control the site owner has over the site. Eventually we get to the point where a vicious cycle begins, in order to pay for the server infrastructure you are forced to place more and more ads, then users fire up more and more adblockers and we get to a point like today.

    – Rising electricity prices. Over the past year, electricity prices have gone up 2.5 times, which, with a large number of servers, gives a significant increase in costs that we have no way to balance…

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      I’ve never used this particular service, but it saddens me to hear about another site which tried to provide a real service to users having to shut down, and the reasons for it

      And, yeah, I get it, nowadays most sites need advertising revenue to survive, and people like me spend a lot of time trying to make sure we don’t have to SEE those stoopid adverts, because they’re mostly trying to sell us crap that we don’t want or need

      For me this is kinda symptomatic of how the internet has gone down the pan. In the beginning it used to be a wild place, with nothing in the way of rules and regulations. But nowadays, it’s run by, and for, soulless big business, interested not in blue or red, but only in green (in Murdoch’s immortal words)

      It’s like places in the real world that used to be dilapidated but full of character, and then the yuppies moved in, and bought them all up, and gentrified them, and sucked all the life out of them, and made a bomb while doing it

      Sites like ZippyShare, and even places like AskWoody and others that provide a real service to real people, have become the old-fashioned outliers, like small high street stores in a world of giant malls and online retail

      Mwah, life moves on, there’s nothing any of us can do except feel a twinge of sadness and move on with it

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      I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the solution to the problem that ZippyShare ran into, will lie in a smooth system of micropayments, such that every time you visit a website, a few cents (maybe even a fraction of a cent) will be charged to your credit card or some other electronic account that you have set up for this special purpose. This would provide income for the website while eliminating the need to bombard the user with advertising that the user will feel compelled to block.

      A side benefit to this model would be that it would decrease the incentive for tracking and following users around the Web, thus enhancing our privacy. It wouldn’t be perfect privacy since our visits could still be linked to us via our account, but in many countries at least this would require a court order to inspect the account, rather than us getting automatically and universally followed around with cookies and tracking pixels.

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