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      I have a home-built PC with an AMD processor. From the Microsoft hardware compatibility page post, it sounds like only Intel processors (and only select ones at that) will be deemed compatible. Is there any hope for a licensed version of Windows 11 on AMD processors? Or is Microsoft deciding to support only its partner Intel?

    • I’m not a Partner. I’m just one of those older, retired folk who has been a faithful follower of Woody’s for many years.

      What I don’t get is this: In the U.S., we have a very long history of free market competition between businesses. Suggesting that Microsoft has no right to compete seems very odd to me.

      If you take almost any other business, except for utilities and similar businesses (if any), they compete with others for the business of the clients. It sounds like one of the Partners did exactly that: competed with Microsoft’s “free” support and won.

      I know that I’m retired but I know that it is an especially tough market right now for almost everyone. Some businesses are in a very stagnant market, others faced by nearly overwhelming opportunities.

      But without competition, there is zero motivation to provide a better service. That has been Microsoft’s problem for many years. They have basically been a monopoly in certain segments of the market (the market shares for Linux and Apple are comparatively small).

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      I had exactly the same experience, except my experience was just a couple of days after doing a clean install/re-install of Windows 10 Pro.

      Even if I was inclined to use Edge (which I’m not), this experience would definitely make me avoid it. NO app should take over a machine for any reason, especially not hijacking the boot process to force a tutorial.

      Although I guess Microsoft has the right to force Edge to install, but I thought that Microsoft was forced years ago to separate Internet Explorer (Exploder) from Windows. So I wonder if the same still holds true for Edge/Chredge/Dreadge. I Dread the day that I’m forced to use Edge.

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      This concept should be applied far beyond just Microsoft. All OS or app programmers should be included in this.

      As end users, we NEED the coders to feel our pain!

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