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      Currently running 1809 Home and my plan is to stick to this version for a few more months at least. I know Woody recommended 1809 Home users move to 1903 to take advantage of the defer updates feature, but I actually prefer to keep using wushowhide to hide/unhide updates and install them when I want to (during the MSDEFCON 4+ days) rather than using defer updates and have MS force on me those updates if I hit the end of the maximum deferral period before the MSDEFCON drops to 4 or more. I realize that having to run regularly wushowhide is a bit more of a hassle than tapping the defer updates button a few times: it’s just than I appreciate the extra flexibility I have with wushowhide.

      For the moment I’ve followed abbodi’s input and hidden the (currently optional) 1909 Feature Update in PowerShell. When MS starts to push 1909 on 1809 Home machines I suspect that this Feature Update will be visible also in wushowhide just like that for 1903 did a few months ago when I was still running 1803.

      Speaking of which, back in July when I was on 1803 and MS started to force push 1903 I noticed that upon hiding the 1903 feature update (using wushowhide) I was no longer offered the monthly CU for 1803. Did this happen to anyone else? Anyway, when MS starts pushing 1909 I’m actually curious to see whether that was a random glitch (and the 1803 CUs should have actually been offered regardless that I hid the 1903 feature update) or whether this will happen all over again and I will not be offered the 1809 monthly CUs after hiding the 1909 feature update. If that happens, I’m just happy to install the monthly CUs (and SSUs) manually.

    • Thank you for doing that check on your 1809 machine. Either of the reasons you suggest for getting only one instance of 1909 makes perfect sense to me: mine is not a new installation (upgraded from 1803 using the 1809 ISO) or maybe it’s just another difference between Pro and Home versions.

      BTW, it took a couple of days for this to happen after hiding the 1909 update with the above discussed commands, but now I’m no longer seeing the prompt to “download and install now” 1909 in the Windows Update screen.

    • That command to display the updates details in a different language is very handy, thanks.

      And if you have the chance/time to check at your end which updates are visible on a 1809 machine, it’s going to be interesting to see which updates you are offered!

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for the updated commands to show more details and hide/unhide specific updates.

      Herein below are the details for the three updates that were found:

      Apologies that it is not in English, I’m running an Italian localized version of 1809 Home. The title of the first two updates translates to “Feature update to Windows 10 version 1903”, while the third translates to “Feature update to windows 10 version 1909”. Based on the KB numbers, the first two correspond to the September 10 and October 8 versions of 1903 and the third is ofc the current version of 1909. I can’t think of a reason why there are two versions of 1903 in the list, but I’m just going to hide both of them along with 1909.

      And here is what I see after entering the hide command and then showing again the details:

      After the next Patch Tuesday, I will run the commands again and let you know if a new version of 1903 and 1903 shows up to “replace” the hidden versions.

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    • The output from the “show updates” command line only provides the name of the updates with no other data, so unfortunately I have no idea how o check what is the difference (if any) between the two instances of 1903 in the list.

      I suspect that you are correct in that the feature updates will get renewed and thus show up again on each patch Tuesday: that’s what happened when I was using wushowhide on 1803 to hide 1903.

      Anyway, I’d like to know how to reverse the operation and unhide the specific feature updates (i.e 1903 and 1909) only, since I plan to hide only those two. Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you abbodi86. This is much appreciated.

      I’ve just got one more question: after running in powershell the lines of commands provided in your first link I got a list of updates including two instances of the 1903 feature update and one instance of the 1909 feature update (as I mentioned I’m on 1809 Home). Before I go ahead and enter the command to hide those feature updates, can you please let me know how I can unhide them if/when I change my mind and want the feature updates to install?

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    • Thanks as always to woody for the helpful details. This was very interesting in order to figure out how to be prepared if I want to avoid an upgrade to 1909 of my 1809 Home machine until I feel ready for that.

      I understand that 1909 is (currently?) offered as an OptionalInstall update and thus it will not show up in wushowhide. Assuming this does not change at a later time (i.e. at some point 1909 becomes non-optional and visible in wushowhide), can someone please expand on abbodi86 instructions regarding the use PowerShell to show OptionalInstall updates?

      Specifically, it would be extremely helpful to have step by step instructions (but a link to a page with such instructions would also be fine of course) to guide me through the process of showing the 1909 optional update and hiding it. Thanks in advance!

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    • in reply to: Patch Lady – what’s the real risk? #1974863

      So, for those on 1809 or higher, in essence this means that as long as we don’t use IE or fall for the old trick of opening suspicious links included in suspicious attachments of suspicious emails then there is no pressing need to install the out-of-band update, is that right? If so, it really sounds like my decision to ultimately move from 1803 to 1809 during the last DEFCON 3 period was well-timed and not at all invain!

      BTW, for all those who don’t need IE at all, is there any clue whether disabling IE by using “Turn Windows features on or off” could also be an option to avoid falling victim to the exploit?

    • There is also this bit of interesting info:

      Addresses an issue that may result in an error when you install Features On Demand (FOD), such as .Net 3.5. The error is, “The changes couldn’t be complete. Please reboot your computer and try again. Error code: 0x800f0950.”

      Did Microsoft fix the issue that prevented installing .NET 3.5 on those machines that had received the IE patch?

    • Yeah, just noticed this update through wushowhide and decided to hide it for the moment. Looks like more MS sillyness regarding this IE patch?

      As far as I understand, this is the same IE patch as the previous out-of-band patch of September 23 and also included in the following optional update of September 24, but according to MS the new update also corrects a printing issue.

      I’m assuming the same caveats (as per Woody’s CW article) of the previous versions of the IE patch apply also to this new version.

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Time to get the August 2019 patches installed #1941758

      That may explain whythe July CU disappeared from the hidden updates: I had not realized that upon release of the a new CU the previous month’s CU disappears. Still, that does not explain why I have not been offered the August CU.

      I confirm that the July SSU KB4509094 update has been manually installed (before installing KB4512501) and shows up among the Installed Updates.

      Think I’m going to wait and see whether I’m offered the September CU next week. If not, I can try to run the WU Troubleshooter to “repair” WU. In the worst case scenario, I’ll continue to manually install the monthly CUs, then at some point I will have to move from 1803 to a newer version and I suspect that will probably solve this problem.

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Time to get the August 2019 patches installed #1941724

      Thanks for taking the time to re-post your message, it is very helpful.

      It does sound very reasonable that KB4507466 overrides the earlier KB4507435, so I will not install ‘435 manually. Thanks for sharing that bit of info!

      BTW, I did answer PKcano’s questions above. I did not apply any changes that may have interfered with the updates. Since I’m on Win10 1803 Home, I don’t have any Policy restricting updates. All I do is simply setting my connection to metered and use wushowhide to hide the updates until Woody brings the defcon to 4 every month.

      The only relevant “change” is that back in July MS tried to force the 1903 update on my PC, but I hid that update with wushowhide. It seems that since that attempt to force the 1903 update I was no longer offered the monthly CU updates.

      I already tried to clear out old update data before installing the August patches, but that did not seem to help. I’ll try to repair Windows Update with the Windows Update Troubleshooter and see what happens.

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Time to get the August 2019 patches installed #1941693

      As far as I can tell, I didn’t apply any changes in the month before I stopped receiving those updates and I didn’t install anything that may have tweaked my settings, the registry or anything else. The only “update blocker” (sort of) I’m using is wushowhide and I didn’t try any third-party tools so far.

      When the 2019-07 CU KB4507435 was released I was initially offered the update, but I hid it with wushowhide. The update was visible in the list of hidden updates. However, when it came time to install the July patches, KB4507435 simply disappeared, i.e. it was no longer shown as a hidden, nor as an available update. That happened around when MS first tried to force the upgrade to 1903. Since then, I’ve not being offered the Patch Tuesday updates, but I’m regularly offered Office updates as well as other updates, e.g. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool updates, the (stupid) KB4023057 updates or the .NET 4.8 update.

      There were two attempts to force the upgrade to 1903 on my PC and both times I hid the update with wushowhide. In both cases, WU initially gave me a yellow warning sign that the 1903 update was ready for download, but could not be downloaded since my connection was set to metered. At some point, that warning disappeared on its own and WU got back to the green sign saying the system is up to date without me taking any steps for that to happen.  Could it be that my system is somehow “flagged” as ready for 1903 and for that reason I’m not receiving the Patch Tuesday updates?

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Time to get the August 2019 patches installed #1941261

      Thanks for your reply Anonymous 🙂

      I did take a look at KB4512509, but usually I don’t install the second monthly CUs since I understand that they are basically “previews” of the following month’s first CU. At present it seems that I don’t need to get any of the fixes of KB4512509 installed right away, so I’ll probably wait a little more before installing this one.

      And yes, I did install the latest SSU (KB4509094)  right before installing KB4507466 some weeks ago. I still have no clue what caused WU to stop showing CUs, but as long I can install them manually that’s still ok. BTW, would you recommend installing KB4507435 that I accidentally missed even if I installed KB4507466?

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      Windows 10 1803 Home here.

      Just installed all the various August Patches for Office 2013 through WU, skipped the annoying 2019-08 KB4023057 and for the time being also the .NET 4.8 update KB4486153 which I was also offered through WU, and manually installed the 2019-08 CU KB4512501 (this did not show up at all in WU).

      Computer still working correctly as far as I can tell and after installing KB4512501 I didn’t get that “Procedure call error,” message that Woody warned about in ComputerWorld, so for the time being I didn’t install KB4512509 (issues with broken VB shouldn’t be a problem on my machine).

      Ever since July (around when WU tried to push me to 1903), WU stopped offering me the monthly CUs, so I resorted to install them manually. Turns out that back in August when the July patches were green-lighted I manually installed the 2nd July CU for 1803, i.e. KB4507466, rather than the 1st July CU, i.e KB4507435.

      Should I manually install KB4507435 at this point?

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