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      Dee – The new Outlook installed yesterday on my Windows 10 Pro computer without my requesting it. However, I did not open the new Outlook and I am still using the old Windows Mail.

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      joep517 – Thanks for the links. I am glad to see that POP3 account support is listed in the November 8, 2023 Microsoft post “Things to look forward to in the new Outlook for Windows. A comment from the Microsoft Community dated January 10, 2024 indicates that POP3 account support had not been added as of that date.

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      Susan Bradley – Thank you for the information and the Microsoft Support link. My email account is an old POP3 account that was established many years ago. The Microsoft Support linked page does not mention anything about POP3 accounts. If and when Microsoft forces everyone off of Windows Mail and into Outlook (new) I hope POP3 accounts will be supported.

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      Alex5723 – Thanks for the link. Yes, I am still using Windows Mail even though Outlook (new) was installed yesterday.

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      @Bob99 -Thank you for the clarification. So, am I correct in concluding that, just like Windows Mail, I will not need a Microsoft account or an Outlook email address to use the Outlook (new) that was just installed on my machine?

      Incidentally, Windows Mail has not been removed (yet) from my computer. It works well enough for me and I plan to continue using it until it is removed by Microsoft or until Microsoft stops supporting it with security updates.

    • The “In 2024 Outlook is replacing Windows Mail and Calendar” banner has been atop my Windows Mail on my Windows 10 computer for months. Windows Mail has worked well enough for me and therefore I have not taken any action to replace it.

      Is Outlook a local app like Mail or will it require a Microsoft account which I do not currently have. I am not very knowledgeable about Microsoft accounts or software that requires a Microsoft account.

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      On Thursday I unpaused Windows Update on my computer running Windows 10. I did not click resume updates but instead waited for Windows to update whenever it decided to do so. On Friday Windows downloaded and installed the January cumulative update KB5034122, the .Net update KB5034275 and the malicious software removal tool.

      Like WSBirdLady I do not see any indications anywhere that KB5034441 downloaded or installed which is just fine by me because I didn’t want it.

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      Does my SSD have 3 or 4 partitions?

      Microsoft’s disk management tool indicates that the drive has three partitions but Macrium Reflect 7 indicates that it has four partitions. Three of the four partitions indicated by Macrium correspond, in terms of size, to the three partitions indicated by Microsoft’s disk management tool. The fourth partition indicated by Macrium has the following description: “2 – (None) Unformatted 16.0 MB 16.0 MB”.

      I do not plan to change the partitions in response to KB5034441, but I would like to know what that 16.0 MB partition is and why Microsoft’s disk management tool does not show it.

      Any thoughts?


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      There’s a bing icon in the corner unless you’ve disabled it/or it hasn’t dribbled to you yet.

      Until today the Edge sidebar on my computer had always been hidden and I had never explored its settings. After sliding the “Show Bing Chat” button in the sidebar menu to the “on” position, the Bing Chat icon was displayed in the upper right-hand corner, just like in the picture in the engadget article that you linked to. Although I don’t plan to use Bing Chat and have rehidden its icon I am glad to know where it is.

      Thank you very much for the information.

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      It’s already in Edge now.  It’s that annoying chat thing.

      My computer has the latest stable channel release for Edge. I looked through a bunch of Edge settings and other items in the Edge drop down menu (the three dots in the upper right-hand corner) and I did not see any obvious reference to ChatGPT. Is ChatGPT embedded somewhere in Edge but invisible to users?

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      I have an HP ProBook 450 G6 with Windows 10 version 22H2. The September 2023 updates were installed a few days ago and updates are paused until November 6. Months ago the Group Policy Editor was set to get updates for 22H2 and to date that setting has kept the computer from updating to Windows 11. I use the Edge browser with DuckDuckGo as my search engine. I do not have a Microsoft account or Microsoft 365.

      Susan Bradley writes:

      “Those of you intending to ride Windows 10 into the sunset will be delighted to learn that Copilot is for Windows 11 only. You won’t be subject to problems that come up for Windows 11 users.”

      I was pleased to read this because I plan to leave my computer on Windows 10 until Windows 10 reaches end of life. However, I recently read on techradar that, “those who use Edge on Windows 10 will get Copilot in Microsoft’s browser.


      Will Microsoft be pushing Copilot into Edge browsers running on Windows 10 computers without user consent?

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      wavy – If I come across any additional information about how to stop the Windows 10 Calendar app from deleting old events, I will post it here.

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      And if old events can not be viewed in the Windows 10 Calendar app without setting up Windows with a Microsoft account does that mean that events entered into the Calendar app are not actually stored locally on my computer but instead are stored somewhere in the cloud?

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      Not being able to view old events in the Windows 10 Calendar app without a Microsoft account is annoying. Going forward I will use a paper calendar.

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      During the last two years I have transitioned from writing checks (except for one which I do not mail) to paying bills using an old phone (no digital display, no voice-over-IP, headset attached to the base with a cord) and the automated pay-by-phone system of each of the payees. Unfortunately mail theft has become so rampant that mailing (or receiving) checks is no longer a secure payment method.

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