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      I’m sorry to say, but despite all the advice and suggestions I STILL hsve no battery icon in the noticication are or hidden. Here is a summary of what I did and the results.

      1. Ran cmd.exe as administrator.
      2. Ran DISM.  Operation completed successfully.
      3. Ran sfc. No integrity violations found.
      4. Went to instructions on add battery icon to task bar.  First item: no power toggle displayed on taskbar or hidden. Second item: No battery item on Device Manager or hidden devices. Third item: Restarted Windows Explorer in Task Manager. No battery icon displayed.

      Unless somone has another process to try, I guess I’m done with this and will just have to live without the battery icon. Please, if you have anmore ideas for me to try, let me know.

      D. Eager

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      I don’t understand what cmd.exe is, where to find it, or how it relates to the DISM.exe or sfc /scannow Run commands.  I see that there is cmd command displayed on the drop-down under Run app, but I can’t right-click it.

      Do I run DISM and sfc from the Run app?

      Can you explain further?



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      Thanks for the info. I must admit that the DISM and sfc processes look VERY complex and scarey.  By “running DISM…” I assume that you mean type the text you provided into the Run command line. Is this correct?

      Once the DISM process completes, am I to type the sfc /scannow command into the Run command line? The link you sent is to a 6-page document with many complex details. I’m not sure I’m competant enough to figure this out.

      Are there any possible unexpected adverse side effects to running either of these processes that might make my computer situation alot worse than living without the battery icon?

      Don E.

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      Thanks for taking the time to send the instructions. Unfortunately, none worked for me. Here is a summary of events:

      1. No Power toggle displays. No battery icon displays under show hidden icons.
      2. No Battery item displays on Device Manager, including “hidden items.”
      3. I deleted the Search box, but used key combination to start Task Manager. Under Processes, there is no “Explorer” item to right-click, but I found  “Windows Explorer” and right-clicked that. Did a restart as recommended. No effect, still no battery icon displayed.

      Any additional suggestions or where I might find further instructions?


      Don E.

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      Sorry, but I was also offerred this solution in the past but didn’t work. Tried again today but is still “no go.” There is NO battery item listed in Device Manager, including hidden items.

      Do you have any additional suggestions?



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      Now I’m confused by an email received after sending this which said it was deleted due to being a duplicate posting of itself, same reference number????

    • in reply to: WinZip Alternative #2543537

      Thanks to you both. I’ve downloaded and installed 7-zip, just in case, and will retain WinZip Pro 26 for possible future use as well.


      Don E.

    • in reply to: Lost Battery Condition Icon from Sys Tray #2535396

      OK. Made a random selection on the main window. Clicked Action. Clicked Scan for hardware changes. NOTHING happened. Went back to check again for Battery (including Hidden Devices). No Battery item listed.

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      I’m getting more confused by the minute. Went to Device Manager>Action and the only thing displayed ia a link to a Microsoft document about error codes.

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      Battery is not shown in Device Manager, even with show hidden devices ON. Not sure how to proceed.

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      If you are talking about the Local Group Policy Editor, NO, I did not re-enable the setting, but did re-start. It is my understanding that if that setting is enabled, it means that the icon will NOT be displayed. Is this incorrect?

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      1. Went to Device Manager>View>Show hidden devices. Batteries>Surface Battery appeared. Couldn’t find Action, so I right-clicked Surface Battery item. Result was a pop-up stating Device not connected, Error code 45. Clicked re-connect but Nothing happened. Power icon still missing.
      2. Followed the “7 Ways…” link. Followed steps 1 – 6 to no avail. Some of the instructions could not be followed as the items weren’t displayed the same on my Surface, but improvised the best I could. Still no battery icon displayed.

      This is just crazy! Spent hours on this already and can’t figure out what caused it to no longer be shown???

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      Am unable to turn on Power setting.  As mentioned previously, I found the setting under turn icons on and off and it shows as ON but is grayed out.

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      Sorry, but there is no item titled “Batteries” in my Device Manager. Now what?

    • in reply to: Recovery of Lost Outlook Folders #2510716

      I was originally on POP. In Outlook I established the three missing folders and moved applicable mail to them as needed. At the time the folders disappeared, I was having AOL change me from IMAP back to POP. During the time I was under IMAP, I established the same folders on my PC in the Outlook folder list for IMAP. I did not establish them on the server, and don’t know if that was even possible. AOL advised that folders I set up locally in Outlook are NOT automatically set up on the server.  Therefore, they were unable to recover them. After the return to POP, the IMAP folders I established locally were gone. I was unable to locate a folder on my C: drive by searching for *.ost. Out of luck?

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