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      I tried again when 18894 came out. Again it failed and reloaded 18885, but incomplete.
      All my Program Files and Program Files(x86) content went missing, apart from the essential MS stuff, yet strangely the registry entries were all OK. I found this out when I tried reinstalling stuff. Info such as registering codes was still there.
      This was proving too much a labour of love so I gave up and returned to 18885 from my disc image.
      To avoid the problem repeating I’ve dropped back to the Slow Ring.
      I’ve not really had any problems with upgrades in the past, I’m wondering if the transition to 20H doesn’t sit right with my older hardware (motherboard is Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3)


    • in reply to: remove dual boot windows 10/windows 7 #1511601

      I’ve tried to follow this thread and must admit I’m utterly confused.
      I’ve dual booted W7 and W10 for some time now, I started with both operating systems on the same hard drive, but then acquired a second ssd and moved one system to that, using True Image as a back-up medium.
      When I boot either operating system the system drive always appears as “C:”. At first the alternative system appeared as G:, which happened to be the first available letter after my data drives, which are seperate. This resulted in some minor problems with system restore and the ever present danger of accidentally altering something in that drive, so I removed the drive letter from the unused system using Disk Management, and did the same for the other drive.
      I now boot into either as if the second did not exist and have no problems.
      My point is that dual booting should sort out the operating system to be C:, without introducing other drive letters. You appear to be treading a dangerous path if the second system remains active while the first is in use.

    • in reply to: Insider Preview build 18890(20H1) to FAST Ring #1283462

      I’ve tried to load this twice, each time it stops with an error (no message) and resets me back to my previous version, and not always properly completed, I’ve had to use my previous images to restore (thank goodness I keep them). I’ve put the PC on 7 days hold from updating for now.
      Anybody else suffering?

    • in reply to: USB stick failure #350100

      Thankfully I had no important info on the drive, so I tried PKCano’s suggestion and looked at it in Disk Management.
      It had a 1Gb partition and the rest showed unformatted space. I deleted the !Gb partition and formatted the total space left after this operation. This produced a partition of 58Gb, in other words it had discarded part of its capacity. I’ve since tried various disc operations on it and all seem to work OK, so I’ll use it for miscellaneous tasks, while keeping an eye on it for misbehaviour.
      I’m just assuming the lost capacity is somehow damaged.
      Thanks for all the advice.


    • It’s not that simple PKCano, my Downloads folder is on a seperate hard disk than the operating system.
      Nevertheless I tried your suggestion and we’ll see if it enables the changes to stick.

      Update: so far so good

    • I’ve changed Group By to none, which cleared the sorting etc, but if I access another folder and choose to make all folders the same as that one, the problem resurfaces.
      I note that MS claim they won’t alter settings if the default isn’t being used, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.
      Still, you live and learn.

    • I don’t have ‘Use Friendly Dates’ in Folder Options.
      I tried adding the Dword suggested in the link quoted by ‘b’, it had no effect at all, nor did any of the other suggestions in that link.
      I find it puzzling that only my designated Downloads folder is affected, all folders are optimised as General items, and I have all folders set to the same settings.
      Where do I go next?

    • I’ve tried altering the layout in Explorer, but it keeps reverting to this annoying sequence.
      No other folder suffers this, which only started in the Insider version before the current one (on the Fast track).
      I’ve tried setting the folder layout so all similar folder types have the same settings. This always worked before, I have all folders set as General and they all followed the same rules previously.

    • I’m confused. I click on ‘Posts since last visit’ and among the posts is this one, but the newest post on it is January 21st, and I’ve seen it before!
      What’s happening?

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    • a 1/2 straightened out paper clip has been on my keyring just for that purpose

      You’ll get holes in your pockets!

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    • in reply to: Sign-on screen blurred #322044

      Thanks Lars, the link proved useful.
      Using Group Policy Editor proved the best solution, apparently MS thought it clever to apply an acrylic effect to the sign-on screen. The removal of transparency solution, while it works, also removes transparency effects elsewhere, so the Group solution is preferable.
      Now I have a clear sign-on screen.


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    • My account at WS is under the same username as here. Do I need to do anything other than just wait for the transfer to proceed. Also , I take it I won’t need WS placing in front of my username.


    • in reply to: Tool For Reading .msg Files #319587

      Thanks, but I’m not really wanting to delve into Windows subsystem for Linux.
      I found File Viewer Plus, which does the job, and as you say there are plenty of progs available after a Google search. Don’t know why I didn’t try that route myself first.


    • in reply to: Dual-boot question #319584

      I’ve used dual booting for some time with different operating systems, including Linux.
      My current setup has two ssd’s, one running W7 the other W10 on the Insider Program.
      The only issues I came across were basically cross interference. I found errors occurring with System Restore, and with the recycle bin.
      I should mention I have other HDD’s for data which exist for both operating systems.
      I disabled system restore, prefering to use disc images for system backup.
      I also removed the drive letter from the op sys I wasn’t using, so that it wouldn’t show in explorer in the sys in use.
      Since then I’ve had no overlap problems.
      In short, go ahead and do it, and learn from the experience.


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    • “Change CAN be good”

      Don’t forget, Microsofts’ reasons for change aren’t usually for the benefit of their customers, but their finances!

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