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    • Got it. Thx! 😊

    • If I’m getting this right, there’s no way for Win 7 systems w/ the full three years ESUs to get security only patches Microsoft released after Feb ‘23? Or is there (for only Microsoft Win7  security patches)?  The confusion was that in my prev reply I included the April ‘23 Microsoft patch for Win7 that I saw posted above, and thought it was an out of bound patch by Microsoft? Thx in adv for clarifying. 🙂

    • Thx for replying.  What’s an WIN7ESUI?  I have the WIN ESUs for my Win7 Pro systems  that I had paid annually for all 3 years that it was offered (that I thought ended in Feb ‘23).

      Regarding the link posted above for ‘April Rollup KB5025279 Download 64-bit’, will it install for those of us with the 3-year Win 7 Pro ESUs?

    • Hi,

      If I have a Win7 ESU  (Win 7 Pro systems) for the full three years (which ended in Feb ‘23), is this April ‘23 patch for x64 Win 7 PCs a security update that will install on PCs w/ Win 7 ESU even though the Win 7 patching security updates ended in Feb ‘23? Thanks in adv for clarifying.

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      Hi Susan,

      Hope all is well. I emailed you on Mon & Wed about my Plus Membership renewal glitch (checked my spam folder to ensure no reply from you was in there.) Sorry to reply here, but saw you’re online (thought you might be away this week on holiday.)

      I successfully renewed my Plus membership via credit card on 1/10/23 and when I log in it shows 1/11/24 as my new Plus Membership expiration date, but I don’t have access to any of the Plus sections of the website such as Master Patch List and also didn’t receive this week’s newsletter.

      Would be super appreciative if you could look this.  Thanks very much!

      Amy 🙂

    • in reply to: Patch Lady – issue with Outlook #2279167

      PK, thanks to your and Woody’s solid advice I’ve been doing that for several yrs. 👍😊

    • in reply to: Patch Lady – issue with Outlook #2277012

      Hi Woody,

      I see in the patch list that Win7 June security patches and Office 2010 and Office 2013 patches are  now green lighted in Susan’s master patch list.  I’ll wait for the overall defcon change, but in interim can you clarify if the Outlook PST corruption issue (and any other Outlook issue due to June’s security patches) does affect Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 on Win7 Pro x64 systems after installing the June security Win 7 security roll up and Office 2010 and 2013  updates (I have ESUs for Win7)?  Wasn’t clear on the latest regarding this Outlook corruption issue after we install the June security patches.  Thanks, Woody! 🙂

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    • Hi Susan,
      Hope all is well.  About to do the May security rollup (KB 4556836) for my Win 7 Pro x64 systems, and wasn’t sure if when I run windows update:
      (1) if the KB4538483 ESU 5/9/20 version shows up if I should download/install it?  I (obviously) have the prior  ESU (Feb?) version (via  Harbor I have the purchased ESUs- thanks  to your help!.),  and if (2) KB4556403/4556399 Net update shows up with (assuming so) check in box if I should install too?  Haven’t run windows update yet.  Thanks in adv for your advice.  Amy 🙂

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