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      WDP app is good and reliable tool. Check it.

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      I will give a thumb up for Samsung EVO and Pro, i have 860 PRO over a 3 years and 860 EVO in my second laptop. Samsung magican software have a rapid mode which give higher speeds.

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      Sorry for the upping this old thread.. This is the latest version which can be used over network/domain? I use the first script 1.0b and i’m happy, but this look much better. Thanks!

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      Very interesting information, thanks for sharing. This doesn’t sound good..

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      Hey Y’all,

      I think I have this thing figured out but I’ll need some testing to confirm.

      Here’s what I did to track down the problem:
      [*]Did a fresh install of Win 10 Pro Insider 16025 (latest ISO I could find). I actually killed the partitions to insure I got a clean slate. The only settings that were changed are those shown below.
      [*]Set-PSRemoting RemoteSigned
      [*]Ran version 30-30 and received error on Set-WSManQuickConfig…”One connection type set to public”
      [*]Changed to Private via Settings, e.g. Allow discovery!
      [*]Run #2 $CS=New-PSSession -ComputerName … caused error.
      [*]Run in debug mode and determined that the check for WSMan passing when I was expecting it to fail.
      [*]Removed test for WSMan and just allowed Enable-PSRemoting to run reguardless.] *—Success—*
      [*]Run #3 provided the name of another computer on the local network – Failed – But the program caught this and provided the appropriate error message. I use Home as my workgroup name and windows defaults to Workgroup. Changed workgroup to Home.
      [*]Run #4 can now access other computers on the network.
      [*]I was getting everything but I still got an error message, from the program, that the remote computer was unaccessible!
      [*]Run again in debug mode stepping through the program. Turns out the code for getting the Windows Update settings was causing this problem. Strangely enough this worked fine when run locally on the same computer :confused:
      [*]Knowing this worked on my network I changed the advanced sharing settings to Allow Printer and File sharing and Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers. —Success— Why this works I surely don’t know but it does.

      I plan on working on the code for accessing the WU settings, I borrowed that code, but first I’d like to get another round of testing to verify my tests work out in the wild.

      The new program no longer requires any setup program just run it as Administrator with the settings as shown above and in the comments.

      Dev-CMsPCInfo.ps1 46750-Dev-CMsPCInfo This is version 40-40 BTW.

      Thanks again for testing.


      Hello, this script look intresting. How can i download the script for test, attachment gives me error… Can you share on cloud or something. Thanks.


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