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       I have used Teamviewer, and AnyDesk in the past. I am currently using DistantDesktop. Looks and feels like Teamviewer.


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    • Thank you Alex for posting this.

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      I once kept a pair of scammers on the phone for nearly an hour. They kept telling me to press the Windows key. I kept telling them that there wasn’t one on my computer. It was true, I was on my wife’s Chromebook! To top it off, I kept telling them that I was on a Chromebook! “We’ve never heard of that kind of computer”. Can’t say that I didn’t warn them.

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      As someone who is a secretary of a bowling league, I need specialized League software. I use BLS by CDE Software ( I have been using this software since 1998) that only comes in a Windows flavor.

      I also run bowling tournaments, and use an old DOS based program called Tournament Coordinator, that has been out of support for about 15 years. CDE makes a tournament program, but it does not do some of the things I need but can do with Tournament Coordinator.

      On my desktop I use the subscription version of Quicken, but on my laptop I use the 2013 version as I have no need to download things from the bank.

      I still have an old WinBook laptop that I bought new in 1998 running Win 98 SE that still boots up. I can use it to run Tournament Coordinator and run a tournament if I had to. I light this one up once a year to make sure it still works and to sometimes get to some old bowling files that I haven’t yet gotten off of it, and to use the 3.5 floppy drive to read some old diskettes.

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      Is InControl by GRC(dot)com, written by Steve Gibson, the same as the Specify_or_cancel_target_Feature_Update batch file? Or is it better? BTW, I love the programs that Steve Gibson writes and have used many of them.

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      Just got an email on 6/29/2021 @ 10:32 pm CDT from WD telling me to disconnect my My Book Live Device. Seems to be a little late to be sending this to a customer, when this discussion was started on June 24, 2021. Mine is a non-functioning device that hasn’t been used in about 3-4 years.

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      As someone who fits into this category at age 63, I let them go through their whole routine, and when they ask me to “Press the Windows Key”, I tell them that there isn’t one on this computer. Kept a couple of “techs” on the phone for about 45 minutes. They couldn’t understand why I was not able to find the Windows key. Kept asking what kind of computer I was using. I think they asked me that at least 10 times. I kept telling them it was an Acer Chromebook.

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    • On Monday August 10th, I was set to install the July updates on my desktop PC (I am writing this on my fully patched laptop in the wee hours on Thursday). Unfortunately, our area was hit with a massive power outage at 1:50 pm. My power came back on Wednesday August 12, at 11:50 am. I did have time to do a controlled shutdown before the power went out. I unplugged the  PC to wait out the storm and power outage.

      My question is this, if I try to install just the July updates now, am I going to get the August updates as well? I have made a complete image backup shortly before posting this (I disconnected the LAN cable before I powered up the desktop), so I could “roll back” if things don’t go well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      The desktop is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 1909 build 18363.900

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