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      I am using ZoneAlarm Pro Anti-Virus and Firewall. When I uncheck “Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilization” my monitor will not wake up when it goes to sleep or when I reboot, either restart or turn off.  Plus, on top of that, MS Outlook will not load. I have read through this entire thread and saw where there was many programs to “limit” telemetry, but so far I have seen none that works. I have gone into settings and have disabled many, settings and I believe I have win 10 set up where only basic telemetry is enabled which I do not have a choice on! With ZoneAlarm I am able to block any other software program from going to the Internet with no side effects. However, with windows, even tho I can block everything, or as many or little as I want, I have found that in doing so, win 10 starts [messing] up in many different ways. Same thing in Outlook. One must allow MS Outlook to spy on you, or there is no help if one would click help and no updates. I would pay good money if someone could actually come up with something that works and windows also works.

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      Hey Guys

      I went to the MS/Office site. Must use a MS account since Office 2013, Microsoft says. I hate Microsoft. One question. If one creates a Microsoft Account to install Office 2019, and one’s PC as a local account, has does that effect everything, anything.  I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

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      Hi to all

      I guess there is no way to install Office 2019 without a Microsoft Account. Someone please tell me I am wrong.  Secondly, is Office 2016 still available and does it require an account. I heard somewhere that only 2019 is “fully” compatible with Windows 10.


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      I have version 1903 and win10 home

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      Thanks for your advice. Haven’t been able to update in a long time. Had no ssu installed and could not install roll ups, etc… So I followed your advice and hide everything. This was a very long process. Each time I hid something, one or two updates would pop up and I would install them and reboot. Once or twice I got 4 to 6 updates that would show up. I updated by date and never more than three at a time if they were within a month of each other and always reboot. Finally I got to a ssu and it would not install. So I his it and the process continued. finally I had 3 ssu updates that I had hid and nothing was else was showing up. I tried to install the oldest update, it did not install. So I had not rebooted in a couple of times because the updates did not “require” it. So I rebooted. Then tried again, but first I exited my anti virus/firewall program, ZoneAlarm. I do not know if that made the difference because I did not try with my AV program loaded. But, it did install. So.. I rebooted and clicked on WU again for the umpteenth time. And.. then I restored the other SSU but, the only one showing up now was the January 20 SSU. So I installed it, same procedure, it installed. Then I restored all the other programs which now was only a few, 3 or 4 and had no problems installing. Rebooting every time. Now I am completely up to date. I thank you very much for your excellent advice. I hope this helps somebody. Again, thank all who gave advice, I read all, and I am thankful for this excellent site with so many very knowledgeable and helpful people.

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      Well said! And exactly right!

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      Hi b

      Fair question. I guess from the beginning I would have to blame Woody. 🙂  I began on this path because of Win 7, no support etc…  So I started with Woody’s book Window 10 all in one, I think it is the first edition. Well I read it cover to cover with many post it flags on pages and many, many, many sentences highlighted in yellow. And I and now rereading it! Woody really did a good job. But Woody pointed out to his credit how Win 10 can spy on you and even key log all your keystrokes. He also pointed out how to limit this in settings. I am using now a win10 laptop I borrowed from my sister. Yet, again to his credit, he pointed out although you can block a lot, there is a limit. So I have continued researching, asking questions, searching Google and yes Win 10 is very bad for privacy. I guess in a nut shell that would answer your question. But may I add, I really blame our Congress, they do not protect the American people at all. NEITHER PARTY! It is sad to say that in this area, the EU does a much better job of protecting their people than Congress by a long shot. And when it comes to privacy, I do believe its getting worse, ie.. MS, Facebook, Google, etc.. And you know, I know that we do not have to use MS, and I admit it is very tough not to, but that doesn’t mean that our elected leaders should let them do whatever they want because they are corrupt and these companies donate huge sums of money to them. Sorry, they have no integrity or honor in this area, and perhaps other areas. 🙂 Again, sorry, had to add my two cents.

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      Thanks again

      I have unfortunately become partial to Outlook over the last number of years. Does WP have something similar. Funny how one gets used to something, I used to really like Outlook Express..

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      Quite a few “still” ships disks. I just ordered Turbo Tax, Paragon, Spot Mau and the list goes on. I have been researching buying a new computer “because of Win 7, etc”  looking mostly at HP ( which I may not pull the trigger, you know, my severe dislike for Communist, slave labor, dictators, etc…..) hope I did not break any rules…. But to the point, all have DVD or optical drives, whichever you prefer, except their gaming laptops. And they offer external. So yes, getting an optical drive is quite common.

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      Thanks, that was a very good reply and description of WordPerfect. I did use it many years ago at work and then they went to Office and so I did too. No doubt, time to look again at WordPerfect in a serious way.

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      MS is stopping support for MS 2010 this year, thus the reason I was looking to upgrade. I guess I have just been dumb and happy with my Win 7/Office 2010 setup for many years. And now recently I have been looking and researching upgrading to Win 10, etc., I am appalled at the privacy violations through out.  Equally surprised by acceptance of this by so many.

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      Am seriously considering that.  Very appropriate suggestion.  Thanks

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      Hi Woody
      You have more influence than anyone here. Have you “asked Microsoft if they are stored and where they are transmitted to?” I ask that with respect and I would really like to know. 🙂

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      Thanks bbearren. I agree totally. I too avoid Chrome, and Google is the worst. I have just started using win 10 with a borrowed laptop which I may buy. I log in with a local account and have turned off all the privacy concerns in settings which Woody’s book was very helpful to me! I will continue to browse around here for I am sure I will find much to learn. But still, our corrupt politicians could do something about this. Sad that Europe in this area is way ahead of us as for as protecting privacy. I guess we all need to call our congressmen and senators and demand they do something. I know I am going to do just that. Thanks again for you advice.

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      Hi anonymous

      Thanks again. Yes, every monthly security update has failed. September, October, November and December.

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