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    • Hi Imacri, (*your reply was not fwded to my email inbox??)
      Thank you so much, answers to your ?’s:

      Fast startup has always been disabled.
      Bios is up to date A25.

      Local Account only, no MS account.

      The Intel PCIe Ethernet Network Driver listed in my Command update pic is NOT what Windows installed in February. Pls advise where in Device Manager I can grab that screenshot for you, or how to locate existing driver now installed??
      (I am hard-wired and have always been able to get online).

      Bought this unit refurb from a Microsoft Certified Center 3yrs ago (box was taped & certified by MS), came with Win 10 Pro installed. New Samsung SSD in. No problems until last Nov: Dell Support Assist acting up, crashing; Samsung Magician not allowing eject of ext device; Firefox spinning, unable to get to websites. Ran MSRT, found & removed something called ‘VirTool:win32/DefenderTamperingRestore’.  Took into repair shop for wipe of internal SSD & reinstall of Win 10 Pro O/S. SSD health great. Did not bring over any files or AppData, started from scratch. All was well. I use a 3rd party enterprise level A/V.

      Putting the pieces together, I believe this is related to my Ask Woody firefox saga, as all was well prior to updating Ffox via Admin account when it was installed on user account. Particularly NOTE my post #2449385 : results after I ran DISM & sfc /scannow in that link. I posted parts of that CBS log showing the errors and the sfc /scannow repair made changes to accounts, as shown in those logs at that time May 26/27. I did not receive any feedback on that post re: errors, thus assumed I was good to go. Have not yet reinstalled Ffox via admin as I don’t feel stable on the PC i.e. don’t understand what went wrong. Took alot of manual deleting of User account App Data folders, as revouninstaller free portable only removed Ffox related files, registry etc from Admin. No remnants remain. Yet sfc did something with ownership.

      Have not been on PC much due to father passing away, simply using my User account to back up my phone to itunes etc. Admin just to run winshowhide. Yet, as I always do prior to installing CU monthly updates, I go into Admin account, make Macrium reflect free backup – (which is taking 3x as long now), run Command Update and run Intel DSA. This is when I noticed this problem with admin account.

      Can anyone see anything that may be a clue in the CBS log I posted in May? The May 27 DSIM came back clean, but sfc /scannow made switches to account ownership as per the log? (The full CBS log was overwritten during July 2 Windows updates, but there is a DISM.log that still shows something from June 27, but is not the sfc/ scannow that did the repair changes as per log linked).

      Am I hooped? Admin account corrupted? Another wipe & reinstall from scratch? I don’t believe a restore from M/R will help at all at this point.

      may have to do with June updates, as I ran DSA  via Admin when I installed May CU updates. As well, CBS.log today shows only from date of July 2 CU updates? I did not run dism or sfc since May as above.

    • Still unable to use Intel Driver Support Assist from Admin user account, nor get Dell support with tag from there either. User acct, no problem. Checked Computer Management, Admin is part of ‘Administrators group’, User is member of Users alone. Head scratcher.

    • Hi Imacri, it is a 9020 (no M or All in One).

      I’ll attach a screenshot of what my 1st run of Command update gave me when I installed it in Dec (3 necessary OEM drivers (chipset etc) were slipstreamed by tech into new install before start up to prevent windows update from doing the drivers; I installed Command update when 1st online home from shop and it’s rec’d updates). They looked on par today with Dell support site listed, 13 (with service tag).

      Prob: Windows driver updates snuck in Feb as winshowhide refused to hide them. I put in place GP edit policy stgs to stop them right after that. Alas, I believe the damage is done. i.e. Dell site shows Intel PCIe Ethernet Network driver vs the installed network driver via Windows as different date.

      Dell Command Update Windows Universal App website: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-ca/drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=601KT

      Under  ‘compatible systems’ tab at bottom shows 9020 as absent (9020M & AllinOne are fine). Hence why I couldn’t get it to install in Dec. I could give it another go vs the one listed under driver & d/load page for 9020, as you mentioned it is old; not sure it will work with 9020.

      All other drivers match the site, except the Intel PCIe ethernet driver that Win took over. (I assume it is the network adapter?)  Though Windows also downgraded a system device to an ‘Xeon processor 3/4 Gen Core processor’-it is now undefined in win up history but was listed and the other 4 intel entries above in the screen shot of device manager?

      PS yes, thank you, got to the Dell driver site for 9020, with/without Tag! Just not on my ipad. And only from User account.

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    • Thank you Imacri. It’s an Optiplex 9020 USFF core i5 4th gen Win 10 x64. Dell support subscription ended 2018, thus I can’t ask questions on the Dell support site. (Ps I have no Support Assist remnants, as Windows O/S was reinstalled Dec, and only have Command Update. I also have GP stg to ‘not include drivers with windows updates’ after an Intel network adapter slipped thru windows update in Dec).

      When I go to the Dell site, it shows much older drivers listed than what running Command Update had offered (and I applied) in Dec. (Drivers on the site also lend confusion as the file format is 32bit ‘designed to run on MS Windows 64 bit systems’.)

      The only update listed relevant is indeed Dell Command Update Application 4.5.0. (I can’t use the Universal package on this system).

      From my Admin user account: Should I uninstall the current Command Update  4.3.0 from control panel|programs & features, then  download and install 4.5.0? Or will downloading and installing, while 4.3.0 is still present, upgrade over top?

      Re: Intel, I do have the following icons in right of taskbar: Intel HD Graphics, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, Intel Mgmt and Security Status?. Am UEFI, Bios has latest update from July 2019. (Seems Dell has dropped updating drivers for older systems) Is it thus unsafe to use older PC’s such as mine??

      Also note to others: Command Update can only be run when ‘metered connections’ is off. I manually do this prior to running Command Update, and turn it back on after.

    • Hi Imacri,

      Thank you, yes those are the same settings I have in services.

      What is truly odd: I just ran it from my User account, it went without a hitch (both from the Start menu program listing, and typing address into Edge address bar). However from my Admin account, no luck.. get a pop up asking me to choose ‘Microsoft EDGE, IE, another light blue Edge icon, or find app in Microsoft store’ with a select program as default? Choosing Edge there still brings up error in admin. Via User, ‘all drivers up to date’.

      NB I have Dell Command Update 4.3.0, it hasn’t offered updates for a long time. Dell Support Assist doesn’t work on this older unit, uninstalled last year.

      As an aside, while in Services, noticing alot of duplicate services for what I assume are MS products of which I don’t use Device picker, Device Flow, Consent UX etc ie.

      Contact Data_471df5

      Contact Data_8e256

      Something is up?? I also only get a ‘User account control’ pop up in my Admin account, not in the user account?

    • in reply to: June updates are out #2453490

      Win 10 Pro 21H2 build 19044.1706 Win Feature Pack 120.2212.4170.0

      Ran winshowhide this morning, only showed ‘KB5013942’? I installed that on May 28, it shows installed in control panel? I hid it. Nothing listed as pending in Windows Update. Anomaly?

      *no Folina reg tweaks done.

      Just ran winshowhide again, now shows KB5014699 & 890830. I hid until all clear. ( No framework updates listed for 3.5-4.8.)

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    • in reply to: Firefox Update gone terribly wrong -2 installs? #2452880

      Thank you. Assume this will impact Macrium backups as per my posts  2452083 and 2452878? (sorry, can’t figure out how to link those posts in blue for your ease of reference)

    • in reply to: When should I run VSS service? #2452878

      Using Macriun 8 free, hence no access to support. Error shows up in MR log as ‘90’ for one backup set. So I just delete those backups, delete restore pts, create a brand new backup on ext drive?

    • in reply to: Working on “the basics of the forum” instruction #2452876

      How to have the post 2452809 in blue ie how to add link to a post number? (Even if it’s in another topic?)

      How to reference another user ie PKCano’s post 2452842 referencing @b?

      How to customize name of link in blue ie Susan’s post above #2452871?

      Edit: just created this post, and upon submitting,  it is the first time I see it worked for me! I’m guessing adding the number sign in front of the typed post number triggers the blue?

      Edit2: just attempted reply in another post, referencing 2 posts in another topic, did not link & show blue?

    • in reply to: Firefox Update gone terribly wrong -2 installs? #2452110

      Sorry, been urgently away from PC.

      Uninstall of FFox via revo using ‘advanced’ from Admin, then uninstall ‘Mozilla maintenance’ listed separately uninstalled everything in Admin only.  Did NOT uninstall any User account icons (non-operational), program folders, app data local/roaming folders there, all profiles from months ago in User still in there. No program listed in control panel to uninstall. None in revo to uninstall.

      * The odd Program Data folder shown in above post #2446945 “Program Data| Mozilla 1dee4eec8-1241..” which had both admin/ user, persisted yet now only linked to the User app data. Deleting ‘roaming app data’ was not allowed at the time. Strange “~nsua.tmp” in local app data from May 22.

      Interesting to note: both portable apps Ffox portable & Librewolf portable, under separate folder (C:My portable apps), had links to that same odd program data folder. Librewolf portable as well had it’s own folders under program files, app data, even after deleting all portable apps? It too was linked.

      I manually deleted ALL folders above, restarted, created Full M/R backup. Updated May Win updates via winshowhide. Have yet to reinstall FFox, gunshy & was offsite.

      FWIW, I dug into portable anomalies, here’s what I found re: program data folders:


      and https://portableapps.com/node/65188

      Might offer puzzle pieces to those in the know. Looks like I’m not the only one with issues there. Hope Librewolf steps up on that front?

      Net net: Left with multiple restore points, including a weird ‘orphan’ that I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of from the date of this saga. Not feeling too confident in this beast!

      Thank you all for your kind persistent assistance!

    • in reply to: When should I run VSS service? #2452083

      Don’t mean to intrude on this thread (feel free to ket me know to start a new one), but it caught my eye as I had a VSS error on a MR backup few mos ago, and a Win vss event, didn’t know what to do thus created a fresh new full backup on same ext drive, new .xml.  Reading that it impacts restore points, I have 17 manual ones from a troubleshooting scenario, one ‘orphan’, maybe to do with that, wondering whether I can simply delete all restore points except for last without it affecting VSS or M/R? Or if orphan is to do with vss & MR. VSS is on manual.

      Don’t know how to link this thread if I were to create new post. (Timely post Bromberg, thx!)

    • in reply to: Macrium Relect 8 free- Multiple .xml files #2449587

      Thanks so much, you pointed me in the right direction!! The Backup Tab in upper right above icons doesn’t give ‘Definition options’.   I couldn’t figure out why the ‘Existing Backup’ tab under the icons only gave me option to choose ‘Diff/Incremental’ on a listed image there.

      I found the ‘Definition Files’ (right side screen, 2nd tab above the drives listed on opening the program) and a double click on the .xml of choice easiest to use for Full bup. I’ll post a pic if helpful for others when on my PC.

      Terrific, thx again:) Cleanup time for older b/ups as an odd VSS error popped up on one.

    • in reply to: Firefox Update gone terribly wrong -2 installs? #2449385

      Dism completed. No errors. (* had to use command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth without the “.exe”, as posted command threw error 87)

      sfc /scannow showed errors. Attached is parts of the CBS.log showing only the errors/repairs. In the event anyone can see if they pertain to my Ffox scenario.

      Proceeding with restore pt, another M/R bup, then d/load revo…

    • in reply to: Firefox Update gone terribly wrong -2 installs? #2449360

      Thank you for your reply. Before I get going with the dism & scannow, query:

      I use winshowhide and have hidden updates, and have many gpedit stgs as per AK2000016 and others tweaks (I’m Win10 Pro 21H2 & metered connection is on) : will  they be affected?

    • in reply to: Firefox Update gone terribly wrong -2 installs? #2449258

      Here’s mine, I assume the extra M/R is it’s own partition.

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