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      Yep.  Running Win10 22H2.  Immediately after the app update from the store today, the calendar crashes

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      Just another data point to add… I’m running a Dell XPS desktop with Win10 21H2.

      I only had hidparse.sys in the system32\drivers folder, so only one copy with the 2251 Nov version.

      The update ran without any issues. I checked and still only have one copy of hidparse.sys still in the \drivers folder and still version 2251.

      To me, this backs up that if you have one copy of the file in drivers you, should be fine as there there’s no mismatch with only one file.

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    • in reply to: Is something up with the Windows Update Servers? #2450187

      Thanks for the reply.  It does seem like things are back to normal.  At least I didn’t go crazy with the troubleshooting and make things worse.

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      Definitely seems to be something with the Update servers.  A few minutes ago things were working fine again.  Windows Update was able to check for updates and my optional updates re-appeared!  I was also able to update a few apps via the Microsoft Store.

      Now everything is back to being unable to check for update again.

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      I decided to perform a reinstall, and after updating to the current version of N360, so far things are running fine but it’s only been ~ 90 minutes.  After 30 minutes I noticed a got a automatic update that the logs show ZERO updates applied successfully, followed by another live update a few minutes later with the standard updates.  Typically if live update runs and there is nothing to update, then there will be no log with 0 listed unless it’s an error.  But this was a successful update of 0.

      I’m thinking there’s a chance that may have been some sort of patch after my reinstall.  We’ll see how I’m doing after 24 hrs though.

      Still good to know that AskWoody has a great base of members who cross post from the various support forums

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      Unfortunately nothing has changed on my system.  Was a hotfix actually sent via Live Update.  I’ve run live update, restarted and shut down and so far nothing has been fixed for me!?

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      A hotfix is currently being pushed by Norton that is supposed to fix the issue.  I haven’t had a chance yet to confirm myself, but others online are reporting that the patch works

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      Even if you disabled Norton, this may very well be related to having Norton installed on your system.  Myself and others with Norton started noticing something similar starting today.  Check out



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    • in reply to: windows is about to give me 21H1 #2381618

      I got it forced on me last week.  Going from Win10 Home 2004, the update to 21H1 only took  a few minutes … about the same as any monthly security update.

      Pausing won’t make much of a difference with 21H1 as MS is pushing it on most Home systems as soon as you un-pause which most have to do at some point.

    • in reply to: Large Norton Update #2346144

      Yep, Norton 360 looks to have updated to

    • in reply to: MS Edge Webview2 Runtime Installed? #2345967

      I would assume this suggests that you must have installed something that uses an Edge runtime function…

      That’s what I’m thinking as well, although I haven’t installed anything new in a good long while.  MS Office 2019 (runs off the 365 click-to-run) recently updated along with Edge and and a few other MS apps.  I’m figuring Office or one of the recent updates may have triggered the Webview2 download.

      It looks to be the same version as the recently updated Edge and I’m not seeing any issues with computer performance or resource usage, so I’m currently not planning to uninstall or mess with anything

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      Running Win10 Home 2004 … I just got KB4023057 pushed on me.  This isn’t the 1st time and sure it won’t be the last for this update

    • in reply to: Barb Bowman reports preview NET kicks reboot #2340129

      I had this happen to me last night.  I’m running Win10 Home 2004.  My  updates were un-paused as of a few days ago for the Jan updates, and I was planning on re pausing this weekend.  Last night I got a notification that my computer required a restart.  the Feb .NET preview decided to auto-update as I did not click on check for updates

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      Yep … possibly a bad update that MS pulled?  I checked 30 minutes ago and my update now went through without issue.  Others online are also reporting the update now appears to be working

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      Take a look at this topic from last year … the same exact thing is happening to me again.


      This may have also caused your updating issue as well.

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