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      Let me see if I understand:

      The issue only occurs with W11.

      But, it is a TurboTax problem?


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      W10 bad, W11 worse.

    • Just wanted to show info available with HWiNFO:



    • HWiNFO or AIDA64 are far and away the the best monitoring applications.

      With custom watercooling, my overclocked 9900K (5000MHz, 1.21VCore) typically idles at ambient +10°C.

      Running hard-core stress applications such as LinX or Prime95 small FFT, or OCCT, I typically see upper 70°C to mid 80°C CPU temperatures with ambients in the low to mid 20°C.

      Keeping the radiator next to the air conditioner vent in the summer really helps.

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      As others have mentioned, without knowing the purpose of the machine, and the financial capability of the owner, recommendations will vary from new drive to new machine, and even upgrading other components.

      However, looking up the specs, the PC can support up to 8GB of DDR2.  Seeing as how DDR5 is expected to be available later this year, investing in DDR2 makes no sense.

      If the drive is failing, what might fail next?

      Personally, I would buy a new machine.



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      256GB nvme for W7

      256GB nvme for W10

      2TB external backup/scratch drive.

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      People still use Bing?



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      That is not how a NVME is normally mounted. It shouldn’t be overhanging the system board like that. It appears that it was a afterthought when the board was designed. I personally wouldn’t trust / use a NVME mounted that way.

      Frankly, I wish my motherboard (eVGA Z390 Dark) had edge mounted nvme drives.

      It is a pain to have to remove the GPU in order to access the SSDs.

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      I used to drag it out as long as possible, now I just hang up when they say “I am from Microsoft”.

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      Bought one pre-built desktop in 2000, Windows Millenium.

      Have purchased two laptops (because it is virtually impossible to build a laptop) W8 & W10.

      The other six PCs have been assembled. Running W98, XP, or W7.

      Currently have three W7 machines in operation.

      Windows is the ‘industry standard’ for most consumers.

      Microsoft should split into two entities. One focused on PC users, one for mobile users. And never the twain should meet.

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      Over the past half-decade, Microsoft has put a lot of work into Win10

      If only it were good work… It surely is several times more complicated now – yet – somehow doesn’t do much of anything more than its predecessors did, even on decent computer hardware. Sigh. And what it DOES do now does with several additional doses of mediocrity and bloat. I have selected/moved/closed the wrong window at least several times this past week. Aero Glass would have avoided that.

      Oh, and just late last week I looked over a dual Xeon Win 10 test system (dedicated to automated product testing) that was recording timeouts during basic operations, such as cold-starting the product. I took a look at the setup and, long story short, eliminated upwards of 45 running processes from that system that are useless given its purpose. I could have gone even further but testing is now proceeding smoothly and rapidly.



      But, good for whom? Microsoft? Advertisers?? Data Miners???

      Heaven forbid it would good be for the end user.

      The fact there is a ‘new’ version every six months simply says that Microsoft really has no idea what a good OS is. Try this, tweak that, add something, remove other things. Firm adherence to the Microsoft motto; “If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is.”

      Get rid of the forced updates, telemetry, and the excess, unneeded, useless ‘Services’, the Windows Store (or what ever it is called), allow disabling or deletion of unwanted ‘features’, allow full user customization…

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      Probably going to get some hate, probably a lot…

      1. No forced updates.
      2. No telemetry, period. Not opt in, not opt out. None.
      3. No Windows Store, or whatever it is called.
      4. Trim down the ridiculous number of ‘Services’.
      5. Allow user UN-installation of useless ‘features’.
      6. I am sure there are more, I cannot think of any right now.
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      Not ‘signing up’.

      In my opinion, if these people were about helping more than profiting, it would be free without that.

    • You’re doing it wrong.


      Got it, thanks.

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