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      Thanks for helping Paul,

      1) Tried to create a new folder under one that I couldn’t write/save to and received the “Unable to create the folder “New Folder” error message.
      2) From explorer on the Server added my username to the Ownership group, still same errors.

      Have yet to run chkdsk to date.

      Okay, we had a third party setup our server and to be honest they didn’t do much hand holding (whole other story). It’s been working great for a number of years as we set it up but I do have some permissions at the user level and not at group level.

      Question: Why would I want to setup a group for a users private folder when they are the only user of that folder ?? While on the topic, can you advise a good source for explaining the difference between Share permissions and Security permissions ? Not sure this is part of the issue but we haven’t really done much with Share permissions.

      Back to my issue. Might I just be better to delete my User, since I’m the only one having a problem and then re-create my user and since I’m going to be in the Admin Group not have to worry about setting detailed permissions ? Would this work…..(getting desperate )


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      Thanks Paul,

      This morning I did query the advanced security tab for Effective Permissions and for every folder I checked on the Server all the allowable options, ie: Full Control, were checked for my Username. Files in shared folders that others can open and save still give me either a File Read Only (if trying to edit existing) or Folder Read Only (creating a new file) error message. Unchecking the Read Only check box from the server console for the folder and all files makes no difference and I still get this error.

      Right now I’m relegated to working on files and saving to my local Desktop but this won’t work long term. Think I should Delete my Username and re-create as a possible fix? I’d have to go back and re-establish all my permissions if I do this but I don’t see any other options……….help.



      Not having permission can be tricky to troubleshoot, but there are tools.
      Use the Effective Permissions tool to see what permission you / others have. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc771586(v=ws.11).aspx
      Once you know what’s what you need to work out were the permission is set. I start out in the lower folders and work up to see where the permission is set – permissions are generally inherited from the parent folder.
      Do not change any permissions until you are sure of the consequences – you don’t want to upset your users.

      cheers, Paul

      p.s. Install HostMonitor and set up some disk space notifications (free for 30 days, cheap after that).

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      Thanks for moving this to the appropriate forum. Hopefully someone can offer advice.


    • As a follow up to Randy having to uninstall and then re-install Norton in order to get Firefox back up and running, since I have 7 users I had planned to go through this laborious task on the weekend when folks were offline. Low & behold the next day we all came to work and I started receiving calls that Firefox was working. I can only assume the somehow Norton pushed down another update (since they are applied automatically) that fixed the problem as what are the odds that all 7 machine won’t run Firefox where they did the day before and then they all work 100% the day after the issue?

      You wonder if the folks at Norton realized they broke something on the previous update that forced everyone to re-boot and fixed it quietly as I couldn’t find anything related to this elsewhere on the web? I lost a full day trying to solve this but at least I decided to wait to do anything further and at least my Saturday won’t be ruined 🙂

      …..and so the game continues……

      Thanks All,

    • Randy,

      Glad to know that worked for you. What a pain. Don’t know how many times I’ve had to uninstall Norton (with their tool) and then re-install to overcome some stupid problem with getting it to work properly. I suppose all the AV’s have their own issues but I’m tired of doing this….. looks like I’ll have to do this to all 7 machines running Win 7… like I said What a Pain.


    • Rick, Randy,

      Norton 360 has a task icon menu that allows me to disable Smart Firewall & Auto Protect for a predefined amount of time. Tried that and it didn’t help but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some other Norton thing still conflicting.

      It just so happens that everyone was calling me in the last couple of days stating that they received an update Norton message that stated they had to reboot their computer for the latest update to take effect, bingo Rick, I think you hit upon something with Norton.

      Since I have 7 machines like this I’m probably not the only person having this difficulty and maybe the best bet is to use IE for a short while and await the next update of Norton or Firefox should they be pressed to issue a fix if widespread.

      Thanks again.

      PS: MalwareBytes scan of the network shares turned up negative

    • Rick / Roland,

      Appreciate the offer to help !

      Prefacing my comments with the understanding that I’m not overly computer literate though I’ve managed our small group for a number of years without too much difficulty, ie: No formal training.

      I downloaded MyEventViewer and looked at all the events since boot up this morning but unfortunately I’m not savvy enough to understand what most of it means so it’s not too useful to me.

      Tried IE on a number of these machines and it seems to work okay. I don’t have Chrome installed yet on any machine. I also have two machines on my network that are XP machines and, one my personal PC and I fired up Firefox on both and it works okay. I then forced an upgrade to the latest release of Firefox (48.0.2) on my machine and no difficulty what so ever. Seems to be relegated to the Win 7 machines. (no automatic updates set). I’m flummoxed !


      PS: Not knowing what to do next I’m currently running a copy of MalwareBytes on all my network shares to see if anything looks out of place.

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      ……now to virtualize this old goat before I run into more problems on this old, old hardware !!

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      Thanks all for your inputs. Shut the server down after everyone logged off last night to further investigate. Realized that the two IP address assignments were as a result of a previous network card that was removed from the machine back in February (routine cleaning) but was not “removed” from from the devices list under the network settings. I removed / uninstalled the card and then found and loaded a newer network card driver for the one being used and the TCPSCVS.exe load went from the 90% range down to about Nil.

      Sometimes a simple solution that’s not originally evident.

      Thanks again.

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      Thanks Paul, appreciate the input.

      As I’m continuing to look at this I went to the server and opened Control Panel / Network Icon and selected the Network Protocol Tab to look at the TCP/IP settings. I only have one network adapter on this server and it’s on the motherboard. This was originally setup for a Static IP and the entry for the “specified” IP is entered as

      I thought this strange as I didn’t remember it as such so I opened a Command Window and typed ipconfig /all and it’s telling me that the network adapter for this server is addressed as (what I remembered).

      How can this be the case? And might this be part of the problem? I can’t change anything right now as I have users on the system but thought tonight that I’d change what I say in the Network Protocol entry screen to remove the back to

      This make any sense as I’m not really a network guy just one person trying to run a small family business without breaking the bank on IT stuff.

      Thanks again.


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      Thank you for taking the time to respond !!

      I wondered if that might be the problem and tried to download and run a few malware programs but nothing seems compatible with Win NT. (tried things like MalwareBytes, etc). Anyone know of anything that might be backward compatible with this operating system?

      Thank You.

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      Thank You Gram for taking the time to respond !!

      I wondered if that might be an issue and I’ve tried to load a couple of programs to check (like Malware Bytes) but they won’t run on that old an operating system. Anyone know of anything that I can run as on a Win NT machine?

      Thanks again.

      That is a Windows program, specifically it’s TCP/IP service.

      It is, however, possible that you have a Trojan version running. Have you run any virus check on the server itself?

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