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    • in reply to: NVIDIA Graphics Driver #1229861

      I got the driver file from NVIDIA’s website, and it’s WHQL certified by MS.
      I’ve asked NV about it, but knowing the tardy response they usually provide, I thought I’d try you guys first.
      In the meantime I’m going down Joe’s track – leave it alone if it ain’t broke.


    • in reply to: File Order in Folder Views #1227197

      Thanks guys.

      I already have my folder view settings set to ‘details’ and with descending date order, applied to all folders (although I notice W7 doesn’t apply it to all folders, only those of a similar type).
      I have between 200 and 500+ in a folder.
      When I click on a folder in the left hand column, the contents of the folder appear to the right, in alphabetical order, then with no further input from me, a progress bar effect in the title bar begins a slow progress across the screen. This can take over 30 seconds for a large folder, following which the files are rearranged.

      When I open the same folder, under the same conditions, in Vista or XP, it displays immediately in the prespecified order, so it’s not a problem of size or hardware state, but solely due to the operating system.

    • in reply to: Unusual Windows Run commands #1225492

      And don’t forget the Windows key – I use it to open Explorer (Winkey + E), and to access the system page (Winkey + Pause).

      There are many other direct accesses that can be made with winkey, network, printing etc.

    Viewing 3 replies - 256 through 258 (of 258 total)