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      Thanks all. The existing BIOS does contain the UEFI option but I do not have a need for a +2 TB HD nor files larger than 4 GB so I’ll stick with legacy boot.

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      Good for you!  A $240 device as an alarm clock is better than a $240 device in the junk drawer.

      I am blessed to be using a vintage Realistic brand (remember Radio Shack?) clock radio, stereo no less.  It looks its age but remains a reliable time-to-get-up device.  It stays tuned to a classic rock station.  What could be better than being woken up by classic rock?

      If you want one, there are some on e-bay.  Search “Realistic Chronomatic 251”.  🙂

    • I’m still using LMC 19.1 on an old Sony Vaio laptop

      Me too.  Its original OS was Vista.  The machine is as slow as molasses compared to my Win10 i7 laptop but it works well enough to serve as my home office PC (mostly web browsing and bill paying).

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      Hmm…  The driver available for my GeForce GT 650M is dated 2019.4.11.  Looks like they aren’t updating the drivers for their old GPUs.  I wonder if one will be offered via Windows Update at some point.

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      Congratulations are indeed in order. I remember passively smoking back in my early twenties, when warning notices were first being printed on packaging. I took heed and was determined to not become hooked, limiting myself to one cigarette per day. It worked. I stopped after about six months, switching to the occasional cigar or pipe until giving smoking up altogether after a couple of years. That was many decades ago and I say it to make clear that I have never been through the “quitting” process. I watched my dad do it in a similar manner to Sporgersi and wish I had recognized at the time the significance of that accomplishment. I have a sister-in-law who has attempted to quit multiple times and has now given up, even though lung cancer took her dad. As a non-smoker forced to associate with a smoker I find the habit to be nasty and disruptive. So again, congratulations E Pericoloso Sporgersi on 10 years of being smoke free.

    • The headers of the message will contain the results of any spam analysis. Access to the headers varies greatly. My email client calls it “raw view”; Gmail calls it “Original Message”; outlook.live.com calls it “Message Source”. You will have to figure out how to get to that content in Outlook.

      I don’t know how to identify when a message is first read.

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      HDCleanerx64 crashed once during my test of it.  The crash occurred when switching from Options to Cleaning.  I did a registry backup with it then could not find anything within HDCleaner that provided the path to where the backup files were written.  Eventually I found them in a \Settings\Backups subdirectory of the HDCleaner.exe home directory.  There is no way to save them anywhere else.  If you move them someplace else, there is no way to navigate to them within the restore function of HDCleaner.  This is a deal breaker for me.  I want a registry backup to be located where it will be included in HD backups (I don’t routinely backup portable apps).

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      Care must be taken with its installation.  I made the mistake of installing it as Admin.  After installation it started up automatically without allowing me to close the final window where you can select to not start it.  It created a profile in the Admin users Appdata\Local directory which I didn’t realize until I had spent a good bit of time configuring it only to find that once I started it while logged in a my user I had a clean profile.  It has been OK during preliminary usage.

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      When I was playing with WuMgr it included an update that was listed in the optional area of Windows Update.  I saw because I was new WuMgr so was comparing the two.  There wasn’t a clear way to identify it as “option” in WuMgr by its description.  Researching the kb was the only way I could come up with.  The thought of having to research kb’s in order to determine “optional” was more than I cared to have take on.

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      I tried WuMgr awhile ago but chose not to stick with it because it included optional updates without identifying them as optional.  Does WUSHOWHIDE and WUMT do the same thing?

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      Thank you Susan.  That worked.  This is my first foray into setting up a new Win10 PC.  If Win11 is worse, well, just shoot me!

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      My wife’s new Lenovo Win10 laptop has arrived.  I did not have any problem setting up two local user accounts (admin & standard) but have just discovered that a Microsoft account is required to get it out of S mode.  My web research hasn’t hit on anything that I would consider reliable although I found this in a post on answers.microsoft.com:

      “There is no way to disable S Mode without a Microsoft Account, because that can only be done by accessing the Microsoft Store.  To get around that, you can create one Microsoft Account to use on those PC’s, then log into the store to switch out of S Mode.  Then in the Settings App, go to Accounts – Your Info, there will be one of two options available, ‘Sign in With a Local Account’ or ‘Stop using this account to automatically log into Apps’.  Choosing either of those options would remove your Microsoft Account form the PC and it would switch back to the original local account.”

      Do I need to create an account for her, get Win10 out of S mode, and then do the above?

      What would happen if I used my MS account to get her machine out of S mode?

      Any other suggestions?

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      Small businesses IT folks who setup PC’s for employees can relate to the amount of work required to make a PC as secure yet employee friendly as possible, each one unique to a job scope.  Employees still had to login to the domain though.

      Most employees welcome help.  My wife will unbox her new PC and expect to turn it on and start using it.  This should be fun, especially with her transitioning from a Macbook (my daughter set that one up).  I’ll be reviewing the Windows 10 Decrapifier.  Thanks for the reminder about it.

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      Thank you!  My wife is one of those people who believes you should be able to turn it on and it will just work so my next challenge is convincing her to let me help with setup.   Wish you could help with that.

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      I switched from Vivaldi to Brave for a few months but have recently switched back.   Annoyances with Brave were that it lacked the customization capabilities of Vivaldi and that it would not work on some websites that Vivaldi worked on.  The deal breaker though was that in Brave you can not delete the saved login credentials for just one website.  The only option is to delete them all.  I only save innocuous ones, like those for free streaming services, so when I inadvertently saved my banking credentials I was surprised that I could not go into settings and delete just the banking credentials.  I continue to use Brave for casual browsing on my android tablet and my iPhone but I am back to Vivaldi on my main PC.

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