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      I suppose my somewhat modest home theater system. It provides many hours of fun and frustration.

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      The only time I use the touchscreen on my Surface Pro is if I happen to be reading a long text article in profile mode and have pulled the keyboard. Other than that the Touchpad is just too good at controlling the screen.

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      Floggings will continue until morale improves…

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      Are we at last at the point that all those SciFi stories about malevolent sentient computers were warning us about? Hard to say. When most discussion attempting to define consciousness rapidly become philosophical rather than technical, it’s easy to get lost in arguing whether the systems are sentient or not. However I don’t think malevolent sentience is the necessary condition for bad outcomes. Rather unanticipated or unconsidered consequences are sufficient. Systems based on faulty assumptions or flawed rules can be the cause for that. That and a reluctance to question the systems going forward.

      I was pleased that Will referenced one of my all time favorite films, the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. The movie was based on a short story, “Farewell To The Master” but did not emphasize what I felt to be the main lesson of the story. At the very end Klatuu tells the protagonist that Gort is indeed the Master.

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      Thanks much. I tried to find out from Samsung support if the S23 was included but I might as well have been asking them for the weight of the moon. Thanks again.

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      Shutting down WiFi calling is fairly straightforward on my Galaxy S23 but it doesn’t seem to have a setting for VoLTE. The only options are allow 5G/LTE/3G/2G or deprecate to LTE/3G/2G or LTE/3G or finally 2G. There is no mention of VoLTE. Could this mean that the S23 doesn’t have the affected chipsets?

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      As an aside on this topic, there was an article on NPR a couple of days ago about a medical reception app that completed with a text screen and an “agree” checkbox. It turns out that the “agree” was to allow the firm running the app to use you medical info (which they had access to through the doctor’s office records) to market medications to you. Isn’t that swell?

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      This is all too true let alone the fact that there are significant numbers of machines that may never benefit from these security features since they can’t run Win 11. Thanks for the “rant” although I fear all of us complaining is pretty much equivalent to spitting into the wind.

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      Ah yes, MANUALS! Like Simon I too went through the forest of red books from Novell but no one held a candle to IBM with its tens and tens of feet of OS 360 and related manuals. You almost had to dedicate an FTE to maintain the documentation sets.

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      Thanks all, just retried and seems to have been fixed/bypassed/whatever.

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      I use Macrium Reflect running monthly full images on all machines with daily incrementals. These are stored on a NAS with daily redundant copies made to external USB drives. Two fulls are stored at all times allowing restoration of any specific image (or file) as it existed on any day in the last 30 to 60 days depending on the time of month. Reflect is a terrific program, relatively inexpensive and very well supported.

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      OpenDNS for a number (6 or 7) yars now. I own my equipment which is cheaper in the long run, they can’t lock me out of security settings or open “guest” access on my link.

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      I think the idea of highlighting tasks that should be done is a good one. I’m open about whether text/video/slideshow for best presentation method. If the topic is pretty simple (few steps, etc.) then videos are probably fine. For more complex tasks maybe text or slideshow would be better. Anyway I appreciate the basic idea and hope it continues.

      But a question: Susan, don’t you already have enough to do?

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      Just want to join in wishing you well and thanking you for all the advice and handholding over the years. Have followed you, and of course Susan, for many years now. Retirement’s fun once you get the hang of it.

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      Although in Denver in early 1972, I never got to see him live and had not listened to his music for a while. About a year ago I broke out my old turntable and started digitizing my vinyl collection. When I got to my Prine albums I was reminded just why I’d enjoyed his music so much. Although not always listed as his greatest songs, I’ve always loved “Illegal Smile”, “Living in the Future” and “Hello In There” has always made me tear up a bit.

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