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      Wow — that’s bizarre and baroque.  But it works…  thanks

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      Alas, that doesn’t do anything:

      D:\>echo dir

      On unix you get:

      ~$ echo date
      Wed Feb 8 07:01:00 EST 2023


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      Of course.  I’d gotten so burned trying to search for “edgeupdate” my [incorrect] thought was to do a more specific search.   In fact, it was four clicks and a right-click>delete and I was able to make the key go away.  thanks!

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      I tried that and after I waded through about a hundred “hits” I tried searching for the whole key

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      Never mind.. as mysteriously as it started, it just started working again.  I have *no* idea what happened or what I did to fix it…

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      I know you like InControl, but for those of us with win10/pro, could you also include the gpedit way to make those changes?   It arises so infrequently that I forget the right place to go-to from one year to the next.    for other win10/pro people: open gpedit admin enabled.  Go to adminstative templates -> WindowsComponents -> WindowsUpdate.  From there go to “windows update for business” then “Select the target update” and just change the “target version” field.   I know that seems like a lot of “clicking around”, but I find that pretty easy to do

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      I do, indeed have a dell!   I don’t want their media player but it seems that I can’t uninstall any of that stuff: it doesn’t show up in my applications list..   Looks like Dell *really* wants you to have it on the system.    I see , though: when I scroll through the ‘default apps” list I see:

      aob/ape/bsf /dat/dts/dvr-ms/ifo/jgps/jps/jsv/jvt/m2p/mpo/mpv/mvc/tp/tpd/trp/vro/wtv-> power media player for dell

      cdadh/dltdz3dt/dza/dzbl/dzep/dzl/dzm/dzp/dzs/dzt/dztr/pdl/pdlcp/pdm/pds -> power director for dell

      What *are* all those weird file types?


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      Ah, OK — I have no idea what “repairs” it is able to do, since in all the years I’ve used it, twice a month :o), it has always gone exactly as I described.

      A slightly related question, though: what sorts of “repairs” other than showing or hiding windows updates is it able to do?  i guess the “diagcab” means it is more than just a shower and hider, but can actually do some sorts of diagnosis and repairs.

      I guess better safe than sorry.    Thanks …

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      I”m not sure I understand so let me explain how I use wush.  I start it and give it admin privs, and I get to the “show or hide updates”, with the advanced checkbox.  When I click “next” it says “detecting problems”.  I’ve never known what “problems” it is looking for and the next screen had the “show updates” and “hide updates”   If I click on one I get my list of hidden updates [to show] or shown updates [to hide].  I click on one and get a list of updates with checkboxes next to them.  I select some and click on “next”.   If I have the auto-apply box unchecked the next screen lists the updates I had checked and when I click “next” it says “resolving problems” and then after a surprisingly long time [spent I expect talking microsoft’s update servers].  Then “verifying fix”.  another long wait. Then “Troubleshooting has completed” and it lists each update I had checked and just says “fixed”.

      If I do the same but don’t uncheck the “auto fix” box, is identical except that it doesn’t list the updates and give me a “next” box — it just goes directly to the “Resolving problems” window and it finishes exactly as in the other case.

      It *seems* that the only difference is that by unchecking the apply repairs box is that you have one extra step in getting the updates shown or hidden.    Am I missing something?



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      THe first thing I did with win10 and I’m expecting/hoping to be able to do the same with win11 is to use “openshell” to clean that mess up. Does openshell work with win11 as it does with win10?

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      Not that I can tell.   I created an “invisible” file on my desktop.  I then created two visible ones [a new folder and copying a file to desktop].   The invisible one stayed invisible.  I opened resource monitor and it said:

      CPU at between 3%&4%   Memory at 50% [16gigs of 32 gigs]  Disk 0 Network 0

      Several minutes later I hit right-click>refresh and <bang> the invisible file appears. None of the resources changed.

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      I understand about the “apply this template to all subfolders”.   I create folders often enough that it seems I have to keep doing it.

      I don’t fully understand how windows does this though.  Long ago I went to d: {yes, the properties on a disk drive have the same customize options!} and set it and all its subfolders to general items.  I just did a test, though, that got me wondering what’s going on: I created a folder on my desktop [NB: desktop is moved to D: and d: has been “general items for all subfolders”ed.  and the folder was “general items”.  I copied some mp4 into it and the customization *changed* to “Videos”.  Why does that happen??   I have a folder that has three images and two videos in it.. and it has “Pictures”.   for some reason, by some mechanism, Windows *changes* the customization I guess when you first store a file in the folder.

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      Could you elaborate a bit.  First I always find Github terribly opaque and the entry for ASR GUI is no different: I didn’t see where there was an obvious way just to download the program and its documentation.  Also, can you explain what we should do about ASR?   Which “S”s should we do something about  and how.   You mention using gpedit but don’t say how.  Sorry to be so clueless about this matter.

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      Talking about the “turing test” rerminds me of an incident from the ’60s.   The program in question was “Doctor” which was a rewrite of Joseph Wizenbaum’s “Eliza” program.   At the time Danny Bobrow wrote a short article for an AI journal called  “A Turing Test Passed”.   This from Risks Digest in ’89:



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      That looks good [and I can actually understand it] but it doesn’t match my system.   The only .py key in my registry is

      ComputerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLocal SettingsSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppModelPackageRepositoryPackagesPythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.10_3.10.1264.0_x64__qbz5n2kfra8p0PythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.10_qbz5n2kfra8p0!Pythonwindows.fileTypeAssociation.pypy

      and it has the keys.  Is this because I didn’t really “install” python but got it from the microsoft store [and in any event should I try the registry changes you suggested]


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