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      Hibernation is really just extended Fast Boot, but under user control.

      Nice explanation Paul. This is really the heart off the matter to my thinking. MS should have called this something like Faux-Shutdown instead of Fast Boot, it could have saved a lot of confusion. People intuitively think if they turn their computer “completely” off instead of merely restarting it, they’re getting a more complete shutdown. The opposite is true if Fast Boot (now called Fast Startup) is enabled. I completely agree, especially with an SSD, disable Fast Boot and enjoy controlling the power state yourself. I also think it’s essential if you are going to dual-boot your machine.

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      I didn’t install Terabyte on my Windows machines because, at the time, Terabyte had acknowledged problems with Windows “Fast boot” or “secure boot” or something.  They recommended disabling whatever the new Windows 10 feature was that was causing the problem.  Fred Langa would know what I’m talking about, and I believe he may have written about it.  In any case, I wasn’t comfortable using Terabyte for Windows 10.

      This was due to the new-at-the-time UEFI firmware in Win10 and only applied to TeraBYte’s “BootIt” boot manager and partition managing software (BootItNG, BootItBM) until they developed BootItUEFI. I’m not trying to sway anyone from a backup system that works for them. But just to clarify, the imaging software was unaffected by the switch from BIOS to UEFI.

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      I’m with bbearren. Been using TeraByte software since Fred Langa recommended it in the early XP days. Image For Windows is super easy, Image For Linux is fast and easy. They can be set up virtually any way you want, and most importantly are absolutely reliable. All of the backups can be restored with all the other versions (IFW backups can be restored with IFL or Image For UEFI, etc). Their BootIt software is also very powerful and reliable as well.


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