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    • I also did not get the August CU & SSU for v1809 offered via WU and had to manually install those and confirm that I had this issue at least since July when WU started offering the update to 1909 (which I’m regularly hiding in wushowhide so far). From what I understand based on PKCano’s input, the update to 1909 in essence prevents the regular 1809 CUs (and SSUs) from being offered. This means that until we update to 1909 (or later) we will not be offered the CUs/SSUs through WU.

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      Settings of the MS account appear to be ok, at least as far as I can tell. I did some additional googling and I’m starting to think it’s some kind of mess up at Microsoft’s end, at least based on what’s mentioned here:


      Interestingly, it reports that this error is

      an unintended side effect of a security hardening feature in some browsers, and some outdated configuration on Microsoft’s end

      Before trying to clear the browser cache as suggested at the above link, I tried adding login.microsoftonline.com to the list of exceptions in Firefox privacy settings for which saving cookies is allowed (as proposed here). That seems to have solved the issue as far as I can tell.

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    • Based on PKCano’s reply #2294026 above, it appears that at least for this month either manually installing KB4570723 or letting WU install KB4569751 is fine:

      Either way should work (this time) as there doesn’t seem to be reports of problems with either.

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      Tried opening in old Edge the same page and at first the page opened without problem: I noticed that somehow Edge had logged me into my Microsoft account. Once I hit logout from the MS account and reloaded the same page, Edge threw me the same error I see in Firefox.

    • I had hidden the Patch Tues patch with wushowhide and then also hid the Preview patch when it showed up. The Patch Tues patch was no longer available for “unhiding” in wushowhide once the Preview patch was on offer. I think it’s exactly like you said, i.e. the Preview patch superseded the Patch Tues patch.

      When this happens would you recommend manually installing the Patch Tues patch or should we let WU install the Preview patch like The Surfing Pensioner reported doing in his post #2293987?

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      As an example I get that error when viewing KB articles, like this one: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4569751

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    • I see… Then it seems my system is behaving differently from yours. I was no longer offered the “regular” August .NET patch, only the preview August .NET patch. Specifically, WU did not offer KB4570505 (i.e. the August 11, 2020 – Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1809) and instead I was offered KB4571462 (August 20, 2020 – Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1809).

      If, for the sake of the argument, something similar had happened to you, i.e. rather than getting KB4569751 WU offered you KB4570723, what would you do? Let WU install KB4570723 or manually install KB4569751?

    • Thanks for the reply Alex. I’m aware that the DEFCON does not include previews as a general rule, which is why I’m wondering how to handle the .NET Framework updates.

      On Patch Tuesday a .NET CU Update is (often) released, but we are on Defcon 2 and so we are not installing it right away. Thereafter, MS releases a Preview .NET CU Update that supersedes the previous “regular” update while we are still on Defonc 2. As a result, by the time we are on Defcon 4 Windows Update only offers the Preview CU and not the “regular” CU.

      If the Defcon 4 does not apply to the .NET Preview CU, this means that every month we either have to manually install the “regular” .NET CU by downloading the package from the MS Update Catalog or we do not install any .NET Framework update at all.

      Both options don’t seem ideal for a majority of users, which is why I’m wondering if – as an exception – the .NET Preview CU is included in the current Defcon 4.

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    • I have a question regarding the .NET Framework updates: can anyone please let me know if the current MS-DEFCON 4 includes the Preview Cumulative Update that MS usually releases in the weeks following Patch Tuesday (e.g. KB4571462 for 1809)? I’m asking because the “regular” Cumulative Update for .NET released on Patch Tuesday is no longer offered through Windows Update when the Preview is made available (as noted in earlier posts by woody). Since the rule of thumb is to avoid the preview updates, I’m wondering whether that extends to .NET Framework preview updates or whether they are kind of an exception.

      Other than that, I can report successfully installing the following patches on my Windows 10 1809 Home machine without apparent issue:
      – KB4565349 2020-08 Cumulative update + SSU KB4566424 (both manually installed since not offered through WU);
      – KB4570505 – 2020-08 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.7.2 and 4.8 (manually installed since no longer offered through WU after release of the Preview CU);
      – KB4484366 – Security Update for Microsoft Access 2013;
      – KB4484359 – Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013;
      – KB4484449 – Security update for Microsoft Excel 2013;
      – KB4484354 – Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013;
      – KB4484486 – Security update for Microsoft Outlook 2013; and
      – KB4484484 – Security update for Microsoft Word 2013.

    • Just reporting that, in addition to Office updates, when scanning with wushowhide today I also found the following patch offered to my Win10 1809 Home machine (July patches installed):
      – KB4576754 – 2020-08 Update for Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, version 1809.

      So far I did not install the Chromium based version of Edge (never used old Edge, no plans to use new Edge), so I suppose this is why this popped up.

    • Windows 10 1809 Home here and installed the following patches with no problems so far:
      – manual install after downloading from the MS Update Catalog of the latest SSU (KB4558997), the 2020-07 Cumulative Update (KB4558998) as well as the .NET Framework Cumulative Update (KB4566516, actually I installed only KBKB4565625 since I don’t have .NET 4.8 on my system);
      – install through Windows Update of various Office 2013 patches (KB4484442, KB4484349, KB4484363, KB4484450 and KB4484446).

      BTW, I was being offered the .NET Framework Preview CU so I hid that in wushowhide and manually installed the earlier KB4566516.

    • Thanks for letting me know. Out of curiosity, did you upgrade from one version to the other(s) through Windows Update or did you upgrade using an ISO?

    • Thanks Alex. I’ve read that woody recommended the move to 1909, but so far I don’t think 1909 offers anything that I really need, plus I’m a bit worried about the “disappearing profile bug” issue. I’ll probably move to 1909 later this year, when EOL for 1809 is really close.

    • So far my version 1809 Windows 10 Home machine has not been subject to any attempted push to 2004, but as I mentioned elsewhere since June Patch Tuesday there were two attempts to push me on 1909.

      Out of curiosity, I used the command lines that abbodi86 shared and checked with PowerShell whether 2004 shows up as an optional update. Fortunately, 2004 did not show up as an optional update either.

      My plan is to stick with 1809 until I’m close to EOL (which to me means around October, not 4 months earlier according to Microsoft’s idea of “close to EOL”) and upgrade to 1909 using the ISO woody suggested to squirrel away a while back (unless a new 1909 ISO is made available before then which includes a fix for the “disappearing profile” bug and no other detrimental bugs…).

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    • in reply to: Patch Lady – so why did I get that? #2282622

      Several folks have indicated that their 1809’s have recently been pushed to install 1903.  Given that servicing doesn’t end right now in July, the only thing I can think of is that a whole bunch of folks did a 365 deferral right about now this time last year.

      Windows 10 1809 Home here and starting this month’s Patch Tuesday my system went through a first attempt to install 1903 (avoided with wushowhide), suggesting that the push to 1903 is not necessarily the result of having Pro with a 365 deferral set this time last year.

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