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      DDG stgs don’t help. Only began with Edge v.112.0.1722.34. Perhaps a Ublock Origin ver 1.48.4 extension is at play. Have turned ublock Origin off to no avail for AW. Will report back. (If I’m the only one with this issue, pls chime in so I know it’s my end and can report to Ublock! Thanks:)

    • Could someone please tell me how to completely erase a newly created Local Admin “test account’ no data, including registry keys (used as test per above)? Just deleting it from ‘Local Groups and Users’ will not undo registry entries as per many websites. Increases Macrium back up time signficantly. tia.

    • Hi Imacri: Thank you!

      I don’t know if your refurnished computer also had additional RAM installed so that it can run Win 10 without taking a serious performance hit

      Yes, I have 8G’s of Ram, 15-4690S GPU, Win 10 Pro (digital license). This PC was (apparently via Service Tag orig Win 8), bought as a Certified M/Soft factory refurb, included WIN 10 Pro x64, 8G ram, and an new Samsung SSD. No other hardware changes. Brilliant at get-go. (Have had issues with audio/Realtek , onboard sound, via my Asus monitor, needed ‘special driver”, realtek & intel not playing well? Have never figured that out, as thru 2 yrs of Win CU Updates seem to solve the issue for it some months, then issues reappear (“do not include drivers..”  hidden via GP edit & winshowhide).

      You might find some helpful hints there, including the suggestion to disable hardware graphics acceleration in MS Edge,

      Yes, Thank you, I have had those settings for Edge in place for years, and check them with every new Edge update.

      did you ever try creating new Windows user account with Administrator privileges and temporarily log in to Windows with that new account (see my 02-Jul-2022 post # 2458191) to test if Intel DSA and some of your other problem software runs correctly while logged in that user account?

      Only changes between “new Admin” and “old Admin”, is old admin account has ongoing occasional jitters/jumps of icons on desktop screen.

      Did as instructed – how do I now permanently delete that ‘new’ Admin account (no stgs changed/tweaked), including deleting it’s registry remnants? I have looked on Ten Forums website, it says registry keys are now there forever? Or I guess configure new Admin & xfer old admin data over? To what end, am not sure.


    • I uninstalled DSA/CEP via orig Admin acct. I then used the

      Intel Driver & Support Assistant Uninstaller

      and upon completion, restarted PC.

      I then created a new ADMIN test account. I ‘Installed’ as per your link the DSA download there on the virgin Admin account. See attached scrn shots.

      Scrn shots: I focused on Graphics card in question. Was on odd difference in display name. See adpater screen shot.

      PS When trying to display “Device Manager” from NEW admin account, it would not allow me to make changes, required OLD admin password to view only. In checking profile it was set as “user”. I used method 2 from this site (only one that worked).

      Proceeded after restarts with yet another uninstall/reinstall of DSA, as I had installed via new Admin set as a user. Start from scratch thought best.
      Oddly, when d/loading the Intel “Uninstaller” from your link, it ACTUALLY downloaded the Installer, not the uninstaller?? Tried 4 times. When trying to “install” the Installer.exe the first (new admin, now set with  admin priveledges), I got this txt file (attached)  that showed up in my d/load file (?) showing did not delete registry sub keys?.
      I’m certain something is up with Intel DSA.

      Am not sure what to do with my PC at the moment, as it has other issues (finally rec’d manually M/Store updates late tonight on all accounts:). I will mention that the ‘NEW” admin account had a lot of new stgs (incl. \\ dev stgs to do with bing showing in ‘normal’ stgs area?)  in it’s edge install than in other existing accts. DSA  results is odd. Have not yet tried to re-install the Dell driver manually. Screen still jumps every now and than (MS Store? even though auto off, is still pushing thru updates?) Was stable since 2021. Conundrum.Thx for thoughts all!

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      Further to above Ask Woody Banner and colour issues, I just created a new local Admin. account. AW worked fine with ‘Bing’ as a default search engine in Edge, YET when I switch search engine  from Bing in edge to DuckDuckGo, it is back to no banner and white side panel vs yellow. See attached screnn shots.

    • Hi Imacri,
      Thank you so much for the indepth response.

      What is the version number of your current graphics driver (open Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters, and double click to see the properties for your integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics GPU chip)?

      Attached is a scrn shot of the “current” display adapter. Though it states ‘Intel HD Graphics 4600’ & correct ver/date, it was installed via M/S when I turned on “get other updates..” for a moment last year mentioned in our thread then, yet as the versions matched, I didn’t reinstall then. Sfc /scannow-clean. DISM-clean.

      I will attempt and see what I am given.

      I’m a bit confused about the correct driver version because the last certified graphics driver posted 17-Apr-2019 on the OptiPlex 9020 support page for the Intel HD Graphics Driver (4000 and 5000 series for 4th and 5th generation Intel processors) was v20.19.15.5063 (posted 17-Apr-2019). However, the Drivers & Software tab on the  Intel® HD Graphics 4600 support page shows that the last Win 10-compatible graphics driver for 4th and 5th Gen Braswell CPUs was v15.40.48.5171 (rel. 5-Feb-2021) and the Intel support article Support Options for Discontinued Intel® Graphics Products says your Intel® HD Graphics 4600 reached end of support on 01-Jun-2021. I have no idea why Dell is recommending

      I’m as confused as you are re:this 9020 Dell vs Intel page, and version anomalies.

      I will attempt (thank you) full “uninstall of DSA” using the tool above as well. Your own Intel DSA issues & links to those resonate. I hope to see a response there on the Intel support pg to your very clear pointed questions!

      Given that I have had Edge issues link , group policy template issues (see link) thread, and others, I wonder if a complete ‘inplace repair’ would help? Unsure if if that would address all (i.e. it has been mentioned that inplace repair may only deal with current m/s registry issues (since using the ‘enablement package’ only for 22H2 upgrade, discussed here) vs the dreaded start from scratch clean install.

      Under gun as I have work deadlines, and trying to get done before Patch Tues, as I haven’t updated March CU as of yet. Waiting for a clear answer if doing the GP policy template issues MAY help prior to a flat out inplace repair (unknown what would be corrected by that? If it would include GP templates etc.? Thread was stopped by user wishes. Thinking of attempting, yet redundant if inplace repair would do both.

      On that note: would repair install assist in your suggestion re: new Admin account?

      new Windows user account with Administrator privileges and temporarily log in to Windows with that new account (see my 02-Jul-2022 post # 2458191)

      In process of d/loading all Dell website drivers with Tag # to b/up drive just in case, though as you can see on your dig into Optiplex 9020, which was correct location TY, they are old (and incongruent with Intel’s as per above). (JUST updated M/R to latest FREE ver, in order to make current rescue & b/up after my last Full yesterday. And trying to test restore functionality via bios booting in the event anything goes sideways.) Nothing like pressure! PC is ‘functioning’, perhaps just attempting March CU/updates will buy me time. until after tax season here April 15. Yet PC unstable makes me lean against doing nothing.
      Lord love a duck, or bunny as is the easter case:)

      *PS, even though I am still in ‘edit” mode on AW site, it refuses to allow me to scroll to reference our past links and paste them for your convenience.

    • in reply to: Edge-Can’t update error code 7 (0x80072EE7)? #2550657

      Thank you! If you go to that link, stgs check was easy ie. BITS, what isn’t is a reinstall of Edge, or adding a never before needed convoluted process of  ‘app through firewall’ as stated in the link, of which I did not have to do after restarts, shutdown. It’s Edge, it should simply update as usual? Simple bringing it to the attention of AW crowd.

      JUST now, AW site display/banner issues have been resolved, thx! (see scrn shot)


    • Older Dell, HD4600 graphics read is (integrated onto the CPU) actually has no memory of it’s own? You must have a much newer pc. Notified via? Windows? Drivers updates are difficult to figure out. Dell’s site maybe outdated. Manually updating each one without breaking system is I find very hard to figure out. 🙃

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      Note: Ask Woody site fine on ipad. Just Win 10 Pro display wonky as per scrn shots after latest Edge update.

    • in reply to: Brave Portable updates #2550451

      Can you use Brave Portable the same way as other portables as mentioned in a post last year about creating a “My Portables” folder under C://User as stated in a post last year? (Can’t find it, searched hi/lo) with no residue files in roaming etc? If so, great. Does it hold settings changes on a thumb drive? I understand it’s a github version, wonder about support.

    • @Imacri , just had an odd thing occur with Intel DSA today: went into services.msc, and both Intel Driver Support Assist and the Updater were greyed out (ie could not access to change for my monthly “check in”, could not UN disable to run, no access). Did you have this issue since Upgrading to 22H2?

      I ended up downloading DSA ver, and it runs. FYI run ‘services.msc’ shows Intel DSA Assistant as set to ‘automatic’, yet  Intels DSA Updater has now defaulted to ‘manual’.

      **Note: New web interface FINALLY allows you to disable ‘Customer Improvement Project’ there. Whether it actually does has yet to be seen!

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      @b , none of the ‘MS’ solutions were needed (extreme to say the least for a mere update issue?).

      I restarted PC a few times, even shutdown. That worked. for Edge update to ver. 111.0.1661.62.

      Just now updated to Edge ver , Alot of ‘new” greyed out toggles (am local acct, no MS acct attached), a new red dot on person icon ‘trying to get me to sign in with MS account’. Also:

      Ask Woody site is now very odd: no Top banner, no colour on side menus? Assume you are working on upgrading site as of this minute? (See attached scrn shots)

      I will mark this as resolved after I apply March CU.

    • in reply to: Edge-Can’t update error code 7 (0x80072EE7)? #2550058

      None. Anywhere. Even Ublock Origin is on default and up to date. No GP policies to do with edge. Only privacy stgs are GP “notify 2” and TRV Win 10 22H2. Performed full system a/v scan FWIW, came up zero. Haven’t been on PC (offline/unplugged from ethernet, no wifi capability on this unit) for days.

      Winshowhide fine, holding March updates at bay. Nothing new there.

    • in reply to: Using an iPad and replying with a selected quote #2550050

      Test of ipad partial quote as per @WCHS using ask woody reply default visual vs text tab (not made clear in above convo):

      To get just part of the quote, you have to manually code it

      -put the “curly brackets” in body of my post so as not to ‘skew’ code.

      There MUST be a better way for ios users Then manually typing in both front end bracket ‘code’,  then go up and hilight text from a post you wish to post, then come back to paste and then type in manual code at the end? NOTE: I tried both ‘text’ tab, and ‘visual’ tab in AW options. Using above instructions. Doesn’t need to be this difficult to post via iph/ipad?

      Attempt number 5 at editing this text test (w/out keyboard)

    • TY, sorry for delay. Virus ruled out. Seems issues/anolomalies have occured since I used enablement pkg vs upgrading to 22H2 vs going through WU. ie group policies templates et al as mentioned in this thread.

      My concern with “inplace reinstall” is what exactly will go missing, esp if I do it offline?  i.e. local account, ‘winshowhide‘ (can you install offline?), GP edit settings (esp ‘notify “2” & ‘do not install drivers’). I know I’ll have to comb thru tons of other GP & every MS settings, I do every month, so what other settings do I have to write down. It’s been a year and the new O/S negates many and adds more to lock down? Get rid of/turn off M/store auto etc. I follow PKCano’s advice astutely, bang on. Is it still relevant with 22H2? Sign out of Apple Itunes backups etc., what else?

      Do I have to have Dell’s old drivers on a thumb drive to install so I get internet connection? Order? Dell site chipset, display adapter, audio, etc. or use Dell Command update? In a nut shell, will Dell site with tag and old drivers work & be safe?

      I know this falls under many categories in AW realm. Been following you all along, to great success for years, and things have now become more complex for even the now moderately astute user, let alone advanced to keep track of in the forum. You mods are all fabulous.

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