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      Mozilla FTP releases have a downloadable full working package (not only the source) for Linux users. You may be able to troubleshoot — and even reinforce your conviction — by downloading some working older version of Firefox and running it. If you are willing to take this approach, this is the link for Mozilla FTP release repository (you can reach it by searching “firefox releases” as well):


      Choose the version you were using before the upgrade. Then, choose system architecture (linux-i686 or linux-x86_64). After that, the language desired, and, finally, the tarball. This tarball has a working Firefox out of the box if system package requirements are already met.

      If you already uninstalled any Firefox package from your system, reinstall it in order to make sure you will be able to run the tarball version provided.

      Hope this helps.

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      My laptop isn’t supported for Windows 11 due to its processor family (6th generation), but even if it was, I will stand up to Windows 10 and explicitly for gaming, since I already moved on to Linux for production and there, when needed, I prefer to use a Windows virtual machine instead of moving everything back to a full Windows environment install.

      I will need to buy another laptop sooner or later. Only then I will bother with Windows 11 or its most recent version at the time.

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