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    • in reply to: Annoying Windows 7 copying files that I want to move #1316446

      Are you right clicking on the selected files then dragging them across, this will give you a context menu on which you can select move rather than copy.

      On the other hand, if they are successfully copied then just delete the originals – same result!

    • in reply to: Toshiba rescue disk failure #1315960

      Thanks Fred, but booting from a CD/DVD is easy, just press F12 and a boot menu appears. I used this when I tried a Vista installation DVD, the ‘repair my computer’ option.
      This told me I had a problem but it couldn’t repair it.
      What I’m trying to do is recreate the Toshiba Rescue boot dvd which was made when the laptop was new, and which is now damaged.

      I can provide all the files, as I said, but I can’t seem to produce a disc that will boot.

    • in reply to: Why is Windows 7 boot time so long? #1314738

      Thanks, Zig.

      I tried again and did as you said, which worked OK.

      I was somewhat disappointed with the results. Starting with a boot time of 2min 50secs all I could reduce it by was less than 10secs, hardly worth the trouble!

      I expect some PC’s benefit more than others.

    • in reply to: Why is Windows 7 boot time so long? #1314421

      I installed Soluto on W7 x64. Every time I tried to run it I got a screen saying installation Complete with a Close button.
      I couldn’t get any other response from it so I uninstalled it.

      Not impressed!

    • in reply to: Windows Offline Defender #1312888

      Does the download create a bootable CD, or will I need to use a ‘make a bootable CD’ option in my burning software (Nero)?

    • in reply to: Windows Defender Offline — old name, new use #1312887

      I dual boot W7x64 and XPProx86, which should I use?

    • in reply to: Too Many Java Updates Installed. #1312501

      I currently have Java build 1.6.0_30-b12 installed on W7x64, but no Java 64 bit.
      Should I have a 64 bit version, or is it not really necessary?

    • in reply to: NC10 Notebook gets BSOD on startup #1310943

      Thanks, Jerry,

      I followed the instructions for a clean boot, which went OK.

      I then added back the items I had disabled, doing it in several stages, each of which passed without incident.

      I now have everything enabled as when I started, and the system is starting OK.

      So I don’t know what was affected, but it seems to be OK now. In fact I’ve just installed all the recent MS patches and restarted without trouble.

      I blame Microsoft!


    • in reply to: NC10 Notebook gets BSOD on startup #1310736

      It does, that’s how I ran Malwarebytes.

    • Just a thought – it is probably a good idea if you have an SSD for the operating system. Keep as much writing and rewriting on a separate data drive.

    • in reply to: Right-click not working in IE9 #1301161

      Thanks, Mike, but I don’t get any response to a right click in the main screen (it works OK for menu bar etc items at the top).

      I have tried in Vista, which I dual boot with, with no problems whatever.

    • in reply to: Acronis True Image update #1300448

      The 2011 version (and the Plus Pack) have just been updated.

    • in reply to: No more free CD info with EAC #1300447

      Go into EAC>Metadata options and access the Metadata Provider tag.

      You will find a dropdown list that allows you to select alternatives.

    • in reply to: Right-click not working in IE9 #1299904

      This is becoming a nightmare!

      I successfully carried out the upgrade [a long job], then found I had lost my network connector, it shows in ‘Device Manager’ with ‘This device cannot start. (Code 10)’.
      I’ve tried updating the driver, uninstalling it and restarting, all to no avail, so I can’t run IE to check if the original problem is solved.

      Any suggestions would be welcome.


      I found an old driver file that had an install.exe – this restored my connectivity.

      I then found that RightClick still did not work in IE8 or IE9.

      My hunch is it’s a registry problem, but I don’t have the knowledge to deal with that. I’ve now gone back to my saved image [to save downloading 48 updates]

    • in reply to: Right-click not working in IE9 #1299698

      Perhaps I’m missing the obvious, but I can’t locate a repair option, other than ‘Start up’ repair.

      I tried a custom install, but it loaded a fresh copy of Win7, which I was trying to avoid, so I restored my original from an Acronis image.

      How do I carry out a repair install of the type you describe?

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