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      Susan, I checked the Master Patch List for August and noticed that you are showing Firefox current Version as 166.0.2 updated 8/07/2023. I updated on the same date and Firefox is showing I am up to date with version 116.0.2. I also would like to say that you are doing a fantastic job running this website.


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      PKCano, I have Windows 10 Home V20H2. My plan is to skip the March updates and download KB5001649 from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Having paused March close to the 35 day limit , I will have to select “Resume updates” on the Windows Update page before I can once again pause updates. By doing this, will the March updates start downloading before I can pause again?

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      Thanks for your help, PKCano.

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      Susan, I have Windows 10 V20H2 Home installed. I moved up from V1909 on 02/07/2021. Have not had any problems. Followed your advise and installed the February patches. Everything seemed fine. Went to Settings > Windows Update > View update history and noticed KB4601319 Cumulative Update failed to install with error code 0xc1900401. I then went to Settings > System > About and noticed that I had OS Build 19042.804 installed. My question is did it install?

      Now, on the Windows Update page it says, Error encountered. An update is being prepared for your device, but it’s not quite ready yet. We’ll keep trying or you can try again now. There is a button available for a Retry. Retry for what? KB4601319?

      For your information, on the Master Patch List I was offered all but KB4601050. Windows installed KB4601554 Preview for .Net Framework cumulative update. And once again KB4023057 was installed. In advance, Thank You for your help.

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      PK, could I get some help on my question (2337234). My only option moving to 2004 is an ISO file. Once completed since I should not check for updates to bring 2004 up to date, I will have to update manually. I do not know how to manually download and install the updates from the catalog. Thank you.

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      PKCano, thank you for your help. With Windows 10 Home I know how to use Windows Update and Pause Updates, but updating manually is where I am lost. I am willing to learn how to do this so I can do it on my own. With Windows 10 Home there is not much that I can do when handling updates.

      I need clarification on the last part of your post. I am familiar with the Windows Update settings in the Settings App, but what is there to be done in the Control Panel? I understand that the ISO install will not be up to date. When back online and checking for updates will Windows install the Oct, Nov, and Dec updates or will I have to install them manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog? If so, I will need help on downloading and installing. I have never done this before.

      Reading later posts, is my system safe installing the 2004 ISO file that is not up to date? Am I better off just updating using the Windows 10 automatic update feature?


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      Well, Susan Bradley gave the all clear to update to 2004. Back in September I downloaded a 2004 ISO file on an external portable hard drive. But, I have never done an update from an ISO file before. How is it done? Once installed do I need to manually update the Oct, Nov and Dec Patch Tuesday’s?

      I am on Windows 10 Home version 1909 and I have installed the December patches.

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      Thank you. I will make note of that.

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      I am new to the Lounge. Still learning how to post. Susan gave the go ahead to install the December patches. I am on version 1909 using Windows 10 Home. I selected Settings > Update & Security and unpaused updates. KB4592449 was nowhere to be found. I was told that my system was up to date. The “Check for updates” link was back and 20H2 was offered for download and install.

      Out of curiosity I selected the “View Update History” link and the update was not found there. On the update history page I selected “Uninstall Updates” and KB4592449 was listed and showed an install date of 12/19/2020. Does this mean that it is really installed even though it does not show in update history?

      Not to confuse the issue, I am not saying that if it did install, it installed while I was paused. After a Patch Tuesday I don’t always pause the full 35 days. I pause for shorter periods of time and I guess I did not do a very good job keeping up with it. Lesson learned.

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      I am new to the Lounge. Hope I am doing this right. I have never used ISO files before. I
      downloaded the V2004 ISO file onto a portable USB hard drive. I have viewed the posts above, using the portable hard drive do I still need to disconnect the internet to install?

      Also I do not know if this information is useful. The Windows Update page in settings is offering the Window 10, version 20H2. It says – When you are ready for the update, “Download and install.” Does this mean when I feel like it install or my computer is not ready for it? Would this affect my install of V2004?

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