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      Thanks Paul. The reason I reserved the first nine spots was to allow for some fixed IP addresses.  So far no issues with the printer which has been dynamically assigned, but I wanted to make sure there was a spot for it and for any other devices that might work better with static.  Nine is probably overkill though.  That’s a great tip on the DNS.  I’ll set mine back to the default.


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      Oh–I also changed my network adapter DNS settings from the auto setting to the cloud fare sequences.  That’s what seemed to start all the issues, so I changed the settings back to where they were.   Regrettably I did not do a ping check after initial setup.  My main PC runs WIN 10 Pro and is connected to the router via ethernet; my laptop runs WIN 11 Pro and is connected via wireless.  Results are pretty much the same for both devices.


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      Thanks guys.  I have restarted both modem and router a couple of times.  I’m somewhat limited in router placement as I’m ethernet connected to it for my main PC as well as for its wireless service.

      The reason I thought there might be something wrong with the router is that, although weaker in signal strength upstairs,  there has always been sufficient capability to keep a solid internet connection there.  My signal woes are recent in nature.

      Right now, upstairs is -53dBm, which is still solid green.  I have selected channel 11.  At this time there is one neighbor that is also using the channel.  I did not check to see what the neighbors were doing when I was experiencing the significant signal loss.  It looks like one, maybe two, are currently using channel 1.


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      Finally gave up on this software about a year ago.  Switched to Cyberlink Power DVD.  It seems better all around, although it has its own issues from time to time (won’t play a Bluray), that requires uninstalling and reinstalling the software.  I guess people would rather get their movies via streaming, so not enough people up in arms about it.  Now that 4k disks are available, it’s even worse.  Neither my laptop’s USB powered optical drive nor my desktop’s optical drive have 4k capability.


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      My HP 9018e scanner was not affected.


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      Thank you, Susan.  Still wondering if there are other updates that come with the cumulative package that weren’t included with KB5028185, thus the label of security update versus the normal cumulative update.  The catalog only shows remaining updates designated as preview.


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      I’m not sure if this is resolved or not.  I successfully downloaded and installed KB5028185.  Prior to the install I got the Windows Store note saying this is not a MS product, do I want to install anyway.  Since I downloaded the file from the MS Catalogue, I ignored the warning and went ahead.  Windows update now says …8185 was successfully installed, but it’s identified as a security update.  Every other monthly update I’ve done has been ID’d as a cumulative update so I’m unclear as to whether there’s more that I need to do.  Wushowhide now only shows a “preview” for net framework and an optional Lenovo system file.


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      I’ll try manually downloading the update.


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      Yes, the July cumulative.  I went ahead and did the DISM restore health sequence, followed by SFC which found and repaired some items.  I also deleted all the items in the Windows softwaredistribution/download folder.  Show/hide now shows July as an available update, but resume updates still shows everything as being current.


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      Thanks all for chipping in.  I think Susan’s reply was probably the answer.  I just needed to be patient.  After rebooting one more time, update showed 22H2 was available.  90 minutes later everything seems normal–not even any apparent software glitches.

      The only odd thing is it appeared to provide an April update.  May & June are still listed, but both those were with 21H2.  I think I’ll hold off on the pause for a couple days and see if anything shows up before Tuesday.  Thanks again.  I’m now proud owner of 22H2.  I hope I don’t find any associated gremlins.


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      I think I’ve done all that.  I’ve noticed a similar post that included a recommendation for “In Control.” Both in control and not in control show WIN 11 22H2.  I’ll try rebooting one more time.


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      Something is amiss.  Wushowhide says there are no updates hidden or updates to hide.  Updates are not paused, and metered connections are off.


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      Tried in Word.  No longer freezes but makes no changes.  Can’t seem to make it work in Writer either: Clicking “Replace All,” returns, “Search Key Not Found.” I did tick the regular expressions box.

      It’s an interesting exercise, but I’m ready to put this one to bed.


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      I’ll give it a shot, first in Word, then in Libre.  If it only works in Libre, I can always fix the hyperlinks there, then return to Word after the repairs.


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      Quite all right.  You’ve helped me with a ton of stuff over the years.  I’m haapy that I have at least found a way to fix the links, even if I do have to make some separate entries.  Unfortunately the regex piece:

      Find: ([0-9]@)?([0-9]@)”
      Replace: /\1?\2″

      only works with Word and doesn’t work with my pdf software (ashampoo pdf pro 3), so I’m mostly out of luck with some old pdf files.  It’s not intolerable though, as the other elements take care of everything except the / between book and chapter.  When the unfound page loads, all I have to do is insert the / and the page then loads.  That’s still much quicker than opening the book and thumbing through the pages.  Thanks again, Paul.



      Just on a whim, I tried to make it work with Libre Writer.  I couldn’t find a “use wild cards” box and couldn’t change the hyperlink display. Alt+F8 didn’t do anything.

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