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    • “Change CAN be good”

      Don’t forget, Microsofts’ reasons for change aren’t usually for the benefit of their customers, but their finances!

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      I used to use Ghost for partition imaging but changed to Acronis True Image some years ago.
      I still use the 2011 version, on a bootable usb drive, which works well.
      It images partitions/drives irrespective of what’s on them. So data, linux partitions, any version of Windows, all come down to bits in the end, and that’s what’s saved in an image.


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      Good news.

      I had uninstalled Replicator, so after updating Win 101 to 15025 as an Insider I reinstalled it and it works ok now.
      Don’t ask me why!


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      Thanks Joe but I’m not using standard folders like documents etc for data storage. The beauty of Replicator was I could name source folder or partition and destination, either on the PC or an external drive without worrying about windows conventional storage settings.

    • I installed the update, but it was unresponsive after completion. The taskbar showed the windows logo on the left side and the clock on the right, but i got no response to mouse clicks.
      The only way out was Control-Alt-Delete, which gave me the usual basic response and allowed me to restart.

      I had several tries, making sure AV progs and firewalls were all off, all with the same result.
      I’ve been downloading Insider updates since the start, this is the first failure I’ve had. It did take a long time to download the first time, but later attempts went ok.
      Anyone else had problems?


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      Voila! Today I find Chrome is my default browser, I don’t know why it’s suddenly resolved itself, although there have been some updates to MS Office and .net in the past few days.


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      As I said in Post #5 I originally had Chrome set as the default. It’s only lately started being reset to IE, which made me suspicious of recent so-called ‘Quality’ updates from MS.
      I also tried the suggested reg changes in your link in post #11. Again no improvement.
      I noticed that the .htm and .html entries in HotKey_Classes_Root refer to IE and wonder if these could be altered to name Chrome, but my knowledge of registry editing is not up to changes of that nature.


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      Sudo15 this is the Win 7 forum and I am experiencing the problem in Win 7.
      In ‘Set program access and computer defaults’ I have set a custom configuration and unticked access to IE.
      I have also made Chrome the app to use for htm and html and url files.
      It still won’t stop using IE.

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      Didn’t help, still get IE taking over. If I try to remove default actions from IE the tick boxes just refuse to budge.

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      I have no problem in Win 10 (see my OP), it’s started happening in W7 after a long time with no problems.
      I’m wary of recent updates by MS causing this.
      I’ll try uninstalling etc as you suggest, but I don’t expect this to help with being unable to untick IE in Default Progs.

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      I run the same three browsers. I followed your suggestions but no change.
      Whatever I try it keeps reverting back to IE.

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      Thanks for the advice guys. Have now ordered 20m Cat7 cable from Cables 2u.


    • I emailed Malwarebytes about the problem.
      Apparently they’re close to issuing v3.0 of the prog and don’t propose to do any updating of the current version before then.
      They consider Insider preview editions as beta software.

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      Problems with SFC seem to be happening more frequently with Win10.
      I got this message after it reached 19%.

      I’m completely in the dark as to what it means.


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      I haven’t been offered the AU yet, I’m still on 1511.
      Think I’ll take Joe’s advice and wait a while.


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