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      I’m using LibreOffice.  Every account so far uses a different format, even within a bank.   Most amount columns are just a signed numeric, some need the sign swapped, but a couple are text-format with $ embedded in the text value.  What were they thinking about when they wrote that one.
      I’d go nuts if I had to do this every month for the 10 accounts, but for 2 years worth at a one time, its fine.  Making the bulk of the modifications (category, memo) is easier in a spreadsheet than in quicken.
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      This script is great.  Most of my time was determining how to modify the fields in each .csv to convert them correctly.   I found the commas and double quotes but the amount formats are pretty wild (remove leading  ‘$  and swap the -/+ ).   Got 2 years of some accounts loaded, working on the others.

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      I was buried in the previous conversions…

      I can easily modify the .csv files to match whatever you have put together.   It will take me a couple hours to get to it but I’ll start testing later today and let you know how it goes.

      Thanks so much for putting your time into this.

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      Anything prior to the past 120 days is all .csv, a lot of transactions.  But unless I’m missing something, csv-to-qif is a lot more complicated than qfx-to-qif?

      I’m still researching ProperSoft and looking for reviews.  It might be worth purchasing for a month to salvage 2 years.

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      For a one-time load, the formats of the .csv’s wouldn’t matter so much to me.  Each account (12) has about 2 years of transactions in the .csv, I could manually manipulate that data to fit a certain format.  But dealing with the amount of missing data and create .qfx/.qif structure just seems daunting to me.

      I have the past 120 days loaded and can go forward with your script, it is a life-saver for this.
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      Thank you thank you thank you, I just imported the first QIF.   I’ve been buried in this and it will at least recover the last 3 months of madness.  I’ll probably write off the .csv conversion as a lost cause.
      Have never heard of perl, but I quit the IT world 20 years ago and burned my pager (yeah).  Wish I could pick things up again just to deal with these kinds of problems.
      Thanks again.
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      At this point my better solution is to manually enter the transactions, and there’s quite a bit backed up.

      Credit card/bank types are all I need. I can get a lot of the files as QFX, but am clueless about perl.  I did a few searches but couldn’t figure out what I would need to run it.  What would I need?



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      Thanks, new to me, I’ll check it out.

      It seems like it should be so simple, but if it was, everybody would just load their spreadsheets and bypass Quicken.

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      No, it will only import Security Prices from a .csv file.

      Transactions have to be imported from .qif (or via web connect).  None of the banks export .qif any more, but I can always get .csv files.

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      I am printing on a Lexmark Optra E312L (monochrome laser) that I purchased in March 2001 from Dell for $410.  It is on its 2nd toner cartridge; I have one more (used) cartridge sitting on the shelf that was given to me 10 years ago from an Optra that was being tossed.
      I have to play with the paper because the rollers are shot.
      I can’t find a driver for Windows 10 so I have it connected to a Windows 7 computer and move the files there to print.
      I really need another laser printer.

      I am on my third Epson Workforce WF-3620 (ink) all-in-one that I use only as a scanner. They were all given to me as throw-aways in the past 5 years because they quit printing.  Not something I would pay for.

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      I thought WU showed drivers under “Optional updates/Driver updates”, which I never installed.  This one appears under “Updates available, pending download”.

      I’ll just block drivers in group policy, again.


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      Your short post finally got me to 20H2 from 1909 this morning.
      I had tried for weeks to get from 1909 to 2004.  Uninstalled and deleted Conexant.  Nothing.
      Changed target to 20H2.  Nothing.
      This morning, used Download Windows 10 site and selected “update now”.   Had to run it twice to get it to complete, but I’m on 20H2 now.

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    • Yes I’ve had mine set up that way for quite a while because it seems the simplest.  But I didn’t know how to let Defender update without KB4549951.

    • Exactly what happened to me this morning.

      Windows update was waiting on KB4549951  and Defender update.

      While I’m right in the middle of hiding KB4549951, WU decides I’m paused.    Hid  KB4549951, rebooted, and resume only installed defender.

      Will now flip coin to decide what to do with the update.  I don’t think I have the insanity level to do this stuff anymore.

      Win 10 Pro 1909 18363.720

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    • Yes, missed that — laptop had MSE update KB 2310138 (v 1.307.146.0) on Dec 9 with KB4525235

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