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      and i did lookup the older stack update and alot of people say it loops your computer into a restart cycle and crashes it, i dont want that.

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      All i wanna know is if i unhide the 467 update, install it, then install KB4457144 is my screen going to be blue? yes i know i will need the patches eventually like maybe next week, i just dont want to cause problems since right now i dont have either and my computers fine.

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      Just my 2 cents.. i dont have the older stack update installed, its hidden for the reason it CRASHES your system,  and it looks like from the comments if i installed 4457144 id have a nice blue screen to look forward to, so im never installing it( nor will i ever need it, it fixes stuff like windows shell and media that i dont even use) Im sorry, but telling users to unhide and old update that WILL crash our systems just to upload an update that will cause  a BSOD is unsafe and ridiculous,  i could care less if my machine ever gets updated again, its not like if we skip a few months any amazing virus will be released, most ‘NORMAL’ users as myself with a home computer dont even know what the updates even do, they take a good hour or more to install then stalls and you need to wait however long to restart the computer, they arent needed.

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    • are their any blue screen reports for people who have been able to install it?

    • i will admit i have used windows 7 for years, since maybe 2012? and this is the first time i have ever not been able to get an update due to an error, so before we all panic lets assume its a issue they know about and will fix, also, i read what the update actually fixes, and i didnt even use or recognize half of the programs, like the first is windows media, i dont even think i have that.  Also, for anyone who uses MSE) Microsoft security essentials) the update failed to load and slowed and pretty much made MSE non functional, while i was trying to install 4457144 i did a regular MSE update as i do 5 times a day, and it took literally 25 minutes to ‘search’ for an update, the second i ‘hid’ 4457144, it worked fine, updated in a few minutes as it should, so you see, its a error that is pretty severe, I’m keeping it hidden until next month.

    • Its not a virus issue, also, it would be pretty much impossible that EVERY user that cant update 57144 has a computer virus.

    • will hiding it have a drastic effect on my machine? i mean do i NEED it? i normally get them the same day they are released, i havent seen a error message like this on a major update before, normally the ones marked ‘recommended’ i dont bother

    • i hid the update, any word on the issue?

    • on windows 7 home premium same issue for me, i was wondering if i should ‘hide’ the update? it looks important so im unsure, i had 3 important updates today, 2 worked, 4457144 did not, any ideas? im guessing its on Microsoft’s end

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      I have a windows 7 desktop that i installed KB4284826 on and its been fine, nothing crashed no blue stop errors. I dont know if in the future a problem will arise, im just saying so far, its been fine, hope that helps. The last update that i installed that caused my screen to go blue/stop error was in april/may, i uninstalled them all and hid them all, they were known to do that, which i stupidly should have read before i did it. Anyways, in the june updates their were only 2,. which signals that they are phasing out slowly Windows 7 updates, as i always get atleast 5 or 6 updates, maybe this month their just weren’t that many? Hope this helps someone

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      i ended up downloading them/updating, their were only 2 updates for june so i figured  why not. So far nothing changed, no stop error no blue screen thats a plus. Thanks again for the advice, but i didnt wanna leave it un- updated for 2 weeks and have something with my luck get in my system that id need to worry about later.

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      I really do appreciate the help, im not just saying that, thanks again.

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      ok great, probably dumb on my part but i was thinking if i didnt install it right away my computer would crash or get infected, i always download the patches about a week to 10 days after they are released, honestly when i do my computer takes forever to restart which i try to avoid as much as possible, so im good if i hold off till like the middle of next week?

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      i would ‘hide’ it, but then i dont know if my system will become unstable, im basically asking if i fully ignore it this month will i be alright?

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      sure i apologize- its kb4284826… apparently it fixes the spectre meltdown? which like most i have no idea what that is or that it exists.  Just i always go to microsofts page to read the known issues and the first is  a stop error on certain machines, which i know is a blue screen, which i obviously want to avoid.

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