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      Boot override–I’ll look for that setting.  A final comment on the original problem.  The devices I created originally (USB Flash Drive and DVD Disk) both work fine on my older laptop (No UEFI).  Both the mouse and the keyboard do what they are supposed to.  That leaves me wondering if there’s a setting that I missed on the problem machine.  No big deal really, because the latest device created with PE environment works fine.  I’m just trying to understand things better.  It looks like UEFI is just trying to protect me from myself.

      Casey H.

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      And on a separate but directly related point, I have always been able to select the boot order in BIOS–usually USB, then DVD, then Windows.  If there is bootable media inserted, it uses it, if not, Windows starts normally.  I have not been able to replicate that with this board (MSI 390-A).  I have to go into the BIOS each time and put the desired boot device at the front of the list.  Annoying.

      Casey H.

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      Interesting.  I guess I thought that even though the restore started from within Windows, the actual restore process occurs from without.  The machine churns around a bit, then reboots, then the restore process commences.  Is it the recommendation that the imaging also takes place outside of Windows?

      Casey H.

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      I had tied both, Zig–same results.  But–there’s good news.  I went back into AOMEI and created a new flash drive rescue disk.  Looking over the options I chose to use the Windows PE environment.  I also selected UEFI vs Legacy.  The previous  media (flash drive & DVD) were built using the Linux selection.  The system booted from the flash drive directly into the AOMEI program, this time with mouse and keyboard fully operative.  From there it was simple to restore the image I had made a few days ago.

      This leaves the mystery of why the restore function balks from running within Windows.  I guess it’s time to select a new imaging tool.  Before I went to AOMEI, I had tried Macrium, which I did not like.  I’m thinking EaseUS Todo.

      Casey H.

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      Tried the Windows rescue flashdrive and it worked fine–both keyboard and mouse.  It allowed me to select the CD tray which surprisingly opened the AOMEI program.  Alas, again there was no mouse or keyboard.  The AOMEI software is the latest version, but I don’t think the USB or DVD media were created from it.  I’ll create another USB device with the latest software and see how it goes.

      Casey H.

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      Thanks everybody.  The way I described the situation perhaps wasn’t very clear.  I really have two separate issues.  The first is that the restore operation from within Windows didn’t work.  That ended with the “failed to load windows” message on reboot.  The 2nd is the separate attempt to restore from the created media reached the desired menu, but with no mouse or keyboard control.  My mouse and keyboard are attached to the pair of USB 2 connectors at the top of the rear of the case.  I also tried the USB 3 connector on the front panel. The image checks good.  I also tried restoring a different imagine, taken about a month earlier, and I got the same problem with it.  I also have a Windows rescue flash drive I prepared after installing 2004.  I’ll check to see if that gives me mouse/keyboard control.  I’ll also try more of the USB ports. This is the first time I have been unable to restore my system.  What I can’t remember is if I’ve attempted a restore from this build, accomplished last January.  Previous successes may have been with my previous build.  So I’m wondering if the UEFI piece might be blocking both types of restore efforts.  This situation has left me with needing to reinstall all of my software and settings.  If I can’t get an AOMEI solution to work, I’ll have at least a couple days of screwing around to get things back where I left them.  Ugh!

      Casey H.

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      Well I’m feeling like the complete knucklehead.  I just needed to push the plug in a little harder. Everything works fine, even the TRRS device.  Rather than a sloppy fit, it’s a nice tight one.  I’m starting to feel old.  Thanks again to all who weighed in.

      Casey H.

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      Thanks to everyone.  All of this is very informative, but I still must be missing something.  To reiterate, I have two sets of earbuds.  One is consolidated audio/mic and looks like the TRRS pictures.  The other has separate headset and mic plugs; both of these plugs look like the TRS pictures.  None of these plugs fit in the front panel jacks of my PC.  All of them fit in the corresponding jacks on my laptop.

      My normal audio setup has the speaker assembly plugged into the green jack on the motherboard. I have not tried plugging either headset into the motherboard as it would be terrifically inconvenient, therefore unacceptable.

      My laptop has both a headset and a mic jack.  Plugging either unit into the headset jack works fine for audio.  As for the mic, I guess I don’t know.  When Zooming for example, the laptop may be using the laptop’s built in mic rather than what’s on the headset.

      The real question I guess is if none of the tested plugs fit properly into my PC’s I/O front panel jacks, then what kind of plugs would fit?  The hole is way too big for 2.5 mm and way to small for the larger size.  The hole seems to be about the right size for the headset’s plugs; they just don’t seat when inserted.

      Casey H.

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      Thanks for all of the input so far.  The combo headset/mic unit I have has 3 rings, and the unit with both mic and headset plugs have 2 rings each.  Both units plug nicely into my Dell laptop, and both units work there.  Neither unit plugs into my PC’s I/O panel.  None of the plugs seat properly, either into the mic jack or headset jack.

      Casey H.

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      Speccy says:

      Audio: High definition audio device; NVIDIA High Definition Audio (listed 4 times)

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Dell); Driver version

      & NVIDIA Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (Dell); Driver version 10.0.18362.1

      More memory is not in this computer’s future.  It also needs a new battery.  Once the hassle becomes too great, it will be time for a new one.  As mentioned earlier, this is the first set of bluescreens this computer has experienced.  It has performed flawlessly through the WIN 7/10 transition and has survived all of 10’s feature and quality updates until now.  There have been no hardware changes. and the only software change was moving old Edge to new Edge.  No issues the last couple of days with several hours spent on NETFLIX.

      Casey H.


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      Looks like Image 1 didn’t make it on the first go.

      Casey H.


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      Greetings –

      Here are some images taken from Bluescreenview:

      Image 1 is the left side of the top pane

      Image 2 is the right side of the top pane

      Image 3 is from the bottom pane with CRITICAL PROCESS DIED highlighted

      Image 4 is from the bottom pane with MEMORY MANAGEMENT highlighted.

      I removed the date & file name columns to make room.  I also didn’t include everything.  Memory management was the first crash.

      Casey H.




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      Thanks Paul.  I’ll try that the next time it happens.


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      I’ve been away for a bit–sorry.  Regrettably I’m woefully short of spares. I don’t have another monitor or display port/hdmi cable to try.  And I don’t know how to set up my laptop to use it as a monitor if that’s what you’re suggesting.  Furthering the difficulty is the fact that this has only happened twice, with a considerable amount of time between instances.  As I think about it a little more, the screen goes dark grey, not the black that you get when the machine is turned off.  All of my previous monitor failures have resulted in them just going dead.   I do not have a separate video card.  I believe the first time this occurred, I tried playing around with the monitor’s controls, but I don’t remember for sure.  If it happens again, I’ll be sure to do so.  I don’t think power is the problem, as a restart returns everything to normal–the first time.  As in most cases, things don’t get better on their own.  When things worsen, perhaps the problem will be easier to diagnose.  At this point I’m betting on the monitor.  Everything else was newly assembled in January.  The monitor is a few years old.

      Casey H.

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      Thanks Elly.  I’ll give it a try.

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