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      I have an HP Pavilion dv6, i7 cpu, 2GB nvidia geforce GT video, 4GB SSD.  This PC is old enough that HP does not support Win10 for it.  I am not familiar with HWInfo or Speccy so am not comfortable running either.  I am posted in the hopes of getting feedback as to whether I should eventually expect 21H1 to be offered.  Obviously I don’t what to force install it if MS is identifying an issue with the PC but don’t know how to tell whether that is the case.

      Edit:  I’m running Win10 Home and haven’t set a TRV because I prefer to see what MS offers and am not concerned about Win11 being pushed because tpm.msc reports no compatible TPM and I don’t find any reference to it in the bios.

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      I was using WuMgr this morning to look to see if 21H1 was available to me yet and found that I am still struggling to understand it.  Please help me with the follow questions:

      1.  There is some sort of preview update available.  Windows Update shows it as optional but I don’t see an ‘optional’ identifier in WuMgr.  When using WuMgr, how can I tell an item is optional?
      2.  WuMgr offered an old Silverlight update that I am certain I hid in Windows Update.  Do they each keep their own record of hidden updates?



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      I will try uninstalling KB4023057 when I get a chance.  Probably won’t be for a couple of days.


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      I found KB4023057 installed as “Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)”.  I’m not going to uninstall it for now based on yp2006’s experience that it didn’t help with WuMgr.

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      BTW, I have my connection set to “Metered”.

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      Tom-R, Thanks for trying to help.  Here are the answers to your questions.

      Are you running WUMgr version 1.1b?  And did you download the zip file directly from the WUMgr release page on Github, which would be here: Github-WUMgr-Releases

      Yes.  Unzipped to C:\APPS\WUMGR

      Did your system somehow get the infamous KB4023057: (Update for Windows 10 Update Service / “Microsoft Update Health Tools”)?  If so, have you tried removing that update, rebooting, and then re-running WUMgr?

      KB4023057 is not installed.  Edit:  My update history only goes back to 2/27/21 (20H2 installation date?)

      On the WUMgr “Auto Update” tab, is any option currently selected in the top or bottom section — other than “Automatic Update (default)”?  If so, which ones?

      Only “Include drivers”.

      On the WUMgr “Options” tab (with “Windows Update” in the drop down menu) are any options there currently selected (top or bottom section)?  If so, which ones?

      “‘Manual’ Download/Install”, “Register Microsoft Update”, & “Always run as administrator”

      On the standard MS Windows Update Settings page, is there a message at the top of that page that “Some settings are managed by your organization”?


      Also on Windows Update Settings does it indicate updates are currently Paused?


      Under Windows Update Advanced Options, are any Update Options selected?

      “Receive updates for other Microsoft products…”, “Show a notification when your PC requires a restart…”, and of course the pause (until Sept 25th).

      Under Advanced Options Delivery Optimization, do you currently “Allow downloads from other PCs”?


      Other than WUMgr, are you using any other third-party software to block or control Windows updating?


      Have you made any customizations to Windows yourself in an attempt to block or control Windows updating?

      No.  I have been relying on pausing Windows Update as for out as possible.

      Finally, do you have more than one Windows 10 system available there to try running WUMgr on to see if the same behavior occurs with it?

      Unfortunately not.



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      Can you confirm whether or not you’re able to select the “Block Access…” option?

      It is not selectable (greyed out).

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      I have tried numerous combinations of options without joy.  In the Auto Update tab I currently have “Automatic Update (default)“ and “Include Drivers” selected.  All of the other options are grayed out except for “Disable Automatic Updates” and the three at the bottom.

      WuMgr.exe is located in C:\Apps\WuMgr.  I have run it as administrator from my standard user account as well as from an administrator account with no change.  The PC was restarted a couple of times while I was trying to figure it out.

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      I am finally digging into WuMgr and find that the option for blocking WU servers is greyed out and I can’t figure out how to make it active.  I want it enabled before unpausing WU.  What am I missing?  I am running Win10 Home 20H2.

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      I just read a discussion that was started today on a Garmin forum about KB5003254 breaking Garmin Express.  Two folks confirmed the problem and reported that removing KB5003254 resolved it.  The discussion indicates that KB5003254 was automatically installed which seems contrary to what I have read in this discussion.  Win10 was specifically mentioned by both posters but not the specific version.  Comments welcome.  I want to avoid it if I can.

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      I know this discussion is about a flash drive but I think a relevant comment is that some devices, like a Garmin zumoXT GPS, require the an added SD card be formatted FAT32.  This wasn’t well documented so I made the mistake of purchasing a 64GB card that was exFAT formatted.  Reformatting it to FAT32 with Win10 resulted in 32GB of space.  As previously mentioned, a 3rd party utility was needed to get the full 64GB.  I used AOMEI Partition Assistant.

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      I understand that the VB issue affected all versions from Win7 up yet this KB only addresses Win10 1803.  What about Win7 and Win10 1809, anyone have a clue?

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      I was surprised to see the suggestion to zip attachments. At the small business I work for we stopped automatically doing this awhile ago because of the number of recipients whose corporation blocked zip attachments. In fact, I recently started blocking zip attachments from coming in due to the number arriving in suspicious messages.


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      Not the news I wanted to here. It’s a retail version of XP so at least I can use that and keep the existing chassis & HD. Would probably be wise (perhaps necessary) to upgrade the power supply as well.

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