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      I am running Win 7 Professional 32-bit.  I have always installed the patches as soon as they are released.  And I have never had problems with a quick install.  This month I held back on KB4345590 (.NET) and KB4343900 (Win 7) to see what would be reported here.  I did install an  MSE definition update and the monthly MRT.exe .  The only problem I had was this: Windows Update tells me that it is creating a restore point and then does not tell me when the patches are being installed.  I could tell from the Task Manager when MRT was running and when it had ended.  And I have a script to parse the c:\windows\window~1.log file to tell me when the MSE definition updates are installed.  I keep a manual log of all changes I make to the machine.  At 12:09 the MSE update was installed, and at 12:18 the MRT.exe started running.   At 15:11 the Windows Update window still had the status “Creating restore point..”, and I had to click on “Stop installation”.  I knew that MRT had already finished.  I have no idea why Windows Update did not finish and tell me that I still had two Important updates to install.

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      Here is a quick update.  This morning I took the 8.1 laptop, changed the date so that it was tomorrow’s date, and restarted.  I did NOT experience the problems that I had experienced the one previous time that the clock was incorrect.  So, I have no idea what was happening to cause the problems, and I still have no idea how the clock got to be wrong.

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      Today’s Windows Update (roll-up Tuesday) showed me the

      KB4103472 2018-05 Preview of Quality Rollup for .NET 3.5.1,…

      update, so that preview from May has not been released officially for June.  I assume that .NET patches would be separate from the base operating system patches.  Does this imply that that .NET patch is “not yet ready for prime time”?

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      I have one problem with the response about “preview” updates.  In May, the Tuesday after Patch Tuesday, I saw for my Windows 7 system two preview patches:

      KB4103472 2018-05 Preview of Quality Rollup for .NET 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1
      KB4103713 2018-05 Preview of Quality Rollup for Win 7

      According to what PKCano wrote, these two patches  (or similar ones with different numbers) should have appeared as non-security patches on Patch Tuesday in June.  I saw no non-security patches last week.  What happened to these two patches?  (I am awaiting the  “preview” patches to be released today.)  Thanks.


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      I have another patch question – What are the “Preview of Quality Rollup” patches?  I saw two 2018-05 for Windows 7 the Tuesday after May Patch Tuesday, and, per AskWoody, I did not install them.  When will these be officially released?  Will there be 2016-6 Preview of Quality Rollup” patches released this coming Tuesday (a week after Patch Tuesday)?  I know that security-related patched are released on the second Tuesday of each month, but what exactly are the patches released the following Tuesday?

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      You are correct; I did install KB4284815, not KB4284878.  After I powered-down the laptop Thursday evening around 7PM, I had the laptop off until about 1PM this afternoon (Sunday).  The system clock had the correct time, so I do not know if the CMOS battery is running low on power.  So, I do have a definitive answer as to why the system clock did not have the correct time 48 hours after I patched, rebooted, and backed up.  Now, if Windows Update had told me that my system clock might be wrong instead of the cryptic “error 80072F8F”, I would have been able to diagnose and fix the problem promptly.

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      Here is my experience on an HP Windows 8.1 laptop.  I installed KB4284878, which was the only one I saw on Windows Update (besides the update to Flash Player).  I have seen reference to KB4284815, but I am not sure what it is.  (Is it a piece of KB4284878?) The patch installation went without problems, then I rebooted and backed up the machine.  This was Tuesday afternoon (I install the security patches as soon as they appear in Windows Update).  Thursday night I took the laptop to a meeting to run GoToMeeting.  Most of the processes that auto-start were crashing.  Every minute I was getting a banner stating that I had not run Windows Update in over 30 days.  I went to WU, and I waited over five minutes while it searched for updates.  While it was still searching, I rebooted.  Then I again went to WU, and I got the immediate error code 80072F8F.  The GoToMeeting start application was crashing, and I could not use Firefox to go to GTM, as Firefox complained about a bad security certificate.  When I used IE to do a Google search for that WU error code, IE told me that the Google certificate had problems.  So I shut down the machine.  When I searched this morning for that error code (on my Windows 7 desktop), I saw references to a bad clock setting.  I powered-on the laptop, and I noticed that the clock was wrong.  Using NTP to change the clock did not do anything, so I manually changed the date and time.  Then NTP worked to set the exact time.  Then I rebooted, and the strange Windows Update messages every minute vanished.  I do not remember if the system clock was a few days ahead or behind of local time.  I have no idea how the system clock had the wrong time. I do not know if the patching I did not Tuesday was the cause.  I use that laptop about four times each month.

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