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      Thanks all for chipping in.  I think Susan’s reply was probably the answer.  I just needed to be patient.  After rebooting one more time, update showed 22H2 was available.  90 minutes later everything seems normal–not even any apparent software glitches.

      The only odd thing is it appeared to provide an April update.  May & June are still listed, but both those were with 21H2.  I think I’ll hold off on the pause for a couple days and see if anything shows up before Tuesday.  Thanks again.  I’m now proud owner of 22H2.  I hope I don’t find any associated gremlins.


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      I think I’ve done all that.  I’ve noticed a similar post that included a recommendation for “In Control.” Both in control and not in control show WIN 11 22H2.  I’ll try rebooting one more time.


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      Something is amiss.  Wushowhide says there are no updates hidden or updates to hide.  Updates are not paused, and metered connections are off.


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      Tried in Word.  No longer freezes but makes no changes.  Can’t seem to make it work in Writer either: Clicking “Replace All,” returns, “Search Key Not Found.” I did tick the regular expressions box.

      It’s an interesting exercise, but I’m ready to put this one to bed.


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      I’ll give it a shot, first in Word, then in Libre.  If it only works in Libre, I can always fix the hyperlinks there, then return to Word after the repairs.


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      Quite all right.  You’ve helped me with a ton of stuff over the years.  I’m haapy that I have at least found a way to fix the links, even if I do have to make some separate entries.  Unfortunately the regex piece:

      Find: ([0-9]@)?([0-9]@)”
      Replace: /\1?\2″

      only works with Word and doesn’t work with my pdf software (ashampoo pdf pro 3), so I’m mostly out of luck with some old pdf files.  It’s not intolerable though, as the other elements take care of everything except the / between book and chapter.  When the unfound page loads, all I have to do is insert the / and the page then loads.  That’s still much quicker than opening the book and thumbing through the pages.  Thanks again, Paul.



      Just on a whim, I tried to make it work with Libre Writer.  I couldn’t find a “use wild cards” box and couldn’t change the hyperlink display. Alt+F8 didn’t do anything.

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      They all seem to find more than what would be desired, in some cases inserting only a portion of a word before proceeding, then ending with a hyperlink.

      (*.org/)  find next finds:   and who was carried to the gate of the Temple daily to support himself by begging began in chapter 3. Peter healed the man and gave his second homily, proclaimed the resurrection of Christ and announcing to the Jewish crowd that by faith in the name of Jesus the man had been made strong and restored to health (Acts 3:16).

      (*.org/)(nab/bible/) finds: world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.
      John 15:18-19

      (*.org/)(nab/bible/)(*/)  finds: cate, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name “he will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.
      John 14:26


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      Aah!  I was lumping all seven entries together, from left to right.  So one at a time with  \1bible/\3\5?\7 in the replace box for each entry?

      I’m going to be out of town for a couple of days, so it will be a bit before I can get back to this.


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      Actually, things weren’t resolved after all.  Shortly after thinking “I” had fixed things, the problem reappeared. So I just gave up.  A few days later, things were back to normal.  Apparently Amazon was experimenting with their website.


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      Maybe this isn’t the type of software that merits a concern, but if it’s no longer in support, could security issues come in to play?  If Windows goes out of support, the call is to update before the bad guys sneak in.

      Casey H.

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      Locks up on my laptop, too.


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      Independently, they all seem to find what they’re supposed to.  All together–another lock up.


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      I’ll try the pieces one at a time.  The first time through, I just clicked on replace all, the 2nd time, find next.  Crashed both times.  I’ll also check it on my laptop, which is Office 21 and WIN 11 vs Office 16 and WIN 10.


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      Tried it twice.  Both times Word locked up with Find and Replace (Not Responding).

      My version is Office Professional Plus 2016.



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      Thanks Paul.  I’ve got the brunt of this saved, so hopefully the next time something changes just a bit, I’ll be able to figure out the key strokes.


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