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    • <Rant On> If blame emphasis was always placed on the driver there would be much less enthrallment with any driving assistance system, let alone self-driving systems.  A failed system should only be relevant when the driver could not override that system.  Otherwise it’s driver error, period!  Commercials advertising hands-free driving should not exist. <Rant Off>

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      In researching JRE I only found JRE 8.  I have more research to do…

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      Thanks Joe.  I agree.

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      It is a laptop without any shared access.  The program simply changes a byte in locally stored files that have been copied off of a GPS device.  Based on what I have found since my initial post, it appears that I need JRE 8, whose control panel has a setting that allows Java content to be disabled in all browsers.  That option provides some reassurance.

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      The only benefit I know of is that login requires entering a 4 digit number rather than typing in a password.  If you have a keyboard with a number pad, getting numlock to be enabled at that point can be a challenge.

      To do it (Win 10), select “Settings” from a Windows orb right-click, select Accounts, click “Sign-in Options” in  left pane, then click “Windows Hello PIN”.  I don’t know what “Windows Hello” refers to but I use a local account so have stayed away from this.  I have a finger scanner on my HP laptop so that is my preferred login method.

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      Thanks for the offer but I actually impressed myself by creating the “OS Producte Name” and “OS Sub Version” fields from registry entries and the “User Group” field from a script found online, which I modified to fit my needs.  The “User Group” field was the important one to me.  The others were just for fun.

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      I had forgotten about BgInfo which surprises me considering it was on all of the office PCs and I’ve only been retired for 2.5 years.   Thank you for the reminder.

      Edit:  I am happy with my customized BgInfo result.  I think this is the answer for me.


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      Another more obvious way to signal yourself is to have a desktop background image you only use for the administrator account.

      You misunderstand my issue.  I already have a different backgrounds for Admin user and Me user.  What I wish for is to have a visual clue when I am running Me with the account elevated to administrator instead of the normal standard.

      The tip about adding an icon in the Notification area is intriguing although I prefer to keep it shrunk as small as possible.

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      My wish list item is for MS to provide a visual clue when running as an administrator account.  I use a software product that only works properly under my standard user account when installation or updates are done while logged in as me with my account elevated to administrator.  It will not work properly for me if I do installs/updates using “Run as administrator” nor if I do them logged in as the Admin account.  Getting distracted and forgetting to change my account back to a standard account has happened a time or two.  Having a visual clue of the administrator status would have prevented unknowingly running with admin privileges.

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      I didn’t know service people were limited and timed, but that does explain a lot

      My wife first thought that there was a problem with the phone system based on the numerous calls from folks saying they had been disconnected.  She then came to realize that it was common practice for co-workers to disconnect a call when the time limit was approaching.  Think about that the next time you get disconnected.

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      Understandable English is indeed a problem.  I dealt with that earlier with week with my bank.  Not only could we barely understand each other but she repeated claimed that what I seeing in my app was not possible.  The unknown is whether she actually understood what I was describing.

      Early in the COVID-19 pandemic my wife was terminated due to COVID related downsizing.  She had been in customer server so went looking for similar work.  She tried two jobs, both in as a phone “customer service” rep.  She quit the first job after finding out that she was very limited in what she could say or do, and was reprimanded whenever a call went over 4 minutes or needed to be escalated.  The second expected her to sell additional products and services regardless of whether they were relevant to the callers need.  These jobs were eye-openers to the current state of “customer service”.

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      I have assigned an IP address in the router to each of my devices (3 PCs, 2 printers, 2 iPhones, 2 tablets, 2 media devices).

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      I use Linux Lite on a very old Sony Vaio (Windows Vista era).  I made the switch from Mint hoping that Lite would run faster.  It doesn’t, but that very well could be the result of switching from a 32 bit Mint to a 64 bit Lite.  It is slow to boot and to open programs but that is not enough to make a change.  I like it well enough to stick with it.  Chrome is the packaged browser.  I installed and use Slimjet.  I am very surprised by how well maintained it seems to be based on the frequency of updates.

      This laptop does not get much use, only once or twice a week.  It sits on the desk in my home den and is used solely for online bill paying and light browsing.

    • In addition, when a topic I’ve been reading has a new post, there will be a little square cartoon-style balloon with three dots inside it at the end of the thread title. Right-clicking on this balloon will then give you a context menu with a choice to (among other things) open the thread page in a new tab, which is what I do.

      I have now spotted this (tooltip: First new reply).  This is ingenious, and it helps, but only in a limited way.  If the first new reply is a reply to an early post then it is near the top of the topic posts.  From there I have to scroll through the remainder of the topic looking for any other new replies.  Am I missing anything?

      BTW, the “Recent Replies”  link is currently opening “Recently active topics”.

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      From what I’m reading here (and elsewhere in the forum), many aren’t posting in the forum because they don’t know how, don’t feel comfortable doing so, or are frustrated by the posting process

      Count me as one of these.  Finding this topic to make this post after logging in was not intuitive, even after spending a good bit of time trying to figure out how to navigate the forum.

      BTW, I do not support the proposal of turning on “Notify me of follow-up replies…” by default.  It is valuable when posting for help but not when posting an experience or opinion in a topic for which you don’t have anything more to contribute or don’t have an interest in beyond contributing your two cents.

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