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      I didn’t have any issues updating Win 10 22H2 per Susan, but it took a really long time, over half an hour after the download before my computer rebooted. Lots of nail-biting until then. Thank you Susan, for all your helpful tips.

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      I haven’t binned very many “newer” windows computers. My first computer was a Heathkit H89 running CP/M (ca. 1983). Much to my wife’s chagrin, I have 4 Win XP computers, and one Win 7, still operating but not connected to the internet. I need the Win XP computers because they have software that operate some of my electronic test equipment. It doesn’t run on Win 7 and up.

      My current computer is a Win 10 capable of running Win 11, and I will hold off going to Win 11 as long as there are updates available for 10. As I recall, there were three additional update years available for Win 7, which just recently went unsupported.

      I framed the motherboards from all 12 of my oldest computers and they are hanging on the wall in my Lab.


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      Yes, by all means continue the annual “Who are you” questionnaire.  Thanks for publishing the 2022 results.

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    • Correct, I meant InControl. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • In her Feb 28, 2023 Ask Woody Plus column Susan Bradley said “Always keep in mind that if you install another antivirus software program, it will promptly disable Microsoft Defender. One AV program at a time, please!”  I did not know this.

      I have been using Windows since version 3.1. When I got my Win 10 Dell 3471 computer in 2019, I did not know there was Microsoft Defender and I installed Norton Anti-Virus because that is mostly what I always used for my Windows computers. I have never had problems updating windows while following her DEFCON recommendations, and never really had any other issues either. I am on 22H2 and used Opatch to block any newer versions or accidental converson to Win 11. Am I doing the right thing using Norton instead of Microsoft Defender?


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      When I allowed Win 10 v. 2004 to install I found I had to update the drivers for my Epson 3490 Photo scanner, and my older Canon ImageClass MF4150 multifunction printer. This despite the fact that I updated them back when I installed v. 1909. It was worse this time, the scanner would not work at all , even though it was recognized in the Epson PhotoImpressions app. After I installed the latest Epson update, the scanner worked again, but took twice as much time per page as the previous update.

      The MF4150 would print one page, then the Error LED would flash telling me to change to A4 paper size using the Paper Size and Type functions (Ltr is the default). Doing that didn’t help. I had to reinstall the exact same Epson update I applied after the Win 10 1909 update, and then it worked normally again.

      Another annoyance is that the NumLock is not turned on when I boot 2004. I have to do it manually so I can log in my Windows 10 password.

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      Coming changes to the Windows Secrets newsletter
      How about the readers that signed up long ago for Lifetime Subscriptions to Windows Secrets? Do we now have to pay more? I remember I bought a Lifetime membership to an airline Travel Club in the 1980’s. When that airline went under, so did my “lifetime” membership. I guess it meant their lifetime, not mine.

      By Tracey Capen

      Back in mid-October, I wrote the Windows Secrets would be going through a number of changes. Next week, we’re launching Windows Secrets 2.0, an update of your favorite newsletter with a new format and expanded coverage. Here’s what’s changing.

      The full text of this column is posted at WindowsSecrets.com/introduction/coming-changes-to-the-windows-secrets-newsletter/ (opens in a new window/tab).

      Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.[/td]


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