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    • So they intend to take us back to the glory days of ole where “dumb terminals” were how you used a computer, but with a special Microsoft modification… you’ll have to pay a subscription fee to access/use your “PC in the cloud” from your now dumb computer.

      No thank you!

      If this actually comes to pass, I predict…

        A sudden massive switch over to Linux OS’s by both home and business users who’d have to deal with the cost of all those subscriptions!

        All the PC and support H/W manufacturers will team up to fight it “tooth and nail” since it’d pretty much kill their whole market.

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    • I just talked to amazon and they said this was the first they heard about it and they are investigating.. I suggest everyone should call 888-280-43331 … something is fishy here.

      That is not a valid phone number!

      The real phone number is 888-280-4331 (she simply typed too many 3’s)

    • in reply to: Windows Explorer Stops Working #2546141

      It inserts a blockquote.

      My bad!

      I “read” quotation mark but my brain was “thinking” question mark

      Guess it’s time to get the ole brain transmission checked out (i.e. brain must be “properly” engaged before reading something.)

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    • I couldn’t find AMD on the list at all

      It’s there, just not where you’d expect since the “default” sorting of the list is not alphabetical.

      It’s current status is unknown.


    • I’ve been adding/updating the RAM in my PC’s, both Desktop & Laptop, since way back when I was still using WinXP and not once have I ever needed to reactivate the installed Windows (both OEM & Retail versions of WinXP, Win7 & Win10) on the various PC’s I’ve owned over the years.

      In fact, one of those upgrades was increasing the RAM in my Dell D830 from the original 4GB (which was the max it could use when it was first manufactured) to 8GB after Dell issued a BIOS updated that supported more than 4GB. That upgrade required both a BIOS update and adding more RAM but still didn’t require reactivating the installed WinXP OEM!

      The only time I’ve had to reactivate Windows was when I moved an “existing” Windows installation from an old PC I was going to retired onto a new one.

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    • in reply to: Win10 22H2 update problem #2545677

      IPV6 can sometimes cause this exact issue where Ethernet speeds are slow but WiFi speeds are normal (or vice versa).

      Try disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6) for the Ethernet adapter on your Desktop and see if that fixes the speed issue?

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      Glad to help!

      I was trying to use the quotation marks symbol in the toolbar instead.

      Which, as you obviously found out, simply displays a list of keyboard shortcuts.

    • in reply to: Disable Bing / Sidebar using GPO #2545438

      Note: User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesMicrosoft EdgeShow Hubs Sidebar will only apply to the “specific user” who set it, not all users.

      To apply it to “all users“, disable Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesMicrosoft EdgeShow Hubs Sidebar, without the – Default Settings (Users can override) at the end, instead.


      BTW, Microsoft intends to add an option to turn on/off the Discover button (their “official” name for the new B icon) in an upcoming version of Edge (it’s already been added to the “developer’s” Canary edition.)

    • in reply to: SSD Longevity #2545149

      Yes, the USB connectors on the ends of the cables are “suppose” to follow the same standard.

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    • My Asus Maximus XI Gene motherboard also has an Intel TPM and it’s also version 1.38.


      And, as was pointed out by @EricB, the Trusted Computing Group’s document (note: it’s a PDF) indicates 1.38 is one of the main vulnerable versions!

      Makes me wonder if Intel’s announcement only applies to their “currently supported” products and they didn’t even bother to test any of their “older” products for the vulnerability.

      As has already been stated, there’s a HUGE cloud of uncertainty around this announcement (especially by the various vendors!)

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    • in reply to: SSD Longevity #2545123

      Actually, it’s even more complicated than that!

      The speed you get also depends on whether it’s single or dual lane USB and whether you’re using a USB-A/B (single lane only) or USB-C (dual lane) cable.

        USB 2.0 Slow Speed 1.5 Mbps
        USB 2.0 Full Speed 12 Mbps
        USB 2.0 High Speed 480 Mbps
        USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 5 Gbps
        (aka USB 3.0 & USB 3.1 Gen 1)
        USB 3.2 Gen 1x2 10 Gbps **
        USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 10 Gbps
        (aka USB 3.1 Gen 2)
        USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 20 Gbps **
        USB 4.1 x2 40 Gbps **
        USB 4.2 x2 80 Gbps **
        ** Dual-lane requires USB-C cable

      There’s also “suppose” to be a standard color for each different type of USB port to make it easy to tell them apart.


      However, the Asus motherboard in my desktop has 4 blue USB ports (they are definitively not teal) that are labeled as USB 3.1 Gen 1 instead of USB 3.0 in the manual and the USB ports on my Nephew’s new laptop (less than a year old) are all blue but the manual indicates they’re USB 3.2 Gen 2 which, according to the color standard, should be red.

      So it “seems” manufacturers aren’t following the recommended USB colors.

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    • in reply to: Windows Explorer Stops Working #2545085

      (This is in reply to the top part of your post, about KB4461607. Some day I’ll figure out how to quote just the part I want to include. I assume it involves highlighting. Further, I see that I needed to use Reply somewhere to keep this reply from being removed from the hierarchy. Oh, well…)

      Ok, here’s how to do that.

      1st, you must click REPLY “immediately below” the specific message you’re replying to so it’ll show up properly in the thread hierarchy.

      2nd, go back and highlight the part you want to reply to and then click QUOTE which will cause the highlighted part to appear as a quote in the reply box.

      3rd, enter your reply to the quote immediately below the quoted section in the reply box.

      If you want to reply to multiple parts of a message and keep them “separated” in your reply like I did, repeat steps 2 & 3 for each new quote/reply you wish to add.

      I was dismayed to find what others apparently learned several years back, namely that the Help function doesn’t work since MS stopped supporting Winhlp based help in Win10. And from what I can see, script-based workarounds get wiped out every time there is a feature update (or System File Checker is used). OR, you have to resort to an inconvenient method which requires opening individual .hlp files.

      Actually, it’s not that hard to re-enable the .hlp files.

      Attached is a small zip file (172KB) created by Komeil Bahmanpour back in 2009 that I “modified” to work for WIn10 using the instructions provided by MarkLongmire in this can’t open .hlp files with windows 10 thread.

      What it does is install the winhlp32.exe (from Win7 x64) that’s needed to open the old style .hlp files. Simply extract the contents and then run Install.cmd as Administrator.

      And you’re right that it sometimes needs to be reapplied, but only when you update to a new feature release (i.e. 20H2 ⇒ 21H2, 21H2 ⇒ 22H2, etc., etc.) or if you run SFC (monthly updates normally don’t override it.) In my case, I added it to the batch file I created that restores a lot of “tweaks” I’ve made to my Win10 that runs every time I boot/restart my PC.

      BTW, you do not have to restart your PC for the change to take effect. You’ll be able to open the Office 97 help menus (or help menus in other programs that still use the old style .hlp files) immediately after you run the cmd file!

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    • in reply to: SSD Longevity #2544771

      My oldest SSD is a 32GB Transcend SSD I bought from Newegg back on 12/31/2010 which I now use as a spare “external” USB drive in a Startech housing and it’s still going strong!

      I’ve experienced 2 bad SSD’s over the years, a 64GB Crucial (model CT64M225) bought in Jan 2014 and a 2 TB Mushkin (model MKNSSDRE2TB-TC) bought in July 2016 which were both DOA.

      The sellers (Newegg & Platinum Micro) issued refunds for both SSD’s and I bought different makes to replace them (a 64GB SanDisk Ultra Plus and a 2 TB Samsung) and have had no further problems with either of them.

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      BTW, you are looking at updates on Win10, right? I guess that would explain why you have KB4461607 from November 2021 (post Win7 end-of-support) while I don’t.

      I used Microsoft’s free offer to upgrade from Win7 to Win10 back on Dec 2019 so yeah, that particular security update was installed using Win10. However, it’s still available from the Microsoft Catalog…

        Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (KB4461607)

      And doesn’t indicate it’s intended for any particular version of Windows so I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t been offered to your Win7 system.

      but the oldest one, from 6/7/2014, is the original Compatibility Pack itself, not a KB (it says “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service”) and the version column for it is blank.

      My oldest one, installed on 1/16/2017, also says “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 (SP3)” without a version number but, if you look at the “Help link:” for it, you’ll see it actually is a KB update (KB2526308) just not a security update… it updated the existing Compatibility Pack to SP3.


    • in reply to: Windows Explorer Stops Working #2544631

      I don’t recall seeing or installing those Service Releases for my Windows 7 Office 97 installation. My installation CD is probably already updated to include those enhancements, as it’s labeled “SR-2”

      Yup! That means it already includes SR-1 and SR-2b.

      My Office 97 Professional CD didn’t include them as I purchased it back when it was first released, but I did get it for $150 using my “student discount” vs the $599 “regular price“.

      Fyi, the Compatibility Pack version currently on my Win7 machine is apparently 12.0.6787.5000. At least that’s what I see by hovering over excelcnv.exe and Wordcnv.dll


      My excelcnv & wordcnv are also 12.0.6787.5000 but Add/Remove programs shows the Compatibility Pack as version 12.0.6612.1000.

      FYI, my update history shows a total of 10 updates for the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack.

      The latest security updates for “Microsoft Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3” are KB4461607 (installed on 11/24/2021) and KB4018354 (installed on 4/11/2018.)

      KB4011717 was installed on 02/14/2018 but it’s called “Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites“, not Microsoft Compatibility Pack.

      BTW, I also saved copies of the Office 97 SR-1 & SR-2b updates as well as the 12.0.6612.1000 Compatibility Pack “just in case“.

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