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      I just installed amd64-microcode on my LMDE 32-bit system.  Of course doing a Timeshift snapshot beforehand.

      All seems okay for now. Will report back if something comes up.

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      Today I installed iOS 16.7 on an iPhone 11 without issue.

      I also updated Monterey to 12.7 without issue also. Took 2 minutes to download,  25 minutes to prepare, 20 minutes to install with 3 reboots. Everything seems to be working but will report back if something comes up.


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      So I finally got back on my LMDE and made some  screenshots.

      This first one is the output from the “lscpu” command.  It shows the processor as a 32-bit.

      The second one is the screenshot of Software Manager showing that there did exist an older version of amd64-microcode.

      I think I will probably install it. Let me know what you think!


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      Ok on my LM21.1 laptop I issued the command “lscpu” and got a lot of information about my i5 cpu. There was one line that stated it was an x86_64 (I can’t remember exactly what it said) but it did state 64. I also checked in Software Manager and there was an old file that was being replaced by this new file. So I went and updated with out issue.

      Next I will check my desktop running the P4 and determine if it’s capable of x86 or 64bit or both. I am out of town the next couple of days so won’t be responding until I return. Thanks all.


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      Well my LMDE is running on a P4! I assume it’s a 32-bit processor. Is there a Linux command to check?

      Along the same lines, my other laptop with an i-5 is running 64-bit LM21.1. It is being offered the same file amd64-microcode. Should I install even though I have an Intel chip and not an AMD?

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      Anybody have luck upgrading from LM 21.x to LM 21.2?

      Is it possible to stay at LM 21.1 or better to upgrade to LM 21.2


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      So I took Ascaris advice and checked /etc/apt/keyrings and the file winehq-archive.key was there. After running sudo apt update I noticed the error message had something to do with the file winehq-archive.key

      I fired up my LM 21.1 machine and looked at the /etc/apt/keyrings and it had the file winehq-archive.key i looked closer at the permissions of the file and noticed that on my LM 21.1 it was rw-r–r BUT on my LMDE 5 it was rw-r—- !! The permissions for “world” weren’t set on my LMDE 5!

      I changed the permission on my LMDE 5 to match the one on my LM 21.1 and ran sudo apt update and it was successful!! I continued to install WINE and everything ran fine. I was able to install my Quicken for Windows and now I am a Happy Camper!!

      Thanks Ascaris for leading me down the path to success!


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      I’ll have to check that, but I assume it should be there since the only error message I received was after sudo apt update.

      Does it matter that I am running 32-bit LMDE 5? I ask because everything I’ve found to install Wine on LMDE or Linux Mint is for 64-bit versions.

      It might be a couple days before I respond because of other commitments.




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      So I finally had some time to update my MBA to Monterey 12.6.8.

      When I first selected Software Update I was only offered Safari 16.6. I closed it and reopened Software Update and still no Monterey update. I closed it again waited 5 minutes and that time I was finally offered Monterey 12.6.8.

      The install went smoothly and no issues so far. I’ve been using my LM 21.1 more and more. It may soon become my daily driver!



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      I had some time to work on my LMDE and my external ssd.

      I first attached the drive and the icon appeared on the desktop. I did a Timeshift snapshot to access the drive. When that finished I opened filemanager and selected the external drive to unmount it. The icon disappeared and the drive still showed under devices but hovering over it said “click to mount”.

      I then decided to open the disks app and selected my external drive. It said it was unmounted. I noticed a button at the upper right and hovering over it said “Power off”. So I decided to click the button and it did the opposite of what you’d expect. Once I clicked on it I noticed the external drives icon reappeared on the desktop and it said the drive was mounted in disks!

      So I assume there is some “bug” in the way external drive are powered off. Unfortunately it over my paygrade to test any further. Since it does say the drive is unmounted in filemanager I’ll assume it’s safe to disconnect. Thanks to all for all the advice.

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      I finally updated to Wine 8.0.2 after doing a snapshot. My only wine app is still running! Thanks to all for the advice.


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      Hi Bill, how do you set an external drive NOT to automount?

      I still need to do some testing but I assume if I remove the external drive from file manager, the icon disappears from the desktop and it shows in filemanager waiting for the mount command.




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      Ok so here is how I tested things:

      1. I plugged in a USB stick, copied a few files and then right clicked on the icon for the USB stick. It said “eject” which is what happened. The icon disappeared and I unplugged the USB stick.

      Now I am not sure if it was the USB stick or there wasn’t much activity by copying only a few files as apposed to running a snapshot with the external ssd.

      2. I plugged in my ssd and ran a Timeshift snapshot. After it finished I right clicked the icon and it said “safely remove drive”. A little different message than the USB stick. I selected the option the icon disappeared and in 5 seconds the icon reappeared. I next I tried to click the icon in the panel which had the same results as above. My last attempt was to open “file manager” click on the ssd under devices and it appears the icon disappeared and did not return! The only thing is the ssd still appeared under devices but hovering over it said something like “click to mount device”. Is the ssd now safe to remove?

      Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. Much appreciated!

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      Ascaris, you’ve given me something to try too.

      How do you disable automatic mount? If that is the case how would you manually mount USB devices?

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      Thanks DrBonzo you’ve given me 2 options to try:

      1. Try with USB stick

      2. Try with panel icon

      It might take some time to try these out but will report back when tried!

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