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      How can you possibly claim to be striving for transparency when “Check for updates” automatically downloads and installs updates without giving the user a chance to see what’s coming?  No amount of PR BS is going to help.  Until they fix that and go back to letting people choose which updates they want (without having to use wushowhide), Microsoft will remain a pariah.

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      Where have you gone, Windows Two-thousand?

      Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

      Woo woo woo.

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    • Now I’m even more confused.  If your motherboard manufacturer releases a firmware update that addresses the same vulnerability and presumably includes the new microcode, which should you install?  How do you know if the microcode in that FW update is the same as that in the Microsoft update?  If they’re not and you install both, I assume the kernel stomps on the BIOS microcode upon boot.  Wouldn’t that be an issue?


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      Not understanding these forced upgrades to 1709.  I’m running 1703, CBB, notify in policy, and have no defer periods set, and I had no problems.  The available updates on the Windows Update page clearly reference updates for 1703.

      Did those getting upgraded see it under available updates on the Windows Update page?


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      Yep, just downloaded and installed it on one system.  My other three 1703 systems aren’t seeing it yet.  It did take a while to download.  It is now build 15063.502.

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