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    • Since I have Windows 10 Pro series, and  my quality and feature updates have the number zero (0) in the boxes, is it possible to extend the time that the updates actually download/install by adding a # of days where the zero’s are or is that just wasting my time and accept the inevitable of the installation of updates after the 35 days are up?

    • I have Windows 10 – 1909 series.  I placed my updates on the maximum hold of 35 days back in mid-January.  My 35 days is up on March 1st.  Is there anything else I can do to avoid the buggy February updates?  (My quality and feature updates have the number zero (0) in the boxes.)

      Any suggestions?



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      Welcome Back, Woody!!

    • Update:  I discovered after installing the updates that I couldn’t access my Yahoo mail and AOL mail accounts.  Said the site wasn’t certified.  I think it had something to do with KB890830 Malicious Software Removal Tool.  So I uninstalled this update and then hid it.  Everything is fine now.  So if you have any doubt about whether you will use this, just hide it, don’t install it.

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    • I want to thank Woody for that fantastic Computerworld article explaining how to apply the April patches.  I have Windows 7 64-bit Lenova desktop computer (Service 1).  I followed his instructions to the “T”.  I have been sitting on the April updates waiting for the MS-Defcon # to change.

      I uninstalled KB4099950 (because I originally installed it on 4/7/18), and KB4088875 (because you have to install KB4099950 before installing KB4088875).  Got a little nervous because it took my computer around 50 minutes to configure Windows after uninstalling.  Then I installed the MS Office Updates – KB4011717, KB4018355, KB4018353, and KB4018354.  Good so far.  I finally installed KB890830, KB4093118, and KB2952664 successfully, and I am happy to say that my computer seems just fine!

      Again, thank you Woody!  I appear to be set until May Updates.  Ugh!

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      Wanted to let Ask Woody participants know that I have been having problems installing KB4056894 since it came out in January.  I have an Lenova desktop with i5 Intel Processor.  After weeks and weeks of trying to fix this issue and not coming up with any solutions, (even Microsoft didn’t have the answer–big surpise!!) I gave up and took my PC to a Computer Repair Service.  It wasn’t my registry key or my proxy settings (as the error code on the failed install indicated).  It appears that my Windows 7 software was corrupted and had to be totally reinstalled.  No problems now and I am up-to-date on my Windows updates.  I am dreading next month with the March Windows updates comes out, but I guess it’s something Windows users have to deal with.

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    • UPDATE:  I tried installing KB4057400 (as you recommended) and the same thing happened with this update that happened with update KB4056894.  The update proceeds to a restart and then I get a FAILURE CONFIGURING WINDOWS UPDATES–REVERTING message at Windows startup.  Now it appears I have 2 Windows updates that won’t install.  (All of my other updates have installed) This is getting crazy.   If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know.  Thanks!

    • Update:  I tried installing KB4057400 (per your recommendation) and the same thing happened with this update that happened with KB4056894.  The update proceeds to a restart and then we get a “Failure Configuring Windows Updates–Reverting” message at Windows startup.  Now I have 2 updates that won’t install.  EGADS!!

    • Since sparky is asking a similar question that I relate to I would like to ask which WU should I download for my computer.  I have an Intel Core i5 Processor Desk Top (Lenova) with Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit.  KB4056894 is checked on my Update list but it will not install.  KB4057400 is on my Update list unchecked.  If KB4056894 won’t install, should I try to install KB4057400 instead or wait and hope that Microsoft gets their act together.  I have found a lot of other individuals are having this same installation problem with KB4056894.

    • Windows Update Does list KB4056894 on my computer, but during the install when it is down to the final with the screen showing percentage of Windows Configurating, the update fails to finish installing with a message FAILURE CONFIGURATING WINDOWS UPDATE – REVERTING CHANGES.  End result, KB4056894 is not installed.

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Lots of caveats, but it’s time to get patched #165180

      Thank you.  That article was very informative.  I checked by registry key and it is updated and correct, but I still cannot download update KB4056894!

    • How do you check your antivirus registry key to make sure it is correct?  A list on Microsoft shows that Norton has fixed the registry key.  I also uninstalled and reinstalled Norton to make sure I have the most recent updated software. 

      But I don’t know how to check the registry key on my computer to make sure it is correct, although Norton representative tells me it is correct and that shouldn’t be the issue.

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