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      I originally got an OmniNAS then upgraded to a Synology. They’re an excellent platform. I have 2 drives mirrored and have configured a media server. This way, I can browse photos, music and movies on my smart TV.

      Quite easy to set up and good documentation.

      To Glnz: NAS is network storage. Your questions are about backup software. You’d use other software that can backup to the network and choose a folder on the NAS as the storage location of the backup. If backup is your primary use, I’d mirror the NAS drives as mentioned in the article. Then you also have redundant backup.

      A friend uses a NAS with hot-swap drives and alternates them for backups, moving one set off-site. Online backup is another redundancy option. I just backup key files that can’t be replaced that way.

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      On the Freeze issue, this came up for me whenever I tried to use Copy/ Paste. Turned out an older version of MS Office was monitoring that function (even when not open) and would freeze the computer every time for about 90 seconds. Took awhile to figure that one out.

      The MS solution? Buy an upgrade. That’s when I moved to another suite. Have never looked back.

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      Saw something recently commenting on how CCleaner had changed ownership and become aggressive with 3rd party utilities, startup, etc. They no longer recommended it and in fact suggested its removal. I see similar articles on HowToGeek, etc. Do we want to trust software with our system when it behaves like this? They suggested Glary Utilities.


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    • I can corroborate this with an HP laser printer. It shows as off in Windows when powered up. Unplugging the USB and plugging it back in again, Windows beeps “finding” it and it works.

      This started earlier this year. I only print occasionally so am not sure when.

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