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      Thanks, guys.

      I’m downloading the ISO now, does a repair install leave all the installed software and windows settings untouched, or will I have to do some more work?

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      Well I uninstalled IE9, which restores IE8. Checked and found right click doesn’t work there either!

      I’ve reinstalled IE9 (Windows update pestered me to), so I’m back to square one, and out of ideas.

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      Thanks chowur.

      When I reset it put the security settings back to standard, with no resulting benefit for my problem.

      The links you give refer to IE7 and IE8 or basically recomend reinstalling, which I was coming round to anyway, but was hoping to avoid.

      I might also mention that I dual boot with Vista, on which ‘right click’ (in IE9) works perfectly, so I would rule out any hardware issues.

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      It’s been like this for a while, so I tried reset, which seems to reset IE to such an extent that you get the first use welcoming screen again!

      Unfortunately it it had no effect on right clicking, which still does nothing. I should mention that it works perfectly normally in Explorer etc., bringing up the usual context menu.

    • I think Ted is working in ‘Libraries’.
      You don’t get a ‘Location’ tab in ‘Computer’, which is where the real files are.

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      I took the bull by the horns and swapped the BIOS back to its previous content, which fortunately I’d backed up.

      Win 7 now starts and runs OK, as does XPPro. The CPU seems to be recognised OK, but CPU-Z reports it as AM2+, not AM3. Also AMD Cool & Quiet doesn’t seem to be working, the fan speed runs at max all the time.

      I’ll try posting on the ASUS forum and see what they say.

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      The screen is as shown

      I was already running Win7 when the Semperon cpu was in place, I updated the BIOS to 5002 to accomodate the Athlon II X3 and the PC ran OK prior to the cpu change.

      The bsod has also appeared with an IRQL error referenced, but I didn’t get a pic of that.

      I’ve also set all the BIOS cpu options to the most basic setting, usually ‘Auto’.

      I’mat a loss as to what to try next – as I said I can’t even get the CD to run so that I could reinstall.

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      I have exactly the same problem – I forward an email with pics to my ISP mail account and all I get are boxes with red ‘x’s.

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      I’ve read the manual, and I ‘ve installed the drive OK, thanks.

      The problem seems to be the failure to install the driver supplied on the OEM CD during setup.

      However, I found an unusual way round the problem, I installed Vista on the original [PATA] IDE drive then made an Acronis True Image copy of the partition.
      I then restored this copy, both the windows partition and the MBR, to the new [SATA] drive, and it works perfectly.

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      I decided to go go back to basics – no other option really.

      I took the m/b out and ran it with just the GPU and memory. Started OK, so I put it back in the case, fingers crossed there were no shorts. Ran OK, so I started adding items back one at a time, checking for starting each time.

      Eventually everything was back in place and is now running OK. I’ve no idea what the problem was, suspect a short of some sort, but can’t confirm it.

      Anyway all’s well that ends well, thanks for all the advice.

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      New 650 watt PSU installed – exactly the same problem.

      I’m stuck for ideas now.

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      Useful, Jerry, but how do I compact files in Outlook 2010.

      I can’t find Data Management even.

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      I ‘borrowed’ a similar NVidia PCI-E card and put that in – with exactly the same result.

      I’ve now ordered a new PSU!

      Thanks for the suggestions, guys

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      Thanks, Joe,

      I tried the card in the second PCI-E slot with the same results.

      Like you, I thought power supply first, but then it ran OK when I unplugged the 12v connector.

      Pity the motherboard doesn’t have an AGP slot, I have a spare one I could have tried.


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      I got the driver file from NVIDIA’s website, and it’s WHQL certified by MS.
      I’ve asked NV about it, but knowing the tardy response they usually provide, I thought I’d try you guys first.
      In the meantime I’m going down Joe’s track – leave it alone if it ain’t broke.


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