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    • I’ve tried to install Win 7 Monthly Rollup 4586827 on my Win 7 SP1 32-bit Professional machine, using W7ESUI v0.2 run as Administrator, but it stops after a short while with the message:

      All applicable updates are detected as installed

      Removing temporary extracted files…


      SSU KB4580970 (October 2020) is already installed.

      The update (using the .msu file) definitely hasn’t been installed because I just downloaded it from the Windows Update Catalog.  And, as expected, it’s not showing in the list of installed updates.

      This is the first time that I haven’t been able to install updates using the W7ESUI script.

      Any ideas as to what the problem may be, and how I can get it to install?

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    • in reply to: A changing of the guard at AskWoody.com #2310484
      Hi Woody,
      What a surprise!  About to retire, or at least take on something new/different.
      All I can say is “thanks”, and I hope you enjoy whatever the future holds.
      It’s a long time since I started ‘following’ you, with WOW in 1996, then WOWMM in 2000, and various “things” since then.
      Hopefully you’ve had as much enjoyment writing as I’ve had reading.
      (Also from Australia)
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    • in reply to: What happened to internet explorer in Win10 v1909? #2274585

      True, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Internet Explorer isn’t still installed on the computer.

      Stranger things have happened.

      IMO it would be worthwhile to do a quick and simple search for iexplore.exe just out of interest.

    • in reply to: What happened to internet explorer in Win10 v1909? #2274516

      The name of the Internet Explorer executable file is iexplore.exe – are you looking for the correct file.

      I ask because you’ve mentioned ieexplorer.exe several times, and I’m wondering if that’s just a typo or you’re searching for the wrong file.

      Just a thought.

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    • Running Windows 7 SP1, updated with the March 2020 cumulative update (following abodi86’s excellent recipe), and MSE, I got the MSE problem after updating definitions from 1.313.1556 to 1.313.1638. The problem persisted when I updated the definitions to 1.313.1666.

      However, this morning I updated the definitions to 1.313.1687 and, so far at least, the problem appears to have been rectified. No more red MSE interface telling me that the security service isn’t running, and should be started.

      The situation was the same on both Windows 7 computers here.

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    • in reply to: Windows 7 and Office 365 Click-to-Run #2210017

      Thanks, I hadn’t seen those two references.

      Explains why I saw what I did, although I still find it rather odd that MS offer Office security support for three years after the end of Windows 7 support.

      Not to worry – I’ll accept it and be thankful for small mercies.

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    • in reply to: New Computer, Windows 10 – OEM or Retail #2139019


      That’s handy to know, but I would say it’s highly unlikely that I’ll find myself in the situation that you mention.

      If by chance I do face that dilemma, I’ll worry about it then. More than enough to think about at the moment. 🙂

    • in reply to: New Computer, Windows 10 – OEM or Retail #2138907

      I would like to offer a sincere “thank you” to all who replied; the responses were interesting, and useful, in helping me make a decision.

      Considering all the feedback, I’ve decided to opt for Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, OEM version.

      I’m unlikely to want/need to transfer the Windows licence to a different computer, but if for some reason that situation arises then I can just buy a new retail licence at the time.

      Once again, thank you to everyone for your input.

    • in reply to: Windows 7 Virus Protection post January 14, 2020 #2013985

      Thanks; more interesting/useful information. From the posts I’ve seen so far, Bit Defender sounds like a good choice. Hard to beat “word of mouth”, whether praising or criticising something.

    • in reply to: Windows 7 Virus Protection post January 14, 2020 #2013981

      Thanks Paul; some really useful information in the thread that you referenced.

      I’m tempted to try Bit Defender when I get a little free time.

      Cheers, John

    • Sorry for the break; here’s the remainder of the Preferences that you mentioned, with my settings – for what it’s worth:

      browser.cache.frecency_experiment is set to 3
      browser.cache.frecency_half_life_hours is set to 6
      experiments.activeExperiment is set to false
      experiments.enabled is set to true
      experiments.supported is set to true
      toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled is set to false

      I’m out of my depth here, so am not able to make any comment about the likelihood or otherwise of the differences being the reason that I was affected, but you weren’t.

    • On my machine, the most likely FF 56.0.2 settings you mentioned as contributing to your ‘safety’:

      app.shield.optoutstudies.enabled is set to false
      app.update.auto is set to false
      app.update.enabled is set to false

      So maybe it’s one (or more) of the other settings mentioned, but I haven’t had time to check them.

    • You’re quite correct Kirsty, in my case at least. I’m not getting updates.

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    • You were lucky.

      I have the same setup – FF 56.0.2 with those two options checked, and I was affected.

      Maybe there’s something else in your options, different to mine, that saved you and allowed me to be hit.

    • in reply to: How do I delete c:\windows.old (Windows 10 1809) #492682

      Interesting, and useful to know. Thanks.

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