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    • We’ll be having enough electrical supply problems when they get all of those electric cars on the roads.

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      Win 7 pro. My primary is an 8 core AMD cpu, 16 gigs ram, Nvidia 1040 TI video card, and a Zonar sound card.  Still works fine for video work and anything else I throw at it.  Not a big gamer.

      I let the wife buy new tires and rims for her Ford.   Me, I replaced an old four core machine with a new AMD Pinnacle 16 core machine,  16 gigs of faster ram, Win 7 Pro, etc.  Really nice thing about it is MS won’t give me any updates to it because it ‘requires’ a modern OS!

      For the machine that plays movies for the TV I have an old refurbished Dell that I paid less than $200.00 for.  Works fine..

      As noted above, try a new power supply and video card, new paste. If that stops any problems you have then you’re all set.  You can always take the new pieces and put them in a completely new build.

      Of course if you really want a new machine do it.  Biggest hassle I had was finding out what exact memory worked for the new mobo.

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      Win7.  I use NoScript, and it will show how many things/places that the web page coding wants to access.  If Facebook has a link on that page, hidden or not and you allow the web page to contact Facebook for you you’ll get facebook popups.

      Me, I’m paranoid and distrustful.  Before checking into FB, I close my browser (Seamonkey), discard cookies and other information that the browser is holding in cache.  Restart the browser, log into FB.  When I log out I shut down the browser.  That’s about all that this non computer smart user can do.

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      I bought a used Dell from Newegg a year or two ago.  Came with Win7.  Installed Mint, and that’s what gets run on boot up (dual boot).  Paid less than $200.oo if memory serves.  Updated Mint to the current version with nary a problem..

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    • I still have a landline, and the family have cells.  Found a site that helps my landline nomorobo dot com (no more robocalls).  It works with my provider (att) so my phone rings once and also rings at the nomorobo site.  Their computer checks the calling number against their spam list.  If the number is on the list then the phone doesn’t ring again.  If the number isn’t on the list then it continues to ring.  Isn’t perfect but I’m not getting the dozens of spam calls a day that I used to get.  Free for a landline, cell phone coverage available for a price..

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      Normally I’m just one of the non-posting readers but the Sears lawnmower post sucked me in (G).

      Sears.  When I was young, Craftsman tools were a good non-professional tool.  Towards the end of Sears, you had to read the fine print on which Craftsman tools had the lifetime guarantee.  Wife worked in one for a while.  They would do stupid things like get rid of the appliances (washers, driers, stoves, etc) and try to sell mattresses in the space. Store has been long closed.

      My Sears riding mower still goes after all these years.  It is actually a re-badged Murray, parts available on ebay.

      My mower would stop and I would have to loosen the gas cap and let air in.  A paper wasp had filled up the caps air hole with clay..


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    • Computers are just a hobby to me. Games, and a great access to information. This box is triple boot Win 7, Win 10, and Linux Mint. The box on top of it is just Mint. With Windows I can just shut off the internet and stay on Linux for surfing while still using my Windows software. Win95, Win98, WinXP, Win7 all purchased, Win 10 “New software for old” scam.
      Rental. HAH! Don’t pay (via automatic CC charge) because of cancelled credit card then you are locked out of your files? I think not. Cloud? Could there be a possibility that someone could hack your data? Is there a possibility that you’ll get wet standing out in the rain?

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      And we’ll suddenly see a news byte about a “massive data breach” which “commenced approximately two years ago” with “more than 250 million accounts compromised”. “MicroSoft apologizes to the affected users and is still conducting an investigation into the problem”.

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      An MS Walled Garden? Hah. A big cement wall with barbed wire on top so you can’t escape. Inside is a swamp filled with alligators, mosquitoes, and poisonous snakes. The way MS has been putting out product (as demonstrated on this board) is equivalent to picking up a dirty needle in the park..
      Just my opinion of course..

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      Grandpa, please tell me the story again of when Woody’s had DefCon Four.

      Mint is easy to get used to. I’m just too used to Win 7…but this machine dual boots, and the machine on top of it is running Mint..

      Just to old to have MicroSoft think my name is Ben Dover!

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      Hmm..defcon level 2? Excuse my disbelief just trying to get something off my chest/clarified. Did MS fix the problem updates? Probably not. Presume they are carrying on their anti 7 crusade by ‘accidently’ crippling the OS by ‘updates’. Installed the Windows malicious software tool in July, last update before that was in June. Holding off on the rest of July and August until Woody gives the all clear.
      Dual boot Win7 Pro/linux Mint, Linux Mint only on another machine.
      Life goes on, I’m just old and crotchety (G)..

    • GTP, thanks for your post. I’ve felt that MS was up to something earth-shaking ever since they came up with this “new lamps for old” scheme. Everyone gets on Win X, then they can open up schemes like quarterly rentals of the OS, more leaning on the manufacturers of motherboards and bioses to have only the current MS offering allowed to run the hardware. Presently typing on a multi-boot (win7, winX, 2 linux distros) machine presently. Sitting on top of this box is one that is just running linux Mint…it wouldn’t break my heart to disable internet access on the win7 box and just use it for games and programs that don’t require internet access…adios ms!

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    • Multi-boot.  Win7 Pro, Win 10 Pro, Mint, Ubuntu.

      I primarily use my computer for surfing and e-mail.  And looking for aliens, blackholes, and genetic work (BOINC).  Occasional games.  Haven’t fired up the WinX partition in a few months because we all know why.

      Getting serious about Linux finally.  Migrated my bookmarks, typing in passwords by hand (massive pain in the neck), and set up e-mail.  If I want to play a game, just boot up Win 7 with the internet connection disabled.

      Have a nice day MicroSoft!


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      Win7 Pro, 64bit, AMD 8 core CPU FX-8320e, 16 gigs memory

      Multi-boot capability, Win7, Win10, Ubuntu, Mint.

      Macrium Reflect backup, uninstalled 5 updates to get back to December.

      Ran Windows Update, 3 Net updates, about a dozen windows updates,  some of which went back to 2015, one of which was on my naughty list which I didn’t install.

      Installed. Windows Update again, nothing recommended here showed up.  Just downloaded and  installed 4100480 & 4054521, neither of which showed up in Windows update.

      I’ll do another back up.

      Wondering why I just don’t shut off the internet for Windows and stick with Linux..I lost interest in this OS/computer nonsense long ago..

    • Win7 64bit pro



      Win 10 on an SSD.

      I booted up the SSD last month, let MS update itself.  Haven’t been back there since.  I’m not really amazed that MS is pulling these shenanigans still.  My 40 year old son wants to ?upgrade? his Win7 machine to 10.  I dunno..


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