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      KB5026361 is listed in the “uninstall” page, so I will assume that it has been installed.  I will report the problem of no System EventLog entry to MS via the Feedback Hub.

      As for the April .NET preview – I do not want to install previews, and I have told MS via the “black hole” Feedback Hub that previews should NOT be in the required updates.  I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that since this was the April preview, there was no May update. and that it was safe to install.  I have not yet researched WUmgr.

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      I have a problem.  This morning I ran Windows Update to install the May updates.  Three were listed: KB890830 (MRT.exe), KB5025367 2023-04 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET, and KB5026361 (May Cum for Win 10 22H2).  The first two installed without problem, and WU requested a reboot, which I postponed, as the 5026361 update was still downloading.  Even though Wu says that the update is 100% downloaded, it has not completed its download.  (I have submitted a bug report to the “black hole” Feedback Hub.)  My Internet has a problem where sometimes it will stop for a few seconds; I do not know if it is my at&t U-verse or the Internet chip on my Asus motherboard; I have not yet contacted Asus support   In any case, my Internet failed for a few seconds while the patch was being downloaded.  Then the update finished its download (via the Task Manager graph).  I saw no evidence in the WU window that the update was being installed.  The update did not appear in the WU window.  So, I rebooted.  After the reboot (no problems) I again ran WU, and a search for updates produced no new updates.  The WU screen that shows installed updates shows that 5026361 had been installed.  I looked at the System EventLog, and 5026361 was not listed in an EventID 19 log entry.  I have no idea if this update was really installed.  How can I tell if the update was installed?  I did a quick search, and I could not find a site that tells me what executables were updated, so that I can check my system.  Can I download this update manually from the MS Catalog and then try to install it?  Thanks.

    • I just noticed that something (I do not know what)  again disabled Defender periodic updates.  My last Defender update was 03/12 at 10:07.  The only software I installed after that time are updates to Zoom, Skype, Garmin Express, Chrome, and HRBlock TaxCut.

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      Normally, the Passport is disconnected, but this time I decided to plug it in during the updates so that it would be ready after the reboot for a backup.

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      I was able to fix the disk via running “chkdsk f: /F” twice.  I am not sure why the first “chkdsk” did not correct the problems.  After fixing the disk, I was able to create a backup on the disk.  I have attached the outputs of the chkdsk runs.



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      One further comment.  I have had no recent auto-reboots, and every Saturday night I run a full defender scan, which runs all cores at 100% for about 30 minutes.  There are no problems.  I was running BOINC, which uses lots of CPU cycles that would otherwise not be used.  Is it safe for me to start BOINC again; this will keep the CPUs busy when I am not at the machine?  Thanks.

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      I reported the scam e-mail to phishing@paypal.com for PP to investigate.  I do not see the charge on my PP bill, but I have not logged in to PP in a few days to determine if the charge is still pending.  I assume that PP will delete the charger after they research my report to phishing.

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      Thanks.  I had not had time to read them before.  One was hard to read, as an ad kept popping up, and I had no way to delete it.  I think that they describe my situation.

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      This was not an invoice.  It was an e-mail from PayPal stating that $300 USD was being charged to my account.  It listed the seller and a phone number.  I did call the phone number and talked briefly with someone who had a foreign accent.  Then, as I was not sure that Defender (whatever MS calls it these days) was still free, I hung up.  The charge are still pending on my PP account, so I cannot contest it.  Monday morning, if the charge is still in a pending state, then I will talk to PP support.  I want to know how this scammer was able to charge to my PayPal account.

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      The payment is NOT from Microsoft; it appears on the invoice as Stanley D Hise, San Francisco.  I assume that this COULD be a MS retailer, but then Google would have found something.  I went to PayPal to try to complain about this charge, but PayPal would not let me do anything, I assume because the charge is in a “Pending” status.  I will check tomorrow to see if this charge has advanced from the Pending status.

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      I received one  e-mail.

      From: Stanley D Hise <service@paypal.com>
      Delivered to att.net/prodigy via mx3.slc.paypal.com [].
      Reply-To: Stanley D Hise <juliannmmmorgan@yahoo.com>

      I am a retired e-mail administrator, and I think that I know how to interpret an RFC 5322 e-mail header.  As the mail came from PayPal (and that IP address is registered to PayPal), it seems legitimate.  But the Reply-To: line looks strange.  A Google search for “Stanley D. Hise” returned nothing.  I am not sure how this person/scammer? got hold of my PayPal information.  I looked at an e-mail from PayPal – my monthly cell phone charge – and it came via the same PayPal e-mail address.  But that had no Reply-To: address.

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      I installed the new motherboard Feb 6 of this year, and the only changes I made to the BIOS settings since then were:

      1) Change the boot order so that it would look for a DVD before the boot disk (in case I wanted to run memtest)

      2) Change the boot type from CSM to UEFI.

      I think that there is a BIOS upgrade that I have downloaded but not yet installed.

      Another topic (see July 19 and 23,  above) my machine is still not Windows 11-capable.  And the System EventLog entries are conflicting, and the MS help page has instructions that do not work.  But that problem is minor now and NOT related to the auto-reboots.

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      It is worth looking at Thunderbird bug 1577548, which , I believe, I opened.  The fix was included in Thunderbird around November, 2021.  The problem was that Thunderbird, during a POP3 attempt at downloading new mail, received a “-ERR [SYS/TEMP] Server error – Please try again later.”  message, which Thunderbird did not parse correctly.  This caused Thunderbird to stop checking for new mail until Thunderbird was stopped and restarted.  I had this problem for many years,  and everyone online told me that the mail server must have been down until (magically) I restarted Thunderbird.  I knew that the problem would vanish when I restarted Thunderbird, whether it was one minute or 24 hours since the failure.  I do not have the version of Thunderbird that contained the fix, as I was running at that time the Daily build to test new fixes.

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      This topic has migrated to the AskWoody thread “BSOD VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (116)“.

      In response to four 116 BSODs in one hour (cause not resolved, but not repeated), I re-seated the two memory sticks (actually interchanged them) and checked the power connections to the motherboard.  My last auto-reboot was 07/23/2022 08:17, before I shut down to do the re-seating.  See what I have posted there.

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      OHM says that the max temp for each core is 212 degrees F.

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