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      My work computer I rarely use the touch screen. Typically to find the curser.

      The home computer I always use the touch screen. Don’t even have a mouse connected & rarely use the touchpad.

      I think the difference is where I use the two computers. Work is at my work desk with a second monitor (non-touch) and a wireless keyboard.

      My home computer is much closer, on table right in front of me or in my lap.

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      Pixel’s may be able to get the March 2023 update with the fix. Depends on your carrier or if you have an unlocked phone. Google Help on forced update of Android phone at https://support.google.com/android/answer/7680439

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      As a user of Office 365, I started getting the #SPILL error message on spreadsheets I had been using for years. I also saw the ‘Single’ and @ functions in old formulas where I was using the format A:A * B:B, or something similar. (This formerly gave the product of the cell in the row in column A and cell in the row in column B. A1*B1, A2*B2, …)

      Noel, you are right in suspecting the Dynamic Array update. Excel has been updated to be pickier on formulas that are array formulas and not array formulas.  The old formula format A:A*B:B is an implicit array formula, which is no longer allowed. Using that format produces a #SPILL error. I presume there are other formerly allowed implicit array formulas that now give the same error.

      In old spreadsheets, the formula format usually gets automatically replaced by @A:A * @B:B. Sometimes the ‘@” is the ‘Single’ function in old formulas. But when ‘Single’ is manually entered, it is changed to the ‘@’.

      This drove me nuts for a week, while I researched the issue.

      Hope this sends you in the right direction.


    Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)