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    • in reply to: Server 2016 “Download Only” doesn’t download #2307027

      Hi mcbsys. This is a default issue of Server 2016 LTSC GUI and Core Microsoft #wontfix

      Reasons can only be guessed:

      • You can orchestrate updates so it does not mattter how long updates take (and significant CPU load)
      • It does not matter task manager does not show the download speed of update
      • by definition big changes on LTSC are not part of the game. MS fixed the issues in 1703. So one release later but due to LTSC won’t backport it.
      • The current most perfect iteration for Updates and Management is the upcoming Server 2021 (vNext) LTSC, so I hope you have Software Assurance and consider an upgrade to 2019 / 2021 when it is out (second half of 2021 from current estimates)
      • There are several “solutions” starting with disabling Defender and all the stuff.
        I have made solid benchmarks and can say: don’t waste even more time on that.
      • if your licensing allows

      References: Stop the “Windows update madness” on WS2016! – Windows Server (

      you can find my benchmark results + live videos on very potent hardware (full flash NvME)


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      in reply to: Office 365 & Factory Shift use #2277363

      Authenticator backup, I see in options built-in (Android). Cannot vouch for iOS don’t have one.

      in reply to: Office 365 & Factory Shift use #2277352

      “Dedicated security device (USB key, smartcard, whatever) done correctly should be better, yes, but budgeting for those is another thing…”

      “I swore I would never use it again if I could help it. Almost better to use a USB key.”

      I personally use Yubikey for passwordless authentication (-if you need more information I can recommend the blog of Michael Mardahl)

      but this has high requirements (Azure Tentants only, does not work with Win 10 that are not azure AD joined. Costs are relative taking the risk of data loss or loss of productivity into account.

      “Having to open an app has seemed more frustrating than getting a text message. ”
      It has options to give you a popup so you don’t have to open it but choose from 3 numbers.

      “And when I changed phones (but not numbers) the hassle of recreating the Authenticator was frustrating.”

      Microsoft Authenticator now offers a cloud based backup to your private / edu / work MS account, I can confirm it works. Have 15+ tokens in there for different services.

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      in reply to: Office 365 & Factory Shift use #2277059

      this scenario does not fit with the solution below: “many of these workers don’t usually carry cell phones”


      Enable Modern Authentication (ADAL) in the tenant. Might not be enable by default.

      Consider to provide them with Microsoft Authenticator App, enable MFA enforced on the single account in the tenant

      save the recovery code in a safe central place that needs NOT the same MFA to login / authenticate

      Everyone that needs to access / login can use MFA from Authenticator

      What this means:

      you have a quite high security with MFA for this group of users, Outlook 365 will not require MFA, using single sign on in best case (if configured via GPO / AD Sync etc)

      you do not need application codes for O365 to circumvent MFA.

      in reply to: Versions of Windows 10 #2274717

      It is possible the version installed is a tied down version used by the company.
      Are you able to roll back to W7 – I think it’s 30 days post upgrade, assuming it was upgraded and not re-imaged.

      cheers, Paul

      only 10 days.


      From a security standpoint, how can you secure an OS with all of these monthly new “features”.

      easy to answer: there are no monthly new features. There are monthly fixes and once in a year new features for all and now another time of the years new features targeted to business.

      in reply to: Re-thinking the Windows development cycle #2274284

      I also think these bugs affect a very small portion of windows 10 users.

      But Ed Bott disagrees. according to him ALL Windows 10 Billion users suffer from bugs :
      “Microsoft, stop feeding bugs to a billion Windows 10 users.”

      I can weight this. Having migrated 60+ from family to 2004. Around 30 are missing and on 1909. Same as the said “with iOS has bugs but I do not notice them” I only have very few issues reported by “users” from the family group with Windows 10. Ofc they have perfectly setup computers, software and drivers thanks me yet.

      SUMO and DUMO are now helping me to get a quick overview and use adware free to get my downloads without hiccups, since the software and drivers are quite all multilanguage aware. So i can even help out related living outside my country.

      It is a matter organization. I can upgrade 6 “manually” a day by having a great schedule. This is not just running setup from commandline but also updating ALL software and drivers prior the upgrade, even ffs firmware of Logitech USB receivers that had sec issues.

      I don’t get most of the issues. There are issues.

      I keep reporting them and it is pretty clear that all “non standard” behaviours are more affected like (MBR – only 5 systems), Users with USB printers lately. Users with Storage Spaces on Win 10 Pro etc.

      They may be a minority, not saying this makes anything better. Issues exist but it is how they get addressed.


      My main concern is: MS Support does not handle issues seriously. They don’t escalate. Period. I have many examples of failing. I don’t call them for easy activation issues. I can handle them myself most of the time.

      I was told by insider team to report issues that are REPRODUCIBLE
      The plan was to get them on the official “known issues list”. That’s a high bar I’ve been told.

      So I reported a single issue easy to repro in few minutes.
      MS Support want to charge me.

      No thanks.


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      • This reply was modified 5 months ago by alQamar.
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      in reply to: Re-thinking the Windows development cycle #2273555

      I wouldn’t mind having a new stable version every two or three years.

      If it were, like, stable.

      I can count on one hand the number of worthwhile new features we’ve seen in Win10 over the past three or four years.

      The 2 to 3 years were like so stable or people just forgot about how c***y it is technically that they lived with tools and workarounds, so suitable they never leave this perfect tool spiced mess. Nope Woody, have to disagree.

      See XP, 7.

      Regular updates are OK once a year at least if carried out professionally. We should focus on how to get it shaped. As you did in the original post, not falling back to monolithic updates.

      in reply to: Re-thinking the Windows development cycle #2273548

      See also

      On name changes in the Insider program, optional updates, and Windows in general


      Thanks for comments and likes here

      Woody how about commenting your article in


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      Microsoft’s version numbering scheme for Windows 10, YYMM, is not timeless, given how Microsoft has named products after the year they were released in, like Windows Server. They should’ve seen the confusion and absurdities that would ensue once the world got into the 2020s. A better versioning scheme would be to do decimals or something. Rather than “Windows 10 Version 1909” and “Windows 10 Version 2004” (which is just way too long), Microsoft should have just gone with decimals of 10 instead, like “Windows 10.1”, “Windows 10.2”, etc. Such a naming scheme would be timeless, unique, and much easier to write than “Windows 10 Version XXXX”.

      Absolutely. Microsoft had the opportunity long enough to use their version codes. And sad enough you still need them for WMI calls as their product strings got changed inconsistently too sometimes including ® or not or Windows Server or just Server. It’s a horrific mess if you look closely.

      5.1 = XP / 2003
      6.0 Vista / 2008
      6.1 7 / 2008R2
      6.2 8 / 2012
      6.3 8.1 / 2012 R2 etc

      I don’t expect they will follow the scheme of Google, Linux, Apple.

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      Dear askwoody Readers,

      I don’t usually do this but with the recent developments and replies from MSFT I reached a point of not saying “all good” and eat all the dogfood (not vegan anyway).

      This is how it started 2 hours ago on twitter.

      Thanks for the feedback. Windows has recently changed their Insider channel names, which are now similar to the ones used across the Office Insider program.”

       There is a lot of tiredness about the ongoing renaming things. Even MVPs are making fun of this and some say loud and clear „Stop renaming“.

      I am working as an Consultant and not only concepts are getting invalid by the changes all the time but everyone gets just confused.

      Every few months we have to deal with new ADMX templates for Office, Windows, Onedrive, Teams, not all of them being even available in one single package.

      Some of these aren’t optional but give companies tools to iron out panicked decisions, without deploying the 2341 registry and scripted workaroud.

      Fiddling with XML files from because they wanna release a bing non opt out, then change their mind because of public flak.

      Deploying Teams as auto start per user without admin consent, giving options later via ADMX to remove it, while celebrating „most active users over slack“.

      Surely counted every day companies Teams clients unused unmanaged in autostart, every day. Because some admins don’t have time to read twitter, blogs and reddit but have a life.

      Not even do they have the same consistent file and folder structure. I am not whining. But shattered about ever optimistic marketing.

      Not posting this to promote myself – that’s not me, if you can spare some more of your lifetime on this topic leave some likes over there and comments from your

      Constructively personal real life experience about what their actions mean to you, if it means something at all.

      Some have to redo their scripts and logics, processes, deployments, after all test all the changes done. Some even have to follow complex change processes.


      This all happened and happens still. This is not what the linked comment is about. It is about their channel naming and a plea for consistency.


      I would be glad for likes on this article I crashed my head now for too long hours just because getting a wild tweet from the social media team that really break the glass. See top.
      Wasn’t sure if I just silently ignore it, but I could not.


      Hope you understand the relation between our daily struggles with patching and keeping everything running and this post – which should be – but do not blog.


      Thanks for your support! The naming needs to have a (good) end. Hope you share my ideas and the pain points.

      Mind that before they did the renaming for Office some even had side effects on loading wrong packages from the CDN and they have not changed anything.
      Wasn’t intended, still rolled out other editions of Office to the users. I think Rafael Riviera was posting this back then.
      So after all my pamphlet is not just about cosmetical issues 😊

      Best Regards,
      Karl Wester-Ebbinghaus

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      in reply to: Patch Lady – printing issues with PCL 5 drivers #2273468

      Good news, the patch for 2004 is available in public, too.


      Sad to hear… I really hope one can catch the root cause MS and Apple support pinpoint each other. I gave up.


      Glad it helped. I am 100% sure the sentiments against the store app aren’t founded. I saw people joining that used the legacy app and still had this problem.

      Yes it’s not needed to uninstall all Apple legacy apps as I’ve said just

      Infact just icloud and icloud for Outlook.


      if you want a clean and Windows Media Player free secure system, store based apps are mandatory. And again it’s not an upgrade issue. I’ve tested that.


      I will also happen on 1909 if one is to change icloud app legacy or not, and the outlook sync. It simply breaks.


      As said it doesn’t matter. The solution and problem is the same no matter if you use the legacy msi or the store version.

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