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    • I did not know the newsletter search existed.  It works quite well.  Thanks to all who keep it current.

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      Thank you for writing a useful article about RAID 1.

      My question:
      I assume the RAID drives are connected to a RAID controller in the Onyx computer.  Or are the drives connected using software RAID?

      If a dedicated RAID controller was used what model of RAID controller is recommended?

      Thank you for your help.

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      Thank you, Mr. Oppenheimer , for another very informative article.  I really enjoy reading your articles, I hope you will continue to post more.

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    • technic:  Please tell me more about Quad9 and CloudFlare. Where do I get more information about these? Perhaps you can share some url’s?

      Please share how you use these and why you have found them to be useful.  Thank you.

    • Bob99:  The staff has to use Chrome. They must use certain web sites to post insurance claims and those sites specifically state they are built to use Chrome and nothing else.

      What security parameters do you set in Chrome?


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    • Retired Geek:  What parameters do you set when you use NoScript.  NoScript will block just about everything to the point where web sites will not work.

      The staff in the medical office  will not fiddle with NoScript settings to get  a web site to work.  They will scream and complain.   I’d really like to know more about how you manipulate NoScript  to get it to prevent problems but still allow web sites to work.

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      Thank you, Rick, for your post.   I restored the entire computer from backup.  It meant driving 2 hours to the computer site and then 2 hours to drive home.  Not fun.

      I always forget about using sfc /scannow  .  Someday I will remember to use this.  I guess I’ll have to engrave onto my forearm or something.

    • I had to do this the hard way.  I exported each table (60 tables)  and then used bcp to insert the data into each table in the new computer.   I would very much like to NEVER do this again.

    • Cannot do this.  The old computer is running Virtualbox v3.12, the new computer is running v6.1.

    • I appreciate your comments.  I need to use backup / restore because I am moving the data from one instance to a different instance.  If I simply detach and attach to the new instance, my understanding is this would fail.   I don’t know what commands I would  need to use to alter the database before attaching to the new instance.


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      Thank you all for your suggestions

    • Susan: Thank you for your answer.

      First:  Thank you for your detailed articles on patches.   How you keep up with all the patches and changes I will never know.   Great articles.

      SQL-dmo was not the problem.    I finally solved the problem.  This old program has no documentation.  I was trying to install a named instance of SQL server.  This old program is dumb.  It wanted a very simple installation of SQL server.  The instance name had to be the same as the name of the computer.   So now it works

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      Thank you for your answer.  I forgot to mention my client has a very small network, just 6 computers.  They are all connected peer-to-peer, no server.  The users are not really computer literate.   Most likely something like Teams would really be confusing to them.  May be you know of some simple chat utility.

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      The old software is 16 bit.  Also it has a limit of 4 installations due to its license file.  There are 8 computers.  Cannot increase the license to 8 because the company no longer exists.  Besides, why must paid software be used when there are now so many open source programs?

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      Excellent idea – Thank you

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